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Boom Box – Should you have a Boom Box? Before we start to ponder whether we need to possess a boom box 360, we have to ask ourselves what a boom box actually is. A boom box is nothing but a name for a portable cassette player or CD player in short. The device generally includes a radio receiver as well. What sets the boom box apart from an ordinary cassette player is the "boom" factor. The boom box is typically attached to two or more than two loudspeakers and natural, a handle for portability. The boom box is also known by several other names, such as jambox, Brixton briefcase, ghetto blaster or the basic radio cassette. Typically associated with hip hop culture, the boom box has even been described as being instrumental in the rise of hip hop culture and music. Needless to say, the point of the boom box becomes clear from the definition itself. The device is used by people who need music for playing or dancing on the go. The box is ideal for picnics, outdoor parties or just for listening to in a location that necessitates portability. Culturally, the boom box is associated with urban youth, especially those of African-American and Hispanic origins. The boom box was extensively used in the 1970s and came quickly to be known as the ghetto blaster because of the volumes at which the music used to be played. The backlash against the boom boxes led to them being banned from public places and restricted on city streets. It was in the 1990s that the use of the boom box began to see a decline. It was the rise of the Walkman and other advanced electronic music systems that started this decline. People could get high quality sound at lower prices. Moreover, the music systems that were now available were much more compact and easy to carry. Certainly, boom boxes are still used today. They just look more compact and are more lightweight than the original devices. They are freely available in regular stores as well as online stores. The biggest distinguishing feature of the boom box, that is, its ability to produce loud music at a low cost, as well as its portability, is what makes it a permanent feature of urban life. If you had a bunch of teenagers who wanted to go dancing without spending a pile of money, it would make sense for them to consider a Boom box . In fact, the boom box has even become a collectors' item, with people rushing in to get a genuine 80s boom box with just as much zeal as they look for classic records and music collections. If you are a music aficionado and love to collect vintage pieces, a boom box is definitely an item that you must have in your collection. It symbolizes a type of music and a culture of the past, only reachable now through writings, films and of course, memorabilia. So, go ahead and get your boom box. Whether you play music on it or not is another story.

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Boom Box – Should you have a Boom Box?  

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