Revision Resources for KS3

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How are you feeling? If you feel stressed about taking exams, you should talk to somebody about this. Ask your friends how they feel and see if you can help each other out, perhaps by revising together? There is a free advice leaflet available from the NSPCC and ChildLine, which you can download from this website: Copies are also available from the library. Of course, you can always talk to any teacher, learning mentor, or tutor about any problems or concerns you have.

Learning Resources for KS3 Revision

For advice and support, and to access all materials mentioned in this booklet, visit your school library.

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Library Resources

Online Resources

The library has revision guides and study skills books specifically aimed at your needs. You can borrow all these materials and take them home —just make sure you return them so that other people can have them too. Let us know which of these resources you find particularly helpful. There is always a member of staff available to ask for help or to request other books that you may want to use. We can help you with your revision, test you on your vocab or find out information for you. You can come to the library during break– and lunchtime every day and use the space for quiet study and revision. Exam periods can be a stressful time and it’s important to respect each other and be considerate to others.

Your Notes The notes you took during lessons or while researching are your best revision tool. Use them frequently for maximum benefit.

All of these websites have been tested by staff and students and have found to be the best for revising KS3 subjects. Type the links into your browser or click on the pictures to go straight to the website.

Education Quizzes

Maths Made Easy

www.  All maths topics explained clearly

BBC Bitesize

 test yourself with quizzes  All subjects covered  Great for all subjects  Plenty of games

Millionaire for Schools


 Play the millionaire game to revise different topics

 Great practice materials for all subjects


 Keep your notes well-organised

 Use different colours and highlighters

 Science made easy and fun

Tips for Exam Day

 Summarize your notes  Draw diagrams and mindmaps  Use effective memory techniques for revising  Know what works for YOU

Get plenty of rest the night before and have a good breakfast on the day. Make sure you stay hydrated too. Pack your bag the night before so you don’t have to panic in the morning. Make sure to take extra pens and pencils. Keep calm, don’t panic and simply do your best.