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URBAN CRAFT! Cambridge! dec2013event! #uobostoncraft! DA KATE FOSS! SM SCOTT DOYON

PROPOSAL! In the past, our biggest opportunity with in-store events was getting our staff and community excited and personally involved. While brainstorming ideas we were sure of one one thing; we had some pretty talented people working at our store. You couldn’t throw a hanger without hitting someone that MADE something. That’s it, we would have a craft fair! We also all love animals, so we would donate 10% of the artist’s earnings to the MSPCA. !

THE DAY OF…! Our event was held December 12th from 3-8pm. Our Visual Teamlead/ Artist Rob Hall manned the tables while shoppers took in the goods. Even Molly, our ASM, came in to sell her knit decorations while on maternity leave! We bought some hot chocolate from our neighbors, Crema, for the customers to enjoy while browsing.!

EXECUTION! We decided for our first Urban Craft, we would keep the artists within our store and limit it to 10. Within 20 minutes of having the sign up board, we had half our artists booked.  Team involvement was strong from the beginning.   From then until the event it was all about talkin' it up.  Every morning and evening meeting we got everyone pumped up. Then the goods started coming in, and they were awesome!  From the men's manager who baked bread and made beer cheese to the associate who made woodblock sketches, we were already feeling the success of team involvement!!

 Money Made from event: $711
 10% of profit+extra artist donation: $80!
 Sales day of: $23599, +1% on the day!! FINAL THOUGHTS:! Not only was this event great for business, it was great for store vibe and community involvement. The best part was seeing what talented people we work with, and then getting to BUY their work. We would love to hold another event that included the other stores and employees in the district. This set up has great opportunity for even bigger charity events and could   be  changed  up  based  on  0me  of  year.        


GOODS: ar0st  


Rob Hall:  artwork  (s0ckers  and  framed  work)     Kate  Foss:  Dreamcatchers  and  Macramé!  Sarah  BenneF:  reworked  vintage,  framed  pressed  flowers     Amber  Hakim:  Photographs  printed  on  wood,  prints,  painted  nes0ng   dolls   Jessica  Rogers:  Hand-­‐drawn  holiday  cards     Molly  David:  kniFed  Christmas  ornaments  and  figurines     Liza  Campiglio:  breads,  cakes,  hand  sewn  top     SIL:  mason  jar  snow  globes     Kevin  Henmueller:  pretzel  bread,  beer  cheese  and  mustard     Nick  McGee:  pain0ngs  and  drawings  on  wood