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2011 skull_001

One of my favorite subjects to draw are human skeletons, from the realistic to the not so much. I’ve really grown to appreciate that aspect of human anatomy. The drawing shown are that of the foot , femurs, patella, and hand.

The boxes over the joints where used as a tecnique to help with the difrent plains that are in the on the bonesand to help with perspective.

These are only some of the charachter designs that I still had with me at the time I put this together. The ones on white are off a drawing exersize I got from one of my instructors,The Insane Rabbit, the objective was to create a rabbit that would look much more insane that your previous. The two on the side were some charter roughs for alien spices, Unfortunatly I dont have the finished product. On the right you have the Zombie Dog, which came about from a friend trying to challenge my imagination and drawing skills. I’d say it went well.

For some time I got into drawing pin ups. Most of the pin up art I had seen were photographs of actual models, or reallistic drawings and paintings, very little of them had a cartoon feel to them. That is when i thought of making a mix of both, and these were some of my results. I tried diffrent poses as shown above, looking closely you can see my initial sketches of the bodies.

This first strted out as a soul eating creature(left), shortly after that I started to play along with the way it looked and though of giving it a more comical laid back personality, yet still having it seen like something you would never really want to meet close up.

While taking some graphic design and typography classes I found myself with quite a few samples that show my abilities and later on did some logos for friends here and there, some used more than others.

Most of these where for class purposes and images were taken from the internet to meet the project requirements in the limeted time.

This is actually a whole animation done with 3D models I made myself. It follows the Planet Express Ship (from Futurama), on a mini adventure thru the solar system, while running into a T Fighter (from Star Wars).

wireframe view

Stegosaurus model made up of diffrent items using basic materials in Autodesk Maya.

3D model of HallgrĂ­mskirkja (hallgrimur) ,a church located in Reykjavik, Iceland.

This was one of my school projects, the assignment was to model a ray gun of my choice, and after much deliberation I went with the Call of Duty Black Ops design with a colorful twist.

While reseaching models for the ray gun progect I came across this retro looking one , just had to build it .

There still a lot of drawing, models, and other sketches that did not make it into this bunch, but surely they will make it into the next compilation of my work.

Yes. That is Arceus, and yes, I love Pokemon :).

Annie: Sketches and Artwork  
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