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Fall In Love Again - Your Final Walkthrough Finally... You have found your new home. You've had it inspected; you've negotiated the best possible deal; you've been through ups and downs; stresses and excitement. Now it's time to seal the deal and fall in love again. Your final walk-through, usually done anywhere between 5 days to the day of closing, is an important step in the whole 'buying a home' process. It serves several purposes. • To ensure that all repairs have been done, if any, that was negotiated in the contract and that they were done to quality standards. • Make sure that there are no new damages from the sellers moving out. • Make sure that all appliances and electrical • Speak with the seller to see if there are any special quirks the home has and ask any questions that you may have. • Make sure that the previous owners haven't left anything behind. You could easily return these items at the time of closing. • To familiarize and fall in love with your new home all over again. Unfortunately, sometimes problems arise during this final walk-through. It's the nature of the beast. Some of these tribulations could include: • The sellers or tenants haven't moved out yet, or worse, haven't started packing. • Repairs haven't been done to quality standards. • There are new damages from the move out. • Any treatments that were to be performed, haven't been. Despite the problems that could arise, just remember that your final walk-through is supposed to be exciting. Try and be proactive prior to this joyous day and communicate with your REALTOR. They should be corresponding with the seller's agent who should be making sure that everything will go as smooth as cream pie. real estate sherman oaks

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