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Jane Fielder Consulting Guarantees Better Health and Fitness June 25, 2013 – In Adelaide Hypnotherapy has become a major topic to most citizens ever since Jane Fielder Consulting has been established. The company offers hope and recovery to those citizens looking for a way to have a healthy lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle is no walk in the park. This is a great concern to hypnotherapist and Australian Hypnotherapists Association member Jane Fielder. Fielder desires to help as many people as she can especially those who are overwhelmed with a lot of problems and those who want to get rid of their vices. Fielder established Jane Fielder Consulting, a program which promotes healthy living through hypnotherapy. A website has been created for people to get in touch with the company. The website alone has touched the lives of many people. Upon viewing the homepage, you can instantly see the motto of Jane Fielder Consulting which states “You can Change Your Mind and Change Your Life with the cutting edge personal change technologies of Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy and Coaching”. Gym sessions, improving therapeutic skills and letting go of negative emotions are just some of the services offered by the company. But the two highlights include appetite suppression and how to quit smoking. The Quit Smoking Breakthrough Program has been launched to assist smokers in getting rid of their cigarettes forever with the use of hypnosis. This program reiterates how hazardous smoking can be. It also emphasizes how children encourage their parents and grandparents to eliminate smoking so they can stay with them for a longer period of time. Appetite suppression through hypnotherapy is also included among the services of Jane Fielder Consulting. This is done using the virtual gastric banding procedure. Virtual gastric banding takes advantage of hypnosis wherein the brain convinces the stomach that it’s already full. This procedure is all about training one’s mind and body. Aside from booked sessions, undergoing the Quit Smoking Breakthrough Program and the virtual gastric banding procedure also includes take home CDs for clients to listen to while relaxing at home. For the city of Adelaide, Hypnotherapy has helped them a lot and that’s why most of the company’s clients were thankful. Former clients were truly impressed with the company’s services. In the website’s testimonial section, one even said: “Hey Jane. Still going strong with the no "desire" to drink outside of company... It's really awesome (I'm even impressing myself!! Lunch today in Perth with friends was water and tea, last night with friends at their home 3 wines ... Sorry just had to celebrate the changes and figured you'd appreciate it”. Jane Fielder has two main goals in building the company. One is to let the clients understand how those stressful and negative factors get to hinder them from doing something positive. Secondly, the programs are developed to help the clients find the useful tools not only to get rid of those negative emotions but to assist other people in having a healthy lifestyle as well.

Lastly, one great perk in acquiring the services is that a rebate is granted to the members of Private Health Fund Provider! If you need more info about the company, feel free to visit For citizens of Adelaide, Hypnotherapy is a great approach to get back the healthy lifestyle that you’ve lost.

Jane Fielder Consulting Guarantees Better Health And Fitness  

Living a healthy lifestyle is no walk in the park. This is a great concern to hypnotherapist and Australian Hypnotherapists Association memb...

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