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My Pillow Pets: The Plushies You Can Hug And Lay Your Head On What do you get when you mix a pillow with a plushie? You get the perfect sleep companion, of course. This idea led to the creation of My Pillow Pets, the incredibly cute stuffed animals that transform into pillows and back again. Made from high top quality chenille, My Pillow Pets toys range from the standard teddy bear model to a variety of specialized designs that cater to the particular customer. From its invention in 2003, a variety of motifs have diversified and ensignificantd the toy line. Do you like Disney characters? There's a Mickey My Pillow Pet for you. Is your kid crazy about Nickelodeon? Then you should go grab her a cuddly Dora the Explorer My Pillow Pet. If your toddler isn't over the period when he's obsessed with trains, the Thomas and Friends line is guaranteed to please him no end. The idea of a mix pillow-and-stuffed-toy grew to become apparent to inventor Jennifer Telfer when she observed her eldest child using a favorite stuffed animal for his pillow. The first My Pillow Pet sold in the market came in the form of the Snuggly pup, but nowadays there are more than a hundred other designs to choose from, in various themes, with more recent ones being added regularly. A My Pillow Pet, in its initial form, is a pillow that has a Velcro strap that, when fastened, reveals the stuffed toy within. It's a novelty that grabbed on with young children and grown ups alike, and has become a phenomenon throughout the US. The toy line has already received a variety of awards for its contemporary and very child-friendly concept. It has also landed a spot on the Hot Toy list of the premiere toy store chain, Toys R Us. The significant collection of themes for pillow pets has turned these preferred toys into collectibles. Currently, school football fans can buy a pillow pet representing their favorite teams. For the Dad who spends his Sundays glued to NFL on TV, a plushie from the NFL line of My Pillow Pets would be a wonderful gift idea. Baseball aficionados would likewise appreciate the MLB line. Really, these soft and cuddly stuffed toys are especially made for the kid in you. No matter what plushie you choose out of the bunch, your My Pillow Pet is 100% guaranteed to have that huggable softness that you can only find in a pillow. Fold your pet into its pillow configuration, and you have a means to sleep comfortably Although away on vacations. Just make sure each one of the family has his or her own, or you just might have to watch out for a different kind of "pillow fight" to happen. So where can you get these adorable stuffed toys? In addition to your neighborhood Toys R Us, you can get your My Pillow Pets at the toys part in the department store nearest you. Be careful not to just buy any pillow pet that you can get your hands on, though, as there are some replicas out there that are being sold illegally, and are not produced by CJ Products. To get the best top quality, only genuine My Pillow Pets will do. my pillow pets

My Pillow Pets_ The Plushies You Can Hug And Lay Your Head On  

from the standard teddy bear model to a variety of specialized designs that cater to the particular

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