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As the No. 1 online video sharing site in the world, without a doubt, YouTube enjoy its greatest popularity among so many video-sharing sites, which means YouTube has the most number of video viewer than any other video sites. It is not surprising that there are some of viewer who would like to download YouTube videos. Recently, I kept receiving emails from some video fans. One of those emails mainly reads, “Due to a lack of Wi-Fi and a limited data traffic, I cannot watch YouTube videos offline freely. Can you recommend a way for me to download videos from YouTube? Therefore I can watch online videos offline.” Well, there are a dozen ways to download YouTube videos, but the easiest way to download videos from YouTube is through a media software program Leawo YouTube Downloader. In this post, I am going to share how to download YouTube videos by using Leawo YouTube Downloader. Before we begin our journey to free download YouTube videos, it is important for us to bear in mind that it is not always permitted to download YouTube videos for personal use, so we’d better choose videos that is legal to download. Note: Downloading videos is a violation of the YouTube Terms of Service unless YouTube has explicitly given permission to download. YouTube will explicitly say if a video is legal to download. Part 1: Why is it necessary to download YouTube videos? Part 2: Why do we choose Leawo YouTube Downloader?

Part 3: How to download YouTube videos with Leawo YouTube Downloader?

Part 1: Why is it necessary to download YouTube videos? It is a widely accepted fact that it requires internet access to watch YouTube videos. Sometimes, we may run into a situation where we are restricted by a lack of Wi-Fi and

limited data traffic, which will result in the failure to watch YouTube videos. Such being the case, we may regret not downloading YouTube videos beforehand. For some of the viewers who want to play back YouTube videos on their portable devices, such as iPhone 6S Plus, iPad Air, Tablets and so on, they can transfer the downloaded videos to their devices after downloading YouTube videos, and then they can freely watch YouTube videos on their

smaller electronic gadgets. All in all, it’s necessary to download YouTube videos either for subjective purpose or objective purpose.

Part 2: Why do we choose Leawo YouTube Downloader? In order to download videos from YouTube, we need to free download and install a third-party program. Like what is mentioned above, there are a dozen methods to download YouTube videos, but what is the easiest and the best way to achieve the aim? Leawo YouTube Downloader is the easiest program to download YouTube videos. Other programs pale in comparison to Leawo YouTube Downloader as it possesses several outstanding features.

Leawo YouTude Downloader is available for free for

both Mac and PC users with a paid version that is packed in more functionality. You can free download and install

the right version according to your computer’s Operating System.

Note:Leawo YouTube Downloader is a section of Leawo

Total Video Converter Ultimate. When you click the icon above to download, you will get a media software combo

Leawo Total Video Converter Ultimate which integrates Leawo YouTube Downloader in “Download” section.

Part 3: How to download YouTube videos with Leawo YouTube Downloader? After the installation of the video downloader,

lauch it and follow the guide below to learn how to download YouTube videos. Step 1. Paste the YouTube Video URL onto the

address bar Open the “Download” section to enable Leawo YouTube Downloader, paste the URL of YouTube video that you desire to download onto the address box. The built-in browser and player will load the video fast. You can take a preview about the video item.

Step 2. Choose videos to download Click the green triangle on the right side of the main interface to call out a panel, which lists all of the videos available for choosing to download. Videos on the list show their own length, size, resolution, format and codecs for convenient choosing.

After the video is chosen(by clicking “Download� icon), it will go into the downloading queue, where you can view or pause the downloading process, and even delete the chosen item.

Step 3. After-downloading operation When the downloading is completed, you can find the downloaded videos on the “Downloaded” tab, where you can perform after-downloading operation, such as converting downloaded video into other formats compatible with your portable devices, or burning downloaded video to DVD or Blu-ray. All you have to do is right click the downloaded video, and choose “Add to Convert” or “Add to Burn”.

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How to download youtube videos with youtube video downloader  

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