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Ryan Walker US Science Teacher Ryan Walker has been with EWS for four years, recently changing his teaching style to “flip” the classroom. The new technique allows more time for hands-on activities and labs, and time to answer questions in-class.

In his four years at EWS, US Science Teacher Ryan Walker has made quite an impression with the EWS community by implementing a new teaching technique that has flipped traditional learning on its head, and by recently marrying fellow EWS teacher Jennifer Bauer-Conley.

and show them that there is so much underlying our mundane perception of what happens around us and within us.

Q: First of all, you are not a native Texan. What brought you this far south?

A: The flipped classroom technique switches the timing and location of traditional lecture and homework utilizing lecture videos. I record my lectures, post them on Edline, and the students watch and take notes on the videos at home. Then when they come to class, we have the entire period to discuss the material and do practice problems, activities and labs.

A: I graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering. I came to Texas for the opportunity at Emery after looking for a change of scenery. I met Stuart and Shlomo at a conference in Atlanta and they convinced me to come out here and interview; which just about sealed the deal! Q: What made you want to teach science to high schoolers? A: I absolutely adore science. The idea that mankind can comprehend so many of the principles that guide how the world works and yet be utterly clueless about what we have yet to discover is just incredibly empowering and humbling at the same time. I want to share my passion for that endeavor with my students

Q: You’ve become known on campus for a technique called “flipping the classroom.” What is this?

Q: Is this technique working? A: Yes, it takes a load of pressure off of the students. It allows the majority of old homework assignments to be completed in class with the support of me and the class as a whole instead of at home alone. It frees up enormous amounts of class time for labs and activities. Also, the videos can be watched at any place the student is comfortable, and they are always available to re-watch for studying or refreshing.

Q: Since you came to Texas specifically to teach at EWS, what is your favorite thing about teaching here? A: I love the kids. We have some very gifted and lovely people entrusted to us. It’s a huge challenge and an enormous responsibility, but I am so grateful to have the opportunity to interact with and make an impact on so many special people. Q: Okay, now to the good stuff. You recently married another popular teacher, Jennifer Bauer-Conley. Were you smitten with her from the get-go? A: When I met Jen, I was sure she was way out my league. I thought her intelligence, selfassuredness, creativity and passion were incredibly attractive. Plus, she was a huge asset to our trivia team! Once I discovered that we shared some musical interests, I worked up the nerve to ask her to a concert. And the rest, as they say, is history. Walker and Bauer-Conley also love getting into character as they did when they dressed as the main characters from “Anchorman” for Purim. The happy couple were married on Saturday, October 27 in Georgia.


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