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mEmery Lane Josh Brener, IWJJ ’99, wrapped his first major movie role as Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn’s boss in “The Internship.” Josh has previously appeared in TV shows “Glory Daze” and “The Big Bang Theory,” but this is his first movie role. Jon Bass, IWJJ ’01, was cast in the national tour of “Book of Mormon,” a religious satire musical written by the creators of “South Park.” Emily William Taylor ‘05, graduated from Vanderbilt University Law School in May 2012. Ilana Diamond ’06 also got to spend time with the EWS Class of 2012 during their senior

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trip to Israel. Ilana recently completed her second year of service in the Israeli Army and is an account manager for DavidShield, an insurance company. Lauren Levine ’09 has been busy since graduating from EWS. Lauren is a junior at Indiana State University and is double majoring in Criminal Justice and Sociology. In pursuit of that degree, Lauren has done internships with the Department of Homeland Security, the Secret Service and the Houston Police Department. Upon graduating in May 2013, Lauren plans to pursue a career with a federal criminal justice agency. Lindsey Scheinthal ’10 is a junior at Boston University and spent the summer interning at Dancie Perugini Ware Public Relations firm in

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Houston. She worked on projects for the City of Houston, for Pink Berry, a yogurt company, and for the Mayor’s office. Lindsey described her internship as a life-changing opportunity that will shape her future. She is now studying advertising with a minor in photojournalism. Mauria Atzil ‘11 is in Israel trying to raise her medical profile in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) so she can be a combat soldier in Magav. Currently, Mauria is with the Lotar Unit and deals with counter-terrorism efforts. All IDF units train with the Lotar Unit, as well as armies from other countries. Mauria took some time off from her military duties to visit with the EWS Class of 2012 during their senior trip in May. Sam Strum ‘12, a Plan II Honors student at the University of Texas at Austin, spent the summer in Beijing learning Mandarin and getting a feel for the Chinese culture, indulging in Chinese food and exploring the area. As part of his trip, he is only allowed to speak Mandarin. Sam is continuing his learning this fall by interning in Beijing. Laura & Thomas Rahlfs Janie & Billy Rippner Susan Rosenbaum & Eric Schoen In memory of Hilda Carliner Goldman Janet Friedman In memory of Gerald Gershon Dr. and Mrs. David Erani In memory of Edith & Albert Ginsberg Dr. Lawrence Ginsberg In memory of Bob Meinzer Barbara & Barry Lewis In memory of Jack Turk Naomi & Eyal Enav Rozelle & Herman Schultz All gifts in honor of and in memory of loved ones benefit ongoing fundraising efforts of The Emery/Weiner School. * These donations were allocated to the Kosberg Scholarship Fund. Donations to the Kosberg Scholarship Fund are matched, and will provide support for scholarships for EWS students who demonstrate financial need.


Kotarot - Fall 2012  
Kotarot - Fall 2012  

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