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Kotarot Administration Head of School Stuart J. Dow Chief Financial Officer Dave Meyer

A quarterly report on news and happenings at The Emery/Weiner School

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Head of Upper School Rabbi Shlomo Adelman Head of Middle School Dr. Lue Bishop

Many thanks to all of our donors to the 2011-2012 Annual Fund Campaign!

Director of Admissions Danny Kahalley Director of Advancement Rebecca Starr Director of College Counseling Lynn Slaughter Director of Athletics Angie Gubitz

Stay in touch with the nEWS and read up on our new Head of Middle School, Jennifer White.

2012 Commencement Page 8 Mark your calendars now for the 12th Annual Joy of Education (JOE) Dinner, honoring the Helfman Legacy on Thursday, October 25.

Editor Ann Holdsworth

The Emery/Weiner School Mission Statement To educate and develop students whose intellect, moral character and Jewish identity provide a lifelong foundation for personal growth, commitment to the Jewish people and Tikkun Olam - improving the world in which we live.

The largest-ever class graduated during The Emery/Weiner School’s eighth commencement. ON THE FRONT COVER: The Class of 2012 finished their high school careers with the traditional cap-throwing celebration after the commencement ceremony in the Kosberg Gym. ON THE BACK COVER: Head of School Stuart J. Dow is interviewed by the producers from the documentary “Race to Nowhere.” The Emery/Weiner School will be featured in a follow-up documentary about student work loads and school start times. Stay tuned for more details!

A Class Called “Wolf Pack” The following are excerpts from Head of School Stuart J. Dow’s keynote address at Emery/Weiner’s 2012 Commencement Exercises.

A Class Called “Wolf Pack”

So you named yourselves the “Wolf Pack.” I’m not really sure you did this knowingly — meaning, you were actually familiar with the in’s and out’s of wolf behavior. After all, you are the same group that turned a foosball table into a make-believe pirate ship — so your judgment is reasonably subject to question. Nevertheless, Wolf Pack is your name — you’ve adopted it, so let’s explore it. According to my research — and admittedly, this is the first time I’ve turned to or quoted the “Animal Planet” website as an academic source — but according to that highly-regarded TV show: “Despite times of scarce prey or violence, a pack’s mentality of extreme loyalty and devotion to one another binds the wolves together as a unit and is the single-most reason for their long-term survival.” Now that is a great quality — and there’s no question that you display it. You aren’t merely the largest graduating class we’ve ever had, and perhaps the most complicated, you are quite possibly the closest. . . .

Don’t Run Red Lights!

I think I can distill my parting counsel to you in a single phrase that certainly has relevance to your present lives and will hopefully have resonance in your future. Because all of you drive — not necessarily well, but with passion — I’ve distilled my thoughts to a single, car-friendly phrase: Don’t Run Red Lights! That’s it. Don’t run red lights. This is not only smart legal advice — completely free, I might add, from a former attorney — more importantly, it’s smart spiritual advice. Allow me to explain. First, regarding relationships: Recall red lights are necessary because we share the road. If it’s 3 o’clock in the morning and you really are driving by yourself, you might take a different approach — but that’s a rare situation. The truth is, most of the time, we travel with others. But red lights in relationships mean paying attention to the movement of others, being sensitive to their needs and remembering that you don’t own the road and you don’t always have the right-of-way. You must allow, and indeed, you must help others get to their respective destinations. And assuming there’s reciprocity, the end result is a better relational experience for all. Second, regarding hardships: These are pauses that test us. You simply must accept these occasional “red lights” in your life and adjust accordingly. Sometimes, it’s just a temporary stop — and you’re able to continue along your desired path in due course; other times, the red light means an end to one road — though another will inevitably appear, one perhaps that goes a different direction or ends with

a different destination than originally planned. And finally, regarding heeding yourself — a topic we discussed several times in Israel, including our lively conversation on the relationship between Facebook and loneliness: This red light is essential in developing yourself, especially in our increasingly fast-paced, information-driven society. The average American spends at least eight and a half hours a day in front of a screen, Stuart J. Dow and the average American Head of School teenager sends or receives 75 text messages a day. Yet according to Nicholas Carr, author of the book “The Shallows,” recent clinical tests have shown that after spending time in quiet rural settings, urban subjects “exhibit greater attentiveness, stronger memory and improved cognition. In short, their brains become both calmer and sharper.” In addition, neuroscientists like Antonio Damasio have found that empathy, as well as deep thought, depend on neural processes that are “inherently slow” — the very processes often eclipsed by our highspeed lives and addictive digital behavior. In other words, stopping at this red light — unplugging regularly — helps develop a fuller, more complete mental and emotional self.

Guard the SHARD’s

Of course the truth is, leaving aside all my citations, I believe you already know these things, inherently. . . . Like me, I suspect you will always remember our closing friendship circle and the exercise we did on Shavout, in which you sat in pairs and told your own personal stories — first to each other and then as a group. We called them SHARD’s — moments of sadness, happiness, anger, regret and dreams. You were so remarkably honest, self-reflective, brave, supportive and loving as you confessed things from very personal and deep places. These were absolutely beautiful, red light, “Wolf Pack” moments. In closing, I hope you feel connected with that land we toured together — because you are a part of an ancient people that still lives and thrives. I hope you also feel connected with this place called Emery/Weiner — because you are and will always be part of a very young institution that still grows and strives. So as you prepare to commence your next chapters, I urge you to run with zeal, to run with purpose, to run with joy, to run like the wind, to continue to run like wolves — but, not to run scared or alone, because let red lights remind you that this place will always be your home.


In the nEWS Eighth Grade Uses Social Networking to Raise Funds for School in Africa Eighth grade students at The Emery/Weiner School spent the month of May raising money to help an under-funded school in Sierra Leone, Africa. What began as a pen pal project with The Empowering Children and Youth School of Congo Town quickly turned into an opportunity for the students to embrace the true spirit of Tikkun Olam (a Hebrew phrase meaning “repairing the world), which is part of the school’s mission.

By the end of May, the students raised more than $6,600, mostly by utilizing the power and reach of social networking. “It’s a new day and a new age, and to not take advantage of Facebook and Twitter would have been selling the campaign short,” said eighth grader Zachary Roubein. The funds raised will help The Empowering Children and Youth School of Congo Town remain open through the 2012-13 school year. “It’s been an incredible experience,” said Ben Stern, eighth grade history teacher. “I’ve never seen kids so passionate. What will stick with them is that they have this ability to change lives across the world.”

Introducing Jennifer White, New Head of Middle School The Emery/Weiner School is happy to welcome new Head of Middle School Jennifer White.

Eighth grade students Zachary Roubein, Ross Aronson, Greg Holste and Sam Ross worked together to create t-shirts and posters to help raise funds for The Empowering Children and Youth School of Congo Town in Sierra

Leone, Africa. After communicating with their African peers, EWS students realized the disparity within technology available at the two schools. “The school in Africa doesn’t have many electronics or textbooks to help them so their style of learning is very hard and we wanted to help them get as good of an education as we’re getting here,” said eighth grader Bess Krasoff. The students and their efforts were featured on Houston’s Channel 2 News, helping them to exceed their initial goal of raising $2,500.

Left to right: Eighth graders Ryan Sable, Greg Holste, Bucky Engel and Daniel Kolchinsky were featured on NBC Channel 2 for a story about Ben Stern’s history class and their project to raise funds for a school in Sierra Leone, Africa.


Born in Oklahoma, White lived in Venezuela and Bolivia before moving back to Tulsa and attending Holland High School. She graduated from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish before moving out west to complete an additional Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education from the University of Colorado.

New Head of Middle School Jennifer White with her husband, Adam, and children, Ben and Anabelle.

White settled in Kansas City, Missouri, and has been working for The Pembroke Hill School for the past 15 years while earning her Master’s Degree in Teaching and Leadership from the University of Kansas. “I am looking forward to getting to know everyone here and to having a positive start as Head of Middle School,” White said. “This is a life long career goal of mine, one that I have been preparing for and looking forward to forever (it seems)!” When not hard at work, White enjoys spending time with her family and reading. “My children are both really into sports so we spend a lot of our free time watching them play,” White said. “I was in two book clubs in KC and I hope to connect with a great club in Houston. My family and I are eager to settle into Houston and make it our new home!”

8th Grade Promotion Emery Class of 2016 Celebrates Diversity at End-of-Year Awards The Class of 2016 ended their eighth grade careers with a bang, and a lot of laughter at the 8th Grade Promotion ceremony in May. “Embracing our individuality and differences throughout our middle school years brought this class closer together and taught us the differences in all types of people,” said eighth grader Mikayla Smolensky, who was one of two student-selected speakers at this year’s ceremony. Students honored for their academic prowess include: Visual Arts: Noah Miller Performing Arts: Bram Lowenstein Advanced History: Gaby Ross History: Lauren Weinberger English: Mikayla Smolensky Hebrew: Tyler Cohen Physical Education: Max Dokell Music: Danielle Singer Judaic Studies: Cyrus Pacht Spanish: Naomi Kass Mathematics: Arielle Terk Science: Evan Diebner Athletics: Colin Hecht and Morgan Levy Overall Academic Excellence: Lauren Schoen and Zachary Roubein

LEFT: Eighth grader Adi Tuchschnieder receives his certificate from Dr. Lue Bishop. RIGHT: Eighth grader Danielle Singer received the Academic Excellence award in Music from her teacher Kelly Dean during the May ceremony.

After the awards ceremony, the Class of 2016 enjoyed dinner in the Hope Kaplan Odyssey Gallery before burning off the evening’s excitement with a dance in the Stolbun Black Box Theater.

ABOVE: Members from the Classes of 2017 and 2018 serenaded their older peers and their families one last time during the ceremony. RIGHT: Dr. Lue Bishop and eighth grader Camille Simmons compare their colorful footwear as Simmons received her certificate.

Special thanks go out to parent volunteers Suzie Daum and Cynthia Weinberger for helping to put together this amazing evening.


In the nEWS

Summer Eve May Middle School students and faculty not wanting to suffer through the midMay heat during this year’s Field Day instead chose to break out in dance in the Becker Theater, showing off their Macarena dance moves.

Students in both the Upper and Middle Schools took the opportunity to beat the heat and cool off with some water-based activities during the annual Field Day. Sixth grader Michael Kaplan high-fives his classmates while he and fellow sixth grader Ryan Bronston take their turn on the water slide.

Upper School Closes Out Year with Awards Before officially closing the books on 201112, the Upper School handed out year-end awards to the following recipients:

Junior Claire Gottsegen was named the Tarfon Award winner for 2011-12 for her commitment to Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) with her participation in the school’s organized community service.


The Socrates Award - Andrew Goldfarb The Churchill Award - Jasmine Davis The Maimonides Award - David Milewicz The Pioneer Award - Robyn Croft The Koufax Award - Daniel Cech The Tarfon Award - Claire Gottsegen The DaVinci Award - Sofia Tew The Woskow Award - Peri Newman The Zak Rosen Award - Jasmine Davis

Members of the Class of 2012 joined their Upper School classmates and Head of School Stuart J. Dow for one last Shabbat ceremony during the Spring Closing Ceremonies.

ents at EWS

Senior Gabe Aptekar takes advantage of the rock climbing and rappelling activities available while on the trip to Poland and Israel. Left to right: Jim Morris Nelkin, Annie Biondi, Ria Gerger, Nathaniel Goetz, Blake Glauben, Julia Goldblatt, Robyn Croft and Andrea Hiller enjoy dinner together while in Israel for the senior class trip.

Senior Trip to Poland and Israel

ABOVE: One of the places the seniors visited while overseas was “The Golem� in Kiryat HaYovel. RIGHT: Always a favorite activity on the trip, students spent an afternoon riding camels through Han Hashayarot in the Negev desert.


Congratulations to the Class of 2012 Graduation Returns to EWS Eighty-two students, the largest class in EWS history, graduated on Sunday, June 3, 2012, in sentimental and endearing ceremony in the Kosberg Gym. Back for his first graduation as the returning Head of School, Stuart J. Dow kicked off the ceremony by welcoming more than 800 family and friends to the 2012 Commencement.

Hannah Rebeccah Abrams Gabriel Steven Aptekar Samantha Gillian Aronowitz Benjamin Joseph Barr-Meyer Cody Scott Berdinis Bryan Maxwell Binder Anna Jean Biondi Joanna Botvin Daniel Nathan Braun Jessica Layne Bursten Cody David Cavalier Daniel Michael Cech Robyn Lindsey Croft Karen Leslie Davidson Jasmine Nicole Davis Shana Alessandra Davis Gregory Harrison Diskin Adam Micah Finkelman Marissa Elyse Finkelman Sydney Lauren Florsheim Ryan Jonathan Frankel


Renee Maxine Frederick Alex Hirsh Friedman Lee Evan Friedman Ria Leigh Gerger Blake Ian Glauben Nathaniel Levit Goetz Julia Beth Goldblatt Shelly Greer Gordon Jennifer Rose Gueler Andrea Michelle Hiller Noah Morrie Horwitz Daniel Isaac Jaffe Jenna Zevie Jarnagin Matthew Pete Kaiser Rachel Lauren Kalinsky Isaac David Kaplan Jane Elyssa Kaplan Max William Kaplan Brian Arthur Karpas Ashley Sean Kessel Evan Joseph Klaff

Students selected to speak at this year’s ceremony included Dylan Siegman for Avar (Our Past) and Jennifer Gueler for Atid (Our Future). This year’s ceremony also included a lively slam poetry recitation by David Milewicz. This year’s class was accepted into more than 140 different colleges and universities, and earned more than $4 million in scholarships.

Matthew Reid Kluchin Nicole Blair Kornhauser Zachary Todd Kornhauser Alexander Seymoure Lampert Jake Cutler Lapin Aynav Leibowitz Brandon Forrest Levinson Brett Sean Levinson Edward Daniel Levy Daniel Maman David Zachary Milewicz Jim Morris Nelkin Caitlin Elizabeth Newman Peri Ellen Newman Paul Zachary Normand Justin Frederick Olifant Sara Tali Oppenheimer Tamar Oren Janine Emilia Podet Jonathan Michael Podet Sara Katherine Reaves

Brittany Lyn Rosenthal Alexander Jacob Rubin Jonathan Isaac Schaffer Lauren Carrie Sheena Dylan Jacob Siegman Stephanie Hayley Simon Samuel Cohen Sirotkin Eden Rachel Slawin Kayla Ruth Smolensky Jared Herbert Starr Chad Schaffer Stevenson Gregory Daniel Sutton Brett Louis Tarnopol Jarrett Reese Taxman Sofia Arianna Tew Bryan Gerald Vecera David Ross Warga Nicole Brianna Winograd Stefan James Zaidenweber

ABOVE: Twins Janine and Jonathan Podet hold hands after receiving their diplomas during the 2012 Commencement ceremony. LEFT: Dr. Lue Bishop gives a hug to Middle School history teacher Ben Stern, the 2012 Preida Award Recipient for Teaching Excellence.

Senior Sofia Tew joined music teacher Abbie Strauss on stage to sing a Hebrew song, “Roked Tzamud,” that translates to “Dance Closely.” The senior class heard the song while in Israel and knew it would be perfect for their special day.


Thank You to Our 2011-2012 Annual Giving Donors

The 2011-2012 Annual Giving Campaign successfully met - and exceeded - this year’s goal by raising more than $218,000.

Joan & Stanford Alexander Laurie & Milton Boniuk Marla & Stewart Feldman Martha & Don Freedman Barbara & Michael Gamson Pam & Ronald Gross Patti & Jonathan Kagan Shirley & Bill Morgan The Stein Family/ Triple-S Steel Patti & Dan Steiner Alana Spiwak & Sam Stolbun

*GOLDA’S CIRCLE ($50,000-$99,999) Anonymous (2) Frieda & Melvin Dow Heidi & David Gerger Jill & Charlie Talisman Randi & Don Udelson

(Donors in bold above are current members in their respective categories)

*payable over four years

SANHEDRIN ($5,000-$49,999)

Betty & Simon Bazbaz Barry Gomel Charlotte Gomel Nicole & Glenn Lowenstein Polly & Ralph Robinson Patti & Dan Steiner Tanya & Mark Strum Inna & Scott Wizig Grace & Peter Yeh

KNESSET ($1,000-$4,999)

Lisa & David Aaronson Nancy & Marc Abramson Sylvia Mayer & Rob Anderson Anonymous Wendy & Andy Bernstein Lauren & Jeremy Blachman Tali & Eric Blumrosen Becky & Peter Botvin Micki & Ben Bronston Barbara & Mark Brookner Toby & Gregg Brown Marlene & Larry Bursten Vicki Rabin & Andy Bursten Mandy & Ronnie Caress Rhona & Bruce Caress Mary Schwartz & David Cech Lori & Phil Cohen Susan & Paul Danziger

Mindy & Joshua Davidson Seema & Sol Davis Debbie & Stuart Diamond Caroline & Stephen Esses Shantel & David Ferdman Margie & Clive Fields Sandra & Harold Fields Doe & Henry Florsheim Carol & Larry Fradkin Martha & Don Freedman Heidi & David Gerger Lawrence Ginsberg Kim & Jeff Glover Lynn Levit Goetz Allison & Joel Goldberg Carol & Michael Goldberg Cindy & Barry Goldblatt Maxine & Steven Goodman Anne & Donald Graubart Stacy Graubart Steven Graubart Cindy Greenberg Cindy & Gary Greenberg Michelle & Andy Greenberg Dana Guefen Rachel & Adam Gutow-Ellis Gretchen & Bruce Hall Renee & Alan Helfman Cat & Randy Holste Amy & Richard Jaffe Jennifer & Mark Kalinsky Debbie & Rick Kaplan Joan & Marvin Kaplan Leslie & Hedley Karpas Ellen & Michael Kleinman Joe Kornfeld Eve & Bobby Lapin Dana & Randy Lepow Gregory Lerner Melanie & Stan Levy Barbara & Barry Lewis Marcy & Bennett Midlo Adam Miller Rici & Harold Miller Susan & David Morris Cindy & John Moulton Shirley & Leon Mucasey Joy & Scott Plantowsky Irene Wolski & Ethan Podet Paula & Irving Pozmantier Susie & Jeff Raizner Sharon & Bradley Rauch Susan and Joseph Reaves Robin Reed Ellen & Stephen Robinson Cheryl & Richard Rosenberg Melanie & Gregg Rosenberg Caren & Darrell Rosenthal Teri & Joel Rosenthal Ethy & Steven Ross Evelyn & Franklin Roth Robin & Rodney Roth Carol & Eric Rothenberg Marsha & Keith Rubenstein

Julie & Steven Rubin Suzy & Jack Schaffer Susan Rosenbaum & Eric Schoen Traci & Steven Schwartz Stacy & Michael Schwartzberg Elisha & Larry Selzer Lynn & Armand Shapiro Gail & Ronny Shoss Jan & Bernie Silver Donna Cohen & Mitch Sirotkin Tara & Steven Sondock Marlene & David Spolane Alana Spiwak & Sam Stolbun Julie & Ronnie Stein Yvonne & Jeff Stern Robyn Rothman & John Stevenson Alyssa & Mitchell Tiras Mimi & Leon Toubin Debbie & Robert Turk Sandy Turk Elaine & Bernard Van der Linden The Walt Disney Company Foundation Neil Wasserstrom Joan & Art Weisberg Jeannie & Gary Wermuth Cindy & Don Westheimer Aileen & Mark Weycer Becky & Joe Williams Bonnie & Jerry Winograd Julie Landis & Fred Wolgel Lori & Scott Wulfe Lorraine & Ed Wulfe Lynn Harper & Steve Young Edith & Robert Zinn

CHAVERIM ($500-$999)

Pam & Walter Bazarsky Adrianne & David Berger Cari & Jack Brandt Nina & Joseph Brown Terri & Brian Caress Sherry & Larry Davis Naomi & Eyal Enav Shari & Joe Epstein Vikki & Rich Evans Hayley & Marc Feldman Shari & Thomas Fish Stefani & Andrew Golub Zona & Martin Hoffman Sheila & Stanley Horn Barbie & Jeff Horowitz Barbara Horwitz Royce & Edwin Houthuijzen Dana & Kenneth Katz Hayley & Yair Kol

Lisa & Matthew Kornhauser Nancy Landa Vivian & Daniel Lederman Alissa & Michael Leightman Isabelle & Eric Mayer Staci & Scott Minchen Michele & David Olifant Valerie & Jay Resh Laurie & Jeff Rosenberg Barbara & Vic Samuels Carol & Ken Simon Jordana & Kevin Slawin E’Stella & Roger Stern Julianna & Stephen Tew Dianne & Ellis Tudzin Judy & Albert Weycer Judy Winograd Sheila & Carl Zucker

CHAI SOCIETY ($18-$499)

Dana & Isaac Aboulafia Sarith & Richard Abramowitz Judith & Steven Abrams Kerry Adams Chana & Shlomo Adelman Marilyn & Jay Albert Michelle & Larry Alexander Shirley & Jack Alter Alan Anderson Karen & Larry Aptekar Jorge Arciga Marcia Katz & Asher Aremband Marci & Mark Arnold Janice & Alan Aronowitz Deborah & Paul Aronson Fonda & Wayne Arzt Linda & Shimon Atzil Larry & Don Barr-Meyer Stefanie Barthmare Jennifer Bauer-Conley Judy & David Bell Craig Bello Susan Benbrook Liz Bender Susan & Steve Berdinis Sarah Berel-Harrop Kersten Biehn Kevin Binder Susan & Mitchell Biondi Jamie & Chris Bisel Rachel & Eric Bishop Joshua Blice Debbie Boniuk Karen & Howard Bookstaff Sherry & Michael Braun Jo & Byron Capito Jo Ann & Merlin Castille Olga Shmoysh & Alex Chernyak Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program




Bobbie Cohen Lisa & Eric Cohen Lisa & Gary Cohen Wendy & Howard Cohen Adele & Steven Croft Taryn & Eddy Daniels Debbie & Michael Darlow Marian & Arthur Daum Suzie & Steve Daum Rhonda & Kelly Dean Lori Chessler & Michael DePriest Pamela & Bradley Diebner Anne Diskin Stacy & Scott Doctor Stan Doctor Sandra Fogiel & Stuart Dow Bonnie & Alvin Edelstein Eden & Tom Elieff El Paso Corporation Carol Emery Rae & Paul Engel Sabrina & Edward Engel Eva & Michael Engelhart Bill Epps Diana & David Erani Mark Faigen Andrea & Lee Farb Barbara Farley Bernice Feld Wendy & Richard Feldman Cheryl & Brian Fielkow Haley & Alan Finkelman Sandra & Steven Finkelman Lesley & Gordon Fox Elaine & Richard Frankel Andria Frankfort Ricki & Milton Frankfort Fanny & Mitchell Frederick Marta Fredricks Carol Green & Garry Friedman Tammy & Jeff Friedman Mark Fuller Jade Garcia Janice & David Gerber Mark Gessner Michelle Gessner Michelle & Barry Glauben Sheri Ratoosh & Alan Glombicki Wendy & Danny Gold Ann & Richard Goldfarb Cindy & Jeff Gollomp Jeryl & Jeffrey Golub Lynn Goodman Melinda & Steven Gordon Angie & Christian Gubitz Alfredo Gueler Viktoriya & Alex Gutman Jackie & Philip Clay Haas Laura & Bill Hall Pam Seitz & Marcel Hamburger Karen & Steve Hasson Sondee Hatcher Arlene & Jerry Hecht Celine & David Hecht

Eva Herzog Susan & Caspar Heyl Minette & Michael Hiller Rob & Charlyne Hochschild Crickett & Joel Hoffman Marilyn & Cary Hoffman Susan Hoffman Ann Holdsworth Sonia & Leon Horowitz Deborah & James Horwitz Denise Rashti & Paul Horwitz Lorraine & Melton Horwitz Teresa Humphreys Diane Hursh Saundra & Victor Israel Sharmila Jayakumar Brenda & Paul Jochnau Lisa & Danny Kahalley Sara & Hugh Kaiser Melissa & Brad Kalmans Rosalind & Melvin Kalmans Phyllis & Barry Kalmin Jill & Neal Kaminsky Linda & Curtis Kantor Jo Ruth Kaplan Joy & Joe Kaplan Leah & Alan Kasser Annette & Ian Kavin Helene & Ivan Kessel Marsha & Mark Klaff Carol Kleban Janet & Dan Kleban Jerrold Kluchin Jane & Howard Kramer Steven Kronowitz Mardi & Mark Kunik Danielle & Danny Kuperman Dale Kurtz David Lampert Debbie & Stephen Lapin Sara & Eli Lebow Shulamit & Gary Leibowitz Shari Lerner Susie & Mark Levin Marla & John Levine Mindy & Barry Levinson S.J. Levinson Eleanor & Frank Levy Xiuping & Changong Liu Hannah & David Loev Debra Laporte & Eric Lombardi Blair Lucas Ruth & Marc Maman Aaron Markham Marsh & McLennan Companies Heidi & David Massin Heidi Barriga & Jason May Diane & Tom McAlee Kimberly McLaney Chris Meltzer Barbara Mendel Ella & Alex Meskin Shauna & Dave Meyer MMC Matching Gift Program

Special thanks to our Annual Giving Chair for the 2011-2012 campaign, Inna Wizig (right) and to Nicole Lowenstein (left) for hosting the Head of School Reception in May. Michael Morgan Julie Morris Laurie & Michael Mucasey Lisa & Jeffrey Myers Josephine & Joseph Nates Renata & Leon Nelkin Carol & David Neuberger Denice Snow & Marc Newman Ellen & Michael Newman Elise & Richard Niefield Liz & Ron Oppenheimer Nina Otazo Elisa & Yaron Pacht Bonnie Weisman & David Papell Barbara Parker Monica Polisetty Cathy Power Karen Siegel Propis & David Propis Laura & Thomas Rahlfs Tsili & Yuval Ran David Rappaport Katie Ray Ramani & Prakash Reddy Debora & Keith Remels Micki & Eugene Remels Mallory Robinson Shelley & Stephen Roseman Randi & Marty Rosenkrantz Karen Rosenthal Clara & Jacob Rosenzweig Toiee & Daniel Roubein Julie & Peter Schneider Marsha & Lionel Schooler Rozelle & Herman Schultz Toby & Jack Segal

Lita Selsberg Barbara & Jerry Selzer Dorothy & Carlos Serna Carl Shaw Irene & Frank Shaw Shannon & Danny Sheena Tami & Gregg Sheena Robyn & Jeff Shkolnick Ruth Siegel Marlene & Dan Siegman Lauren & Alan Silverblatt Joy Silverman Julie & Scott Silverman Lynn Slaughter Susan & David Smolensky Maggie & Rex Solomon Annette & Larry Sondock Deborah Sopher Shari & Danny Spier Rebecca & Matt Starr Emily & Albert Stein Ben Stern Jeffrey Sutton Christine & Jerry Tarnopol Sherri & Ian Taxman Cindy & Matthew Taylor Donna & Philip Tenenbaum Jeannie & Jerry Tiras Alberta & Andrew Totz Roberta & Terry Tucker Linda & Tommy Uzick Elise & Bob Vecera Magda Villarreal Lauren & Scott Vines Penny Warga Sharon Wechter Cynthia & Barry Weinberger Marvin Weisman






Judith & Steven Abrams Karen & Larry Aptekar Janice & Alan Aronowitz Larry & Don Barr-Meyer Stefanie Barthmare Susan & Steve Berdinis Kevin Binder Susan & Mitchell Biondi Becky & Peter Botvin Sherry & Michael Braun Vicki Rabin & Andy Bursten Mary Schwartz & David Cech Adele & Steven Croft Mindy & Joshua Davidson Sherry & Larry Davis Anne Diskin Haley & Alan Finkelman Sandra & Steven Finkelman Doe & Henry Florsheim Elaine & Richard Frankel Fanny & Mitchell Frederick Carol Green & Garry Friedman Heidi & David Gerger Michelle & Barry Glauben Lynn Levit Goetz Cindy & Barry Goldblatt Melinda & Steven Gordon Cindy Greenberg Alfredo Gueler Karen & Steve Hasson Minette & Michael Hiller Deborah & James Horwitz Amy & Richard Jaffe Sara & Hugh Kaiser Jennifer & Mark Kalinsky Joy & Joe Kaplan Leslie & Hedley Karpas Leah & Alan Kasser Helene & Ivan Kessel Marsha & Mark Klaff Jerrold Kluchin Lisa & Matthew Kornhauser David Lampert Debbie & Stephen Lapin

Shulamit & Gary Leibowitz Mindy & Barry Levinson Nicole & Glenn Lowenstein Ruth & Marc Maman Renata & Leon Nelkin Denice Snow & Marc Newman Michele & David Olifant Liz & Ron Oppenheimer Barbara Parker Irene Wolski & Ethan Podet Susan and Joseph Reaves Caren & Darrell Rosenthal Julie & Steven Rubin Suzy & Jack Schaffer Shannon & Danny Sheena Marlene & Dan Siegman Carol & Ken Simon Donna Cohen & Mitch Sirotkin Jordana & Kevin Slawin Susan & David Smolensky Robyn Rothman & John Stevenson Jeffrey Sutton Christine & Jerry Tarnopol Sherri & Ian Taxman Julianna & Stephen Tew Elise & Bob Vecera Penny Warga Bonnie & Jerry Winograd Tracy & Marco Zaidenweber


GRADE CHAIR: ALYSSA TIRAS Michelle & Larry Alexander Marcia Katz & Asher Aremband Adrianne & David Berger Tali & Eric Blumrosen Karen & Howard Bookstaff Suzie & Steve Daum Naomi & Eyal Enav Rae & Paul Engel Diana & David Erani Caroline & Stephen Esses Mark Gessner Michelle Gessner Lawrence Ginsberg Sheri Ratoosh & Alan Glombicki Ann & Richard Goldfarb Cindy & Jeff Gollomp Cindy & Gary Greenberg Pam Seitz & Marcel Hamburger Arlene & Jerry Hecht Renee & Alan Helfman Crickett & Joel Hoffman Susan Hoffman Sheila & Stanley Horn Royce & Edwin Houthuijzen Dana & Randal Lepow Marla & John Levine Isabelle & Eric Mayer

Marcy & Bennett Midlo Adam Miller Staci & Scott Minchen Cindy & John Moulton Lisa & Jeffrey Myers Renata & Leon Nelkin Robin Reed Debora & Keith Remels Valerie & Jay Resh Ellen & Stephen Robinson Polly & Ralph Robinson Susan Rosenbaum & Eric Schoen Lita Selsberg Carl Shaw Tami & Gregg Sheena Jan & Bernie Silver Tracy & Gary Stein Alyssa & Mitchell Tiras Cynthia & Barry Weinberger Jeannie & Gary Wermuth Aileen & Mark Weycer Inna & Scott Wizig


GRADE CHAIR: ELISHA SELZER Dana & Isaac Aboulafia Marci & Mark Arnold Lauren & Jeremy Blachman Cari & Jack Brandt Micki & Ben Bronston Toby & Gregg Brown Lori & Phil Cohen Wendy & Howard Cohen Debbie & Michael Darlow Lori Chessler & Michael DePriest Cheryl & Brian Fielkow Fanny & Mitchell Frederick Tammy & Jeff Friedman Barry Gomel Charlotte Gomel Cindy Greenberg Marilyn & Cary Hoffman Saundra & Victor Israel Linda & Curtis Kantor Danielle & Danny Kuperman David Lampert Eve & Bobby Lapin Alissa & Michael Leightman Melanie & Stan Levy Xiuping & Changong Liu Nicole & Glenn Lowenstein Staci & Scott Minchen Laurie & Michael Mucasey Elise & Richard Niefield Bonnie Weisman & David Papell Shelley & Stephen Roseman Melanie & Gregg Rosenberg Randi & Marty Rosenkrantz Ethy & Steven Ross Marsha & Keith Rubenstein Elisha & Larry Selzer

Lauren & Alan Silverblatt Shari & Danny Spier Andrea & David Stein Yvonne & Jeff Stern Roberta & Terry Tucker Linda & Tommy Uzick Penny Warga Michael Wiesenthal Julie Landis & Fred Wolgel Lori & Scott Wulfe Grace & Peter Yeh Lynn Harper & Steve Young Tracy & Marco Zaidenweber Brad Zucker Noya Zucker



Sarith & Richard Abramowitz Nancy & Marc Abramson Linda & Shimon Atzil Stefanie Barthmare Sarah Berel-Harrop Kevin Binder Susan & Mitchell Biondi Vicki Rabin & Andy Bursten Olga Shmoysh & Alex Chernyak Andrea & Lee Farb Margie & Clive Fields Kim & Jeff Glover Wendy & Danny Gold Allison & Joel Goldberg Cindy & Barry Goldblatt Cindy & Jeff Gollomp Maxine & Steven Goodman Stacy Graubart Steven Graubart Viktoriya & Alex Gutman Rachel & Adam Gutow-Ellis Laura & Bill Hall Barbie & Jeff Horowitz Denise Rashti & Paul Horwitz Jennifer & Mark Kalinsky Debbie & Rick Kaplan Leslie & Hedley Karpas Ellen & Michael Kleinman Mardi & Mark Kunik Gregory Lerner Shari Lerner Susie & Mark Levin Michele & David Olifant Joy & Scott Plantowsky Cheryl & Richard Rosenberg Teri & Joel Rosenthal Clara & Jacob Rosenzweig Julie & Peter Schneider Shannon & Danny Sheena Tami & Gregg Sheena Robyn & Jeff Shkolnick Shari & Danny Spier Robin & Bradley Stein Debbie & Robert Turk Elise & Bob Vecera


Wells Fargo Community Support Program Michelle White Michael Wiesenthal Phyllis & Herbert Wizig Denise & Samuel Yudkin Tracy & Marco Zaidenweber Judy & Scott Zivley Brad Zucker Noya Zucker

Jill & Neil Wasserstrom Cindy & Donald Westheimer Aileen & Mark Weycer



GRADE CHAIR: CAREN ROSENTHAL Lisa & David Aaronson Debbie Boniuk Mandy & Ronnie Caress Lisa & Eric Cohen Suzie & Steve Daum Pamela & Bradley Diebner Eden & Tom Elieff Sabrina & Edward Engel Marta Fredricks Dana Guefen Sondee Hatcher Arlene & Jerry Hecht Cat & Randy Holste Melissa & Brad Kalmans Dale Kurtz Alissa & Michael Leightman Melanie & Stan Levy Nicole & Glenn Lowenstein Heidi & David Massin Heidi Barriga & Jason May Chris Meltzer Adam Miller Cindy & John Moulton Nina Otazo Elisa & Yaron Pacht Laura & Thomas Rahlfs Susie & Jeff Raizner Melanie & Gregg Rosenberg Toiee & Daniel Roubein Susan Rosenbaum & Eric Schoen Caren & Darrell Rosenthal Stacy & Michael Schwartzberg Elisha & Larry Selzer Dorothy & Carlos Serna Gail & Ronny Shoss Maggie & Rex Solomon Yvonne & Jeff Stern Cynthia & Barry Weinberger


GRADE CHAIR: JULIE STEIN Marci & Mark Arnold Fonda & Wayne Arzt Betty & Simon Bazbaz Susan Benbrook Jamie & Chris Bisel Lisa & Gary Cohen Susan & Paul Danziger Stacy & Scott Doctor Eva & Michael Engelhart Shari & Joe Epstein Mark Faigen Hayley & Marc Feldman Margie & Clive Fields Fanny & Mitchell Frederick

Lesley & Gordon Fox Sheri Ratoosh & Alan Glombicki Kim & Jeff Glover Wendy & Danny Gold Jeryl & Jeffrey Golub Stefani & Andrew Golub Barry Gomel Charlotte Gomel Maxine & Steven Goodman Stacy Graubart Steven Graubart Janet & Dan Kleban Hayley & Yair Kol Steven Kronowitz Kimberly McLaney Michele & David Olifant Joy & Scott Plantowsky Tsili & Yuval Ran Shelley & Stephen Roseman Julie & Peter Schneider Traci & Steven Schwartz Carl Shaw Marlene & David Spolane Andrea & David Stein Julie & Ronnie Stein Jill & Charlie Talisman Cindy & Matthew Taylor Alberta & Andrew Totz Michael Wiesenthal Grace & Peter Yeh Denise & Samuel Yudkin Judy & Scott Zivley Brad Zucker Noya Zucker


GRADE CHAIR: TARA SONDOCK Sylvia Mayer & Rob Anderson Rachel & Eric Bishop Lauren & Jeremy Blachman Debbie Boniuk Micki & Ben Bronston Mandy & Ronnie Caress Terri & Brian Caress Taryn & Eddy Daniels Shantel & David Ferdman Andria Frankfort Allison & Joel Goldberg Michelle & Andy Greenberg Dana Guefen Jackie & Philip Clay Haas Gretchen & Bruce Hall Susan & Caspar Heyl Denise Rashti & Paul Horwitz Jill & Neal Kaminsky Debbie & Rick Kaplan Danielle & Danny Kuperman Vivian & Daniel Lederman Hannah & David Loev Nicole & Glenn Lowenstein

Barbara Mendel Josephine & Joseph Nates Ellen & Michael Newman Susie & Jeff Raizner Tsili & Yuval Ran Ramani & Prakash Reddy Debora & Keith Remels Laurie & Jeff Rosenberg Randi & Martin Rosenkrantz Teri & Joel Rosenthal Robin & Rodney Roth Carol & Eric Rothenberg Toiee & Daniel Roubein Stacy & Michael Schwartzberg Dorothy & Carlos Serna Gail & Ronny Shoss Tara & Steven Sondock Deborah Sopher Shari & Danny Spier Christine & Jerry Tarnopol Lauren & Scott Vines Michelle White Inna & Scott Wizig


(without current students) PARENT OF ALUMNI CHAIRS: WENDY BERNSTEIN & JULIE SILVERMAN Judy & David Bell Wendy & Andy Bernstein Debbie & Stuart Diamond Carol Emery Vikki & Rich Evans Shari & Thomas Fish Martha & Don Freedman Carol & Michael Goldberg Susan & David Morris Karen Siegel Propis & David Propis Tsili & Yuval Ran Sharon & Bradley Rauch Julie & Scott Silverman Alana Spiwak & Sam Stolbun Patti & Dan Steiner Tanya & Mark Strum Donna & Philip Tenenbaum


GRANDPARENT CHAIR: LEON MUCASEY Marilyn & Jay Albert Shirley & Jack Alter Deborah & Paul Aronson Pam & Walter Bazarsky Laurie & Milton Boniuk Nina & Joseph Brown Marlene & Larry Bursten Jo & Byron Capito

Rhona & Bruce Caress Jo Ann & Merlin Castille Bobbie Cohen Marian & Arthur Daum Seema & Sol Davis Stan Doctor Bonnie & Alvin Edelstein Bernice Feld Wendy & Richard Feldman Sandra & Harold Fields Carol & Larry Fradkin Ricki & Milton Frankfort Lynn Goodman Anne & Donald Graubart Celine & David Hecht Zona & Martin Hoffman Sonia & Leon Horowitz Lorraine & Melton Horwitz Brenda & Paul Jochnau Rosalind & Melvin Kalmans Phyllis & Barry Kalmin Jo Ruth Kaplan Joan & Marvin Kaplan Annette & Ian Kavin Carol Kleban Jane & Howard Kramer Nancy Landa Sara & Eli Lebow S.J. Levinson Eleanor & Frank Levy Barbara & Barry Lewis Ella & Alex Meskin Rici & Harold Miller Shirley & Leon Mucasey Paula & Irving Pozmantier Micki & Eugene Remels Mallory Robinson Karen Rosenthal Evelyn & Franklin Roth Rozelle & Herman Schultz Barbara & Vic Samuels Toby & Jack Segal Barbara & Jerry Selzer Lynn & Armand Shapiro Irene & Frank Shaw Ruth Siegel Joy Silverman Annette & Larry Sondock Emily & Albert Stein Shirley & Bruce Stein Jeannie & Jerry Tiras Mimi & Leon Toubin Dianne & Ellis Tudzin Sandy Turk Elaine & Bernard Van der Linden Joan & Art Weisberg Marvin Weisman Judy & Albert Weycer Judy Winograd Phyllis & Herbert Wizig Lorraine & Ed Wulfe Edith & Robert Zinn Sheila & Carl Zucker

(All donations made by EWS Faculty and Staff were generously matched by Micki & Ben Bronston and Gail & Ronny Shoss) Dana & Isaac Aboulafia Kerry Adams Chana & Shlomo Adelman Alan Anderson Jorge Arciga Jennifer Bauer-Conley Craig Bello Susan Benbrook Liz Bender Kersten Biehn Lue Bishop Joshua Blice Suzie & Steve Daum Rhonda & Kelly Dean Sandra Fogiel & Stuart Dow Bill Epps Barbara Farley Mark Fuller Jade Garcia Angie & Christian Gubitz Eva Herzog Rob & Charlyne Hochschild Ann Holdsworth Teresa Humphreys Diane Hursh Sharmila Jayakumar Lisa & Danny Kahalley Blair Lucas Aaron Markham Diane & Tom McAlee Shauna & Dave Meyer Michael Morgan Julie Morris Monica Polisetty Cathy Power David Rappaport Katie Ray Lynn Slaughter Rebecca & Matt Starr Ben Stern Roberta & Terry Tucker Magda Villarreal Sharon Wechter


A special thanks to the following people for contributing to the Kosberg Endowed Scholarship Fund in addition to their 20112012 Annual Giving Gift. Our Endowed Scholarship Fund has raised more than $800,000 toward our goal of $4 million by 2016. These funds are generously matched by Saranne & Livingston Kosberg. Chana & Shlomo Adelman Sylvia Mayer & Rob Anderson Liz Bender Lue Bishop Barbara & Mark Brookner Toby & Gregg Brown Shari & Joe Epstein Caroline & Stephen Esses Margie & Clive Fields Sandra & Steven Finkelman Martha & Don Freedman Kim & Jeff Glover Wendy & Danny Gold Stefani & Andrew Golub Maxine & Steven Goodman Dana Guefen Rachel & Adam Gutow-Ellis Celine & David Hecht Diane Hursh Debbie & Rick Kaplan Dana & Kenneth Katz Dale Kurtz Eve & Bobby Lapin Melanie & Stan Levy Isabelle & Eric Mayer Carol & David Neuberger Jean & Mervin Rosenbaum Susan Rosenbaum & Eric Schoen Robyn & Jeff Shkolnick Julie & Scott Silverman Alana Spiwak & Sam Stolbun Julie & Ronnie Stein E’Stella & Roger Stern Jill & Charlie Talisman Sandy Turk Cindy & Donald Westheimer Becky & Joe Williams Lori & Scott Wulfe Lynn Harper & Steve Young





MAY 2 - JUNE 26, 2012

Frieda & Melvin Dow




Kathy & Stephen Parven




Haley & Alan Finkelman



David Harris Ellen & Michael Kleinman


Martha & Don Freedman


Ruth & Marc Maman

IN MEMORY OF DAVID ROTHMAN Sharon & Bradley Rauch Carol & Michael Wilk

Judith & Steven Abrams Judith Johnson Sheila & Carl Zucker

Frieda & Melvin Dow Rae, Paul & Stephen Engel * These Donations were allocated to the Endowed Kosberg Scholarship Fund (matched by Saranne and Livingston Kosberg) to provide support for EWS students who demonstrate financial need.

The 2011-2012 campaigns have been successful. Without question, the challenges of raising funds for today’s and tomorrow’s needs increase each year in order for our School to grow and remain relevant. One of our many strengths is the support we receive from our Board of Trustees, our parents and the larger community. This year our fundraising goals were met for our 11th Annual JOE Dinner, our Rothschild Society, Golda’s Circle and Annual Giving campaigns. It goes without saying, that without the financial support of so many our school would not be the extraordinary institution it is today. I can not thank each of you enough for your ongoing commitment to EWS. Respectfully, Rebecca Starr




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The Emery/Weiner 2011-12 Board of Trustees Judy Abrams David Bell Eric Blumrosen, Vice President Mark Brookner, President Andy Bursten, Treasurer Adele Croft Debbie Diamond Carol Emery Caroline Esses Vikki Evans Clive Fields Tom Fish, EWS Foundation Board Chair Martha Freedman David Gerger Kim Glover Carol Goldberg Don Graubart Joe Kaplan Rick Kaplan Kenneth Katz Joe Kornfeld Bobby Lapin, Immediate Past President Bryan Leibman Stan Levy Barry Lewis Eric Lombardi David Morris David Neuberger Brad Rauch, Senior Vice President Elisha Selzer Julie Silverman Jordana Slawin Alana Spiwak Gary Stein Dan Steiner Roger Stern Mark Weycer Joe Williams, Vice President Bonnie Winograd

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Kotarot - Summer 2012  
Kotarot - Summer 2012  

The summer issue of the Kotarot features pictures from the Senior Class Trip to Poland and Israel, 8th Grade Promotion and the 2012 Commence...