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iPad Tips to Remember Turn the iPad on and off

Hold down the Sleep button, slide (bottom) bar to right to turn on. Hold down the sleep button and slide the red bar to right to turn off

Adjust the volume

Use volume buttons on side of iPad, OR Swipe up from bottom screen edge to get Control Center, use volume control (if your settings for rotation lock/mute are set properly). Settings/general/passcode lock. Enter old passcode to get in. Click change passcode on screen, enter new passcode. ONLY IF YOU CAN REMEMBER IT.

Change your passcode

Change your wall paper

Change your Wi-Fi settings

Settings/Wallpaper. Tap Choose a new wallpaper. Choose Stills or image from photos. New screen will appear for se selection. Tap CANCEL to back out for new selection. Settings/Wi-Fi. Tap word Wi-Fi on left, options will show up on right. Choose an option (padlock is password protected). Tap on the name, not the arrow. To Refresh WIFI, turn wifi off and back on or tap FORGET this Network and reconnect.

Use the spotlight search field Drag down from center / middle of home screen. Keyboard will pop up from bottom and search field is at top. on my iPad to find an app Type in name of app, tap on app to open it.

Update your software and apps

Why you use swiping, scrolling, and pinching Send a photo from email.

Add an app

Delete an app

Rent a movie in SD

You will get a notification to update iPad IOS software. This will show up on your settings icon: 1 in a red circle. Tap Settings/general/software update, tap software update and follow instructions. Plug in the iPad before starting. Do NOT TOUCH the iPad while it updates. To update apps: go to app store (Blue circle with A). Tap updates icon at bottom right, then update all at top left to update apps. Swipe to go side to side, Scroll to go up and down, Pinch to go in and out. In body of email, touch screen for a second until circle appears, lift finger and horizontal black menu will appear to attach a photo. Click on that option and it will take you to your photos, choose a photo to attach, tap USE. Insert a blank line before you insert a photo for your text. Go to app store, search for app, click on app, click on free/ price, click on install/buy now, enter APPLE password. If you buy, your credit card will be charged. It loads to the first free space on your screen. Move it to a folder so you can find it again. Hold any app down for 2 - 3 seconds until it wiggles. DO NOT MOVE FINGER. Tap black x on top corner of app and it will ask you if you want to delete the app. Hit delete. Go to iTunes/movies/choose movie in search field/click on movie/choose rent SD. Put in Apple Password. Your card will be charged. Find it in blue square VIDEOS app.

Create a folder on iPad screen

Take a Picture and find it

Write a note

Shoot a video and find it

Capture an image on the screen and find it Save an image from a website

Hold down an app until all the apps wiggle. Drag one app over another one to create a folder. Name the folder. Apple names it for you, but delete the name using the X at the right and type in new folder name. Open camera. Make sure camera scroll on right is on photo. Click round white button to take picture. Use Focus square. Picture will be in camera roll at bottom right of camera app. For Multiple quick pictures use volume switch on side. Open notes. Tap the write icon (box with pencil) top right. The first line will be the title of the note, tap done when finished. You can use microphone to record the note. You can send it as an email using the SHARE icon at top right. Open camera, make sure camera scroll at right is on video. Push round red button to start. Push square red button to stop. Video will be saved in camera roll. Delete it or move it as videos take u p a lot of memory. (GET YOUR FINGERS READY) Hold down the sleep button and tap home button ONCE. Image will be in camera roll, bottom right of camera app. Hold down the picture with one finger until you see the save image or copy. Tap Save it and it goes to your camera roll, which is bottom right of camera app.

Change orientation from portrait to landscape and lock in place

Close an app (not delete)

Cut, copy and paste a word or words to another place

Search the Internet Add a bookmark

Go to settings>general, half way down right side of page, find use side switch in grey- tap on mute to change side switch to mute. Now the side switch controls mute, and the control center controls lock. Go to home screen. Swipe up to get control center. Rotation padlock is on right. WHITE padlock = ON, BLACK padlock = OFF. Double click home screen button (or pinch). Swipe up on apps from middle of mini spage that you want to close. Use two fingers to do two at a time. Double tap word and the word will be highlighted, with handles at the top left and bottom right. Pull the handles to highlight more words. A black horizontal menu will appear. Tap copy. Move to another place on page, hold down 1.5 seconds where you want to insert, menu will appear, press paste. Click on Safari, type in search word in search field. Use search tools on the bottom tool bar under Google Search bar.(images)

Save, Find, Delete

If you find a website in Safari that you would like to save as a favorite or bookmark, tap the box with an arrow aiming up to the right of the search bar. Then choose bookmark. Save the page as a bookmark. Find the bookmark in the little book to the left of the search bar. Close your tabs by using the double page icon.

Open a second internet tab Close a tab

Click on plus sign to the right of the open tab. Click the x on the left of the tab you wish to close OR use the double page icon.

Add a weblink (homescreen button) to your home screen

Find the website you like. Click on share button to left of search bar. It is a square with an UP ARROW. Choose add to home screen. You will get a shortcut to this site on your iPad screen.

Ipad tips to remember  
Ipad tips to remember  

This is a cheat sheet for my students to help them navigate the iPad.