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Most of the Fairy Tales ends with... “...and the prince and princess got married, had children and they lived happily ever after.�

... here often marriege ends up in something called

...breakdown of a marriage can be traumatic and difficult... But...

and there are lots of issues to be sorted out...

Legal Separation

Financial Claims and Settlements

Children's Issues

Prenuptial Agreements

Collaborative Law

Alone you may suffer the pain, but to resolve the legal issues you need help from some solicitor for divorce.

And Beyer Family Law Solicitors, can help you in this matter.

Call us 44 (0)20 7936 4644 Or Reach us, 7 Hind Court, 147 Fleet Street, London EC4A 2BU

Divorce and Family Law in London  

Beyer Family Law Solicitors specialise exclusively in all areas of international divorce and family law.

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