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...who finds her home in a stream of constant motion. A stirring in your soul sends you on a journey to explore new lands and explore your own self. You see, the purpose of your travels is not to gain new sights—but to gain new eyes. Then finally, when you return to where you’ve been, you are not the same as when you left. You have seen other people, other landscapes, and other worlds. So go forth, Curious One, satiate your need to roam—and never stop. For, today you will be satisfied, but at sunrise you will once again be met by your ever-familiar WANDERLUST. Photography by Ben Tsui (www. • Model Courtney McCullough • Make Up and Hair by Sparkle Tafao






Top: Priceless • Pants: Lovers + Friends • Shoes: Alejandra G

Photography by Catherine Asanov Hair BY Kerrie Urban Make Up BY Fabiola using MAC Cosmetics at

Sunglasses: Boohoo Head Scarf: Stylist’s Own Top: BLQ




It’s hard to say which child stars will grow up to rule Hollywood. One thing’s for sure, though,16-year-old Olivia Holt, is going places-including back in time for our 1960’s photoshoot. Here, she casually chats with us about everything from boys and parents to growing up famous. Annex Magazine: You lived in a lot of smaller towns before moving to Los Angeles. How does life in LA differ from life in, say, Nesbit, Mississippi? Olivia Holt: They are definitely two different worlds. I grew up in a small town where everyone knows everyone and now in LA it’s such a bigger world. I love both but it was definitely a crazy transition. AM: What can you tell us about the Disney Channel audition process? How did you land your first role with them? OH: The process wasn’t quick, or easy. The first time I went in for Kickin It, I blew the audition. I kept messing up my lines and I was distracted and finally I got on take to where I got it down okay. A few weeks later I got a callback, and this time, I made sure I was fully prepared, and I went in confident and felt so good coming out. I then got another call back and this was for a chemistry read. A few weeks go by and I got the part! It was so exciting and even though it was a long and challenging


process, it was so worth it. AM: You starred for several seasons on Disney’s martial arts television show, Kickin’ It. Did you have any prior martial arts experience? OH: I had no martial arts experience prior to the show whatsoever. Haha, I was gymnast and cheerleader growing up though so that definitely came in handy when learning the basic moves of karate. And to be honest, I love it a lot more then I thought I would! AM: What is it like going through your teenage years in front of the camera? What are the greatest challenges of being a teen in the public eye? OH: Sometimes it’s a little scary because I’m a teenager, and if I make one wrong move then it’s out there for everyone to know and see. At the same time though, it makes me more cautious and aware. It also makes me want to be a better person and to have fun without getting involved in anything that could be bad for me.

Tunic: Darling

AM: What sorts of things do you like to do on your free time? Where do you and your friends like to hang out? OH: On my free time I’m either going the extreme like going to theme parks and riding the biggest roller coasters or I’m at home in my jammies all day watching movies and snacking on snacks. My friends and I love going out and doing different fun things, like mini golf or laser tagging but we also love just staying home and jamming out to music or watching TV. AM: You won a Radio Disney award for “Best Crush Song” with your hit, “Had Me @ Hello.” What do you think makes a boy “crush-worthy”?

Coat: Darling Shoes: AMI Clubwear

OH: In my opinion, I think what makes a boy “crush-worthy” is their personality.

As cheesy as that sounds, it’s true. It has to mesh well with mine and he’s gotta make me laugh. AM: Your family moved out to LA to support you in your acting aspirations. Do your parents support everything you want to do, or do they have a lot of strict rules for you and your career? OH: No matter what my dreams or goals have been or are, my parents are always my number one supporters. When I was younger, I was a gymnast and my goal and dream was to go to the Olympics. My parents helped me tremendously when I told them thats what I wanted to do. I spent hours in the gym training and they spent hours up their cheering me on. They want what’s best for me and to live my life happy,


Top: BLQ Pants: Darling Shoes: Boohoo


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yourself in all a longing for Fling directions, leap to all corners of the world. far-off places. the Traveling is more than just going from one place to another, it’s venturing into the curves and bumps carved into the foundation formed from years of travelers before you. It’s nice when we wander, time travel flowing, mind free wind blowing. Each piece curated in this book is a journey in itself; Olivia Holt catapulted us back to the 60’s amping us up to ready, jet, go!, while Gregg Sulkin paved a journey for us to set our mind to peace in paradise.

Yield to your longing for far-off places, and embrace places a hop skip away. Live.






Photography by Mae Richards Styling by Thyme Francis Make Up by Caitlin Wooters Model - Marianne at Wilhelmina














by Nikki Dror

Annex Magazine: You were born and raised in Singapore. Do you think being international in your upbringing helps you relate to an international audience? Willabelle Ong: It’s definitely easier to relate and tailor content when you know how to address an international audience - what they are used to, what they like, etc. Being exposed to a variety of cultures is tremendously beneficial in shaping one’s perspective.


Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.

AM: You’ve worked with some pretty big names in the fashion industry, including Gucci Australia! What do you bring to the table in such a collaboration? WO: Usually clients need to push traffic or create awareness about their new product or collection, so I am asked to style and blog around the campaign - but it differs for each project. I’m really thankful for these opportunities that come by. AM: Your blog also showcases some of your amazing traveling experiences. What do you enjoy most about travel? WO: Thank you! I love experiencing new cultures and meeting people from all walks of life. One of my favourite quotes: ‘Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.’ True? I think so. AM: A lot of people view style bloggers as fashion Barbie dolls always on point. So tell us, do you ever have a sweatpants and pony-tail day?

AM: When you’re not traveling, what do you do for fun in Perth, Australia?

WO: Something like that - though I prefer to be decked out in black and white when the lazy vibe kicks in. And not forgetting red lipstick - a dash of bright instantly lifts any mood!

WO: My family and I find pleasure in taking long drives to visit (and revisit) Australia’s beautiful outback! On other occasions, I go on food adventures with friends - brunch, brunch, brunch and soak up the lovely weather.

AM: How do you organize your closet? Is it constantly overflowing? WO: No doubt I’ve run out of space - so I have parts of my wardrobe stashed in my mother’s and the guest room. It can get a little confusing because I tend to forget where I’ve placed a particular item… On another note, I have everything arranged by colour and texture - my attempt at simplifying the ‘what do I wear today’ process.



AM: How did your blog grow from a personal blog to a website with thousands of followers? WO: I initially started Pale Division (www. as a platform to document my personal style, and soon realised people were actually taking interest. That made me want to take blogging a bit more seriously so I started putting up food and travel visual diaries - and it simply evolved from there. Social media helps a lot too! To this day, I’m still extremely humbled when someone tells me they read my blog. Thank you all for being so kind.

rc kma o o B ge Lar r e t Jo t book e o N t .com 2 $ 0 jacobs c Mar


1. Greenhouse 100 St. Georges Terrace Perth, WA


2. Moore & Moore Cafe 46 Henry St. Fremantle, WA

U N C Lava

nila Fresh Vanil la Lemo n Rolle rball $19


3. Typika Artisan Roasters 331 Stirling Highway Claremont, WA 4. Tiger Tiger 329 Murray St. Perth, WA 5. La Veen Coffee & Kitchen 90 King St. Perth, WA

Fresh Rose Cleansing Foam $38

Josie Maran Bear Naked Nail Wipes $9

@willamazing 37





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by Nikki Dror


Annex Magazine: What sparked your interest to start your own blog? Chloe Tang: I started photo sharing on Chictopia first and I was asked to create a blog by fellow Chictopians who mostly had blogs! One day I decided to create one after I received the Style Icon status from Chictopia and I’ve been doing it ever since :)

AM: Your blog has a very strong social media presence. With all the platforms you utilize Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc., where do your fans engage the most? CT: I like to think that I engage my followers the most on Instagram. I read all my comments and check out their profile too :)

AM: The blogger world seems to be so small, who are you favorite style bloggers to keep up with? CT: I love Kristina Bazan from Kayture. com, Aimee Song from Songofstyle. com, and Zina from http://www.

AM: When you’re not busy running the social media world how do you like to spend your free time? Where are some of the cool places to hang out Down Under?

Leather Baggu $160

C Bumble and Bumble Travel Size Thickening DrySpun Finish $16

2. Moo re & M oore C 46 Hen afe ry St. Freman tle, WA


1. Gree nh 100 St ouse . Geor ges Ter Perth, race WA

3. Typik a 331 St Artisan Roa irling H sters igh Clarem ont, WA way 4. Tige r 329 M Tiger urray St. Perth, WA 5. La V Coffee een & Kitc 90 Kin hen g St. Perth, WA

itane anic L’Occnder Org g Gel n Lave d Purifyi Han $8

hy le p osop Phil ade Sim l i M c a a ty Puri e-Step F loths On nsing C Clea $15

CT: I like to go to cafes have some tea or coffee, eat some delicious food, or stay at home and play video games! haha AM: How has Melbourne influenced your style? CT: I work in the city and spend a lot of my time there, so you do see many different styles converging in one place since Melbourne is a multicultural city. I guess that does influence my style a little with new inspirations easily found on the streets. AM: You’re an avid jet setter,

what has been your favorite trip so far? CT: My favourite trip might be my Japan trip, maybe cause I love their food so much! If there is good food, I’m sold. I also like the historical architecture and rich history in Japan. AM: Where do you see yourself and your blog in three years? I would love to be able to travel the world further with my blog and meet more bloggers and also my readers. It is amazing to experience other culture while blogging! 39

Top: Rose Pistol Pants: Rose Pistol



t's easy to mistake MTV’s ’'Faking It' Gregg Sulkin for a high fashion male model, but he’s actually quite the talented actor. With a face like that, and the world at his fingertips, the question becomes: What will Gregg do next? Annex magazine: Your Annex shoot was paradise inspired, what's your idea of paradise? Gregg Sulkin: Owning a lovely house with my beautiful (future) wife and having little kids running around and jumping on my back . That would be paradise to me. And I would like to buy my family a house one day. That would make me very very happy.



Top: Color Siete Shorts: Color Siete Backpack: Band of Players


Top: Jacob Davis Pants: Jacob Davis Shoes: Michael Grey


nnex Magazine: Before coming to America, you had an acting career in England as well. How does being a British actor differ from being an American actor? Gregg Sulkin: I think the main goal for any actor is to become the best they can be. Acting is acting, no matter where you are in the world. However, the industry is a lot smaller over there. In the states, there may be 15-20 networks, whereas in the UK there may only be 3-6. So, there are less opportunities, but probably less competition numerically!

AM: You were involved in basically every show and mini-series on Disney Channel for a while. How do you transition from that into a more adult career? How do you separate yourself from you Disney image? GS: I’ve never thought: “oh, I need to play a drug addict or some physco murderer right this second in order for me to transition”.... I think, with age, maturity and life experience you transition naturally and that changes the type of roles you are able to play. I’ve always believed that my hard work and focus would allow me to “transition” and keep working. Thankfully that has been the case so far. AM: You spent several years playing the role of Selena Gomez's love interest on Disney


Channel's “Wizards of Waverly Place.“ What do you think about her highly scrutinized, on-and-off relationship with Justin Bieber?

AM: The majority of your acting career has so far been focused on television, any plans to appear on the big screen anytime soon?

GS: I don’t really think about it to be honest, but wish her all the best.

GS: Yes! I have 2 feature films coming out this year :) The first is a movie called “Affleuenza” which is available in theaters from July 11th. The second is a FOX feature called “Another Me”, a supernatural thriller starring Sophie Turner, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Rhys Ifans and myself. That will be coming out in the fall/winter period. It’s a busy year for me!

AM: Has anyone ever told you that you have the perfect bone structure to model? Would you ever consider modeling in addition to acting? GS: Haha! Once or twice and it’s very flattering. My mum used to be a model, so I guess I have a lot to thank her for in that department. Regarding modeling, I would do campaigns if it was the right fit for me and if it wasn’t cheesy. But acting will always be my main focus.

By: Nikki Dror




he difference between a hotel and hostel is often much more than just the letter “s”. Hostels are infamous for communal bathrooms, overcrowded dormitories, and a slew of sketchy characters. However, sometimes crashing in an upscale hostel can be a much better value than even an inexpensive hotel room. But how can you be sure you’re not making a reservation in Bates Motel? Have no fear: we’ve sorted through hundreds of hostels and narrowed it down to these diamonds in the rough...

PLUS Berlin – Berlin, Germany PLUS Berlin is the perfect place to crash if you plan on exploring Berlin on foot. Located near the East Side Gallery and not far from some of the best shopping and café’s the city has to offer, it’s not more than a train ride away from anything you may wish to see in Berlin. Sheets and towels are changed every day. With its own swimming pool, sauna, garden, and restaurant, PLUS Berlin will certainly be a pleasant stay.


Bounce Sydney – Sydney, Australia Looking for a great place to party Down Under? With friendly staff, a modern vibe, and rooftop lounge, Bounce Sydney is a hostel-surfer’s paradise. Bounce offers all the proper amenities like air conditioning, a kitchen with all the utensils, outlets, sufficient in-dorm storage, and hot water. It’s also located right across the street from Central station, which makes solo travel a bit safer. Bounce Sydney is where the “cool kids” stay, so make sure not to miss the nightly parties up on that roof!

Arpacay Backpackers Hostel – Prague, Czech Republic You get a lot for the price of this hostel. It is located on the famous Royal Road, which leads up to the Prague Castle. It is also walking-distance from the Old Town Square and the breath-taking Charles Bridge. Everything inside Arpacay Backpackers Hostel is new, spacious, and clean. With cable TV, free Wi-Fi, washing machines, and hairdryers—you’ll find everything you need to enjoy your stay at Arpacay!



Discovery Hostel – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hostel Estoril – Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you’ve never been to Rio before, Discovery Hostel is you’re best bet. Upon arriving, guests are given an orientation, in which the Discovery staff will tell you all about the city and can even sign you up for tours. It’s the top-rated hostel in Rio on TripAdvisor and has a near-perfect approval rating. You can stay in male/female/coed rooms with 6 beds, or you can book private rooms as well. Pro tip: Don’t miss the amazing breakfast, complete with freshly baked sweets! In the heart of downtown, with nearby subway stations and bus stops, the Hostel Estoril is the ideal tourist basecamp. Clean, friendly, and accommodating—this hostel is a traveler favorite. It’s located in an antiquated building, adding to the cultural feel of your stay. And make sure you don’t miss out on the 24-hour rooftop bar, overlooking the city.

Primavera Hostel – Barcelona, Spain The staff here is as friendly as they come, and the hostel itself is famous for its home-like feel. The kitchens and bathrooms are cleaned every day, and tidied up as needed. With common areas and homemade daily soup, you’ll feel like you are hanging out in your own comfy living room.

KEX Hostel – Reykjavik, Iceland KEX is so much more than just a hostile—it’s like a whole little community. With its own restaurant, a live jazz band, and group activity nights, you’re sure to have fun and make friends

without even leaving the hostel! Spacious, well decorated, a very clean, KEX is the perfect place to stay on your visit to Iceland.

Lub d Bangkok – Bangkok, Thailand A bit pricier than the typical hostel, Lub d Bangkok is still a fantastic value. Often referred to as the “nicest hostel ever” by guests, it certainly lives up to its reputation. The entire hostel is super stylish, with a lovely lobby and trendy common areas. This hostel presents every amenity you could imagine, and the staff goes above-and-beyond to suit your every need. Located directly across from Bangkok’s Sky Train, Lub d Bangkok is your ticket to the entire city.


Top / Tolani Shorts / One Teaspoon Shoes / Old Gringo Motorcycle / The Roadery 52



When you think of a Disney star, you either picture a squeaky-clean child star or a twerking rebel. Debby Ryan, however, walks the sensible middle ground between the two. She positions herself somewhere between her starring role on Disney’s hit show “Jessie” and being a 21-year-old in Hollywood—and it’s safe to say she’s mastered the balancing act. “The shock factor might not be your friend,” Debby says when asked about those who rebel against their Disney image. She explains that sitcom stars need to be mindful of the gap between their television personas and their real-life selves. “You have to know what you’ve already been portrayed as [on television],” she continues. “[Your fans] don’t know certain sides of you yet.” The actress explains that she isn’t her television character, Jessie, when she’s out in her day-to-day life. “I have a contract with Disney to make television, but outside of that I get to be me.” So Disney isn’t always wagging a finger and looking over your shoulder? “No!” she laughs. “Disney might get labeled that way, but they’re really not looking for a fight…[They understand that] just because I’m on Disney doesn’t mean I’m not [in my 20’s].”




Left: Top / Calvin Rucker Pants / Indah Clothing Necklaces / Debi Lynn Designs Right: Top / MLV Belt / Debi Lynn Designs Necklace / Debi Lynn Designs Bracelet / Vanessa Mooney Arm Cuff / Vanessa Mooney Shoes / Dolce Vita X Vanessa Mooney


While Disney might not be acting as Big Brother and trying to control her, it seems Debby doesn’t even give them much of a reason to—she has her head on perfectly straight. “I cook homemade meals, I hang out with my cat, I listen to rock n’ roll,” she lists as she describes the normalcy of her life. “I’m really not controversial!” She’s also not oblivious to the extra scrutiny Disney stars can attract. “[When you’re on Disney,] people hold you accountable for things, whether they know you or not…An ABC sitcom star can post a picture with a red cup in the background, and nobody would say anything—but if a Disney star did that, there would be controversy.” This isn’t to say Debby isn’t in transition to more adult roles, however. She is certainly growing into her own. She’s pierced her nose, she’s dating a drummer, and she’s becoming increasingly more comfortable as a woman in Hollywood. She aspires to take her acting to the mainstream and admires actresses like Tina Fey and Emma Stone. “Emma nails so many different roles and different hairstyles—I’d like to be that kind of actress,” she explains. More so, her ultimate Hollywood idol is Lena Dunham. “To create your own project that’s really your own heartbeat…” Debby trails off, referencing the way Lena writes and stars in her own show. “That’s my dream!” Lucky for Debby, she’s already on the road to achieving that very dream. This summer, Debby and her band—Debby and the Never Ending—will be releasing their first full-length album, “One.” “The album really captures me and the essence of who I am.” Sounds like that ‘heartbeat’ she mentioned before, right? “My band and I have been working together for a really long time, so we’re really excited to share our work, finally.” She’s also excited to have something to share with all her guy friends! Debby mostly hangs out with her brother’s friends and her boyfriend’s crew—none of whom are necessarily watching her on “Jessie”. When asked about her boyfriend, Twenty One Pilots drummer Josh Dun, Debby becomes suddenly giggly and giddy. “He’s my best friend,” she beams. “A relationship is about bringing light into each other’s lives and having someone to sit there with you through the storm,” she reflects. “And honestly, it’s cooler for me to be dating a drummer than it is for him to be dating the girl from ‘Jessie’.” But who knows, Debby and the Never Ending’s big debut might earn her some respect in the eyes of Josh’s rock n’ roll posse. Or better yet, she might just give them a run for their money.


Top / Indah Clothing Bralette / Calvin Rucker Necklace / Vanessa Mooney



top 10 swimsuits




2 5

8 $165


4 $108 $72

7 $109

6 $79 $79

9 $111 $78

10 $78 61

top 10! 1


AMI Clubwear: $13


Coco and





$275 Raen Optics: $235

MinkPink $50

5 MinkPink: $40


6 MinkPink $50

8 MinkPink: $50

MinkPink: $50


9 MinkPink: $62

MinkPink: $50


topHATS 10! 1

Tory Burch: $125


Love Aesthetics crystal


Boticca: $365


3 Luisaviaroma: $303

4 Yes Style: $28

6 Lisa

Shopsosie: $29



Battaglia Sole Society: $30

8 Eugenia Kim: $265

9 Melissa Odabash: $158

10 Vince Camuto: $54 65


Photography: Kaleb Khu Assisted by: Jasmine Sabagquit Wardrobe: Ashley Rae + Pikka Turangan Grooming: Audrey Ramos








by Jasmine Ward

It seems like the majority of us today are stuck in 9-5 jobs that leave us feeling unsatisfied and unhappy. What if we finally declared independence and control over our lives, deciding to choose happiness and dharma? California-native, Nicole Collins, is doing just that, surrendering her psychology degree, submitting her two weeks notice, selling all of her belongings, and embarking the road less traveled; first stop India! After 40 hours of traveling, Nicole arrived in New Delhi, India. As she stepped off the train, eager to take in the country she has dreamt about, Nicole was immediately greeted by sights of burning trash, homeless men and women, stray dogs, baboons scaling old buildings, and an overwhelming layer of thick smog and car exhaust. An awful stench radiated throughout the city, a smell of body odor, urine, and cow manure all at once. Nicole immediately felt a sudden change of heart in her decision. Her ego being quickly put in place, she felt utterly arrogant for thinking that she could adjust to India perfectly fine. Not wasting any time, Nicole loaded into a taxi to Rishikesh. During the first 2 weeks of her stay in India, she was forced to bathe in rivers, learn to use a toilet that she describes as a “hole in a ground with 2 stirrups

for your feet�, adjust to utilizing her left hand in replace of toilet paper, and rely solely on the grace of strangers to help her overcome the many illnesses she endured when first arriving to India. She credits the grace of strangers for getting her through Rishikesh. En route to Raiwala via train, Nicole found herself poisoned yet again, violently throwing up throughout the train ride. Closely reaching her breaking point, she rushed to the bathroom, where she was met with a toilet full of feces and bloody sanitary napkins. The breaking point that was looming had finally arrived. Crying there in the bathroom of the train, desperate for sleep and cleanliness, Nicole came face to face with India. In that moment, she decided to not let India win, she picked herself up and got ready for the hot and crowded 20-hour trains ride ahead of her. After Raiwala and a few places in between, the next destination was the Sadhana Forest, a reforestation project that was started ten years ago in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. It has since grown into a self-sustaining, vegan, organic, and biodegradable community. During this time, Nicole was able to take in the beauties of the country. She went on motorcycle rides through the forest, practiced yoga and meditation, and took cooking classes among many other classes.

I found the belief that we will make it no matter what happens. 72

Poverty is believing that you are inadequate as a result of possessing less in the world. It is letting the media, the advertisers, the economy, and other people dictate how you live and what determines your happiness…it is accepting less than you deserve.

Now in Kolkata ‘don’t get a hotel here, get a guest house on Sudder, say no to the hawkers who approach you, and eat the food from the street vendors’ says the cab driver. Having run out of money and trying not to stress about how to leave the country, she accepted the fact that she was trapped in India. She began selling crotched goods, taught salsa lessons, and dread locked hair in hopes to make money. At this point she feared she might become one of the individuals sleeping on sidewalks. Not accepting this possibility, Nicole’s outlook on poverty and

f e t

Her stay there was reminiscent of her childhood years. She unapologetically indulged in her more youthful side; jumping on the community trampoline during rainstorms in nothing but her bathing suit, learned several types of dancing (Africa and Salsa to name a couple), participated in “long hugging” sessions (yes, that is a real thing), and planted a plethora of trees. Sadhana provided her a much-needed break from the chaos of India, and after some reading and soul searching she found her calling in life, deep within the majestic forests. After discovering her dharma and visiting an Ayurveda doctor to receive homeopathic care for her body. She freed her mind and body of negativity, just in time to feel rejuvenated before heading into Kolkata.

sustainability developed there on the streets of Kolkata. She realized that poverty is a state of mind, in which we have complete control over our own situation. On the last day of Nicole’s stay in Kolkata, she met a homeless man who instead of asking for money, asked for food. Using the last of her money for his sandwich she sat with him as he ate. They exchanged their life stories and she learned that his home and wife were taken from him months before. His positive attitude and abundance of gratitude left Nicole completely speechless, making her feel extremely grateful for her own life. Immediately after her encounter with the homeless man, Nicole took to her blog to state, “Poverty is believing that you are inadequate as a result of possessing less in the world. It is letting the media, the advertisers, the economy, and other people dictate how you live and what determines your happiness…it is accepting less than you deserve.” The homeless man in Kolkata gave Nicole something that she could never repay, a priceless and lifechanging lesson. Finally leaving India and entering the country of Nepal, where she is currently living she is now experiencing an amazing level of self-acceptance. Deciding to live abroad indefinitely, satiating her gypsy appetite. You can follow Nicole’s adventures at www.


Somewhere along the line, I accepted this as my new life. Halfway between the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, I accepted that I want to spend my life abroad, overseas, living in other countries‌living by example, my best friends at Sadhana taught me about perseverance, ingenuity, and faith in the world, something of which I needed to be reminded. I found the certainty in the uncertainty, finding inspiration in the stories of people who are on similar unbound journeys and have made their way. I found the truth that the world is full of good people who want to make a connection with the people traveling through their country. I found the courage to be kind to others who are not like me, who look and think differently. I found the belief that we will make it no matter what happens. I found the acceptance to be who I naturally am without makeup, without glamour, without facade. Most importantly, I found me.� - Nicole Collins


Annex Magazine: Picking up and leaving life as you know it, is a scary thing to do. What motivating factors gave you the strength to follow through with your decision?

I am a firm Nicole: believer in signs.

When I made the decision to travel, the universe supported me immediately, having everything fall into place to make the road to departure smooth and easy. My car sold the very next day and my work completely supported my decision to go, assuring me I had a job if I decided to return. The support I felt from the cosmos, my work, and (some of) my friends gave me strength to take the leap of faith into the unknown and accomplish a goal I set for myself in high school. On the other hand, the lack of support I felt from naysayers gave me the determination to prove to myself that I could make it on the road and in life on my own chosen path.

AM: What advice would you give to someone who would like to take a sabbatical and travel? N: My advice to anyone who wants to take a sabbatical and travel is...

do it now, don’t wait for the ‘perfect’ time, it’ll never a perfect time never come. There’s to put everything in your life on hold to see the world. Weddings, baby showers, concerts, graduations-they happen all year round and they won’t stop for you to make a huge life decision. Do it now! All you have is now and making excuses about why you can’t do it right now will hold you back forever.

AM: How has traveling over the last 6 months changed you and your view on life? N: I have grown so much in six months that I could write a whole novel on it! Traveling has changed almost every aspect of my life from health to career to worldview to hobbies. For brevity’s sake, I’ll keep it short and sweet. I am the most healthy, happy, and fulfilled I have ever been in my life. I became a vegan, found my true passions in life, stopped wearing makeup, and started living fully engaged and present. My two current life motto’s are:

1.) Life is as simple as a smile 2.) Fear is temporary, regret is forever. We only have one life, why waste it? 75



Sunglasses : Ray ban • Jacket(Leather): House of Eleven • Tank: Gypsy05 • Floral (tank, blouse,top): Bellatrix • Denim shorts: Standards & Practices • Fringe Vest: Gyspy Junkie • Necklace/Jewelry: Jenny Dayco



Laura Marano

is definitely Smarter than a Fifth Grader--not to mention, she’s been a regular on television since she was about that age. Here, she let’s Annex Magazine in on her life as a Disney Channel star, growing up in front of the camera, and sharing the spotlight with a famous sibling. 78

Annex Magazine: We can’t imagine it’s easy being a teen with a full time job, how do you keep focused?

AM: You have amazing fans that are without a doubt die-hard, are you a die-hard fan of anyone?

Laura Marano: I am ridiculously lucky to be surrounded by a wonderful group of people! Thankfully, I can always count on the people around me if I need any help with anything in my life. Also, whenever I just need a moment to breathe, I put on music, and I instantly feel better.

LM: First of all, can I just say that my fans are literally incredible? Seriously, they are so committed and passionate which is absolutely awesome! I definitely am a die-hard fan of A LOT of people and things. I am literally obsessed with the Harry Potter book and movie series (and anyone attached to it), I am a huge Pink fan, and I absolutely love Queen and The Beatles!

AM: Sister Sister! You and your sister are quite the show stoppers on the red carpet, what’s it like being in the entertainment industry together? Is there a lot of competition, are you BFFs? LM: I am so thankful that my sister is in the business with me. We are definitely not completive with each other at all, even if we go out for the same parts. In fact, I feel like we have gotten closer because we can always vent to each other about aspects of the entertainment industry, and we will always understand. She is honestly my best friend. AM: It’s so awesome that you play a songwriter on Austin & Ally because you actually are one! Is Ally’s character much like you in real life? LM: Ally and I are so much like each other -it is kinda hilarious! She was so similar to me since the beginning, from her rule-following and school-loving to her passion for music; however, I feel like she has become even more like me as the show has gone on. Ally and I are both incredibly quirky! AM: This is our travel issue so we have to ask, if you could go anywhere in the world this summer where would you go and who would you take with you? LM: I would definitely go to Italy because I absolutely love it there (hello, the food is amazing!), and I would bring my wonderful family! Nothing sounds better than spending time with family in one of my favorite places in the world.






FOST ER T HE PEOPLE Whether it’s on purpose or by accident, the chorus to Foster the People’s viral hit “Pumped Up Kicks” is one that has been hummed out of almost everyone’s mouth. Foster the People’s fame seemed to be almost instantaneous. As soon as the world got wind of the jam, “Pumped Up Kicks,” this American indie group’s musical career really took off. Since the release of their claim-to-fame song, the Orange County native band has been busy working on their new album, Supermodel. Produced by Mark Foster and Paul Epworth, Foster the People released their new album in March 2014. Their sophomore album, takes a bit of a style-wise leap and stays true to Foster the People’s siganture synthetic beats mixed with organic sounds and utilizes various instruments from different cultures. While the type of music Foster the People produces is mostly indie


rock, the band covers a wide range of genres and takes on a completely different style in every song. Proving this fact, Foster, the founder of the band sings and plays a variety of instruments including guitar, keyboard and synthesizer. Fink plays bass and provides backup vocals while Pontius plays drums and percussion. In 2009, Mark Foster founded Foster the People and later recruited Mark Pontius and Cubbie Fink. In 2010 they posted the song “Pumped Up Kicks” as a free download. This led to the trio garnering a large amount of recognition and success from this catchy tune as it was featured in various ads like Nylon and tv shows like Gossip Girl. The song’s success allowed them to appear on an abundance of talk shows like Last Call With Carson Daly and Jimmy Kimmel Live! The overall feedback and buzz that the song received caused the band to sign with

Startime International and Columbia Records. With no prior experience, the band had trouble catching their big break. Their luck changed however, after a few shows they were booked to perform at Coachella and South by Southwest festival. When they first began performing, fans heard the name of the band as Foster the People, but it in actuality it was Foster & the People. Eventually, Foster took to the name and decided to keep it. Their debut album Torches and “Pumped Up Kicks” received two Grammy award nominations.

FLIGHT FACILITIES Flight Facilities career completely took off in 2010 with the release of their first original single, “Crave You.” Starting in 2009, Flight Facilities began their career by remixing other artists’ music. Before they formed into Flight Facilities, Gruzman was a pizza boy and Lyell was a DJ. Later Gruzman joined Lyell and that later turned into their DJ duo. Flight Facilities got their name from one of their grandfathers who owned a regional airline company by the same name. The company disappeared in the 90’s, but they felt the name was too good to leave behind. The Australian electro DJ duo has remixed songs for Jagwar Man, Holy Ghost!, Cut Copy and Miike Snow. For a long time their identities were unknown. In fact, Gruzman and Lyell enjoy joking about their names and their hometowns. They kept their names a secret to allow people to purely enjoy their

music. They did not want the judgment that came with showing their true identity before fans could enjoy their music for what it was. They have lied and told journalists that their names were Trinidad and Tobago and Calvin Harris. They currently have six original tracks out including “Crave You.” They are signed to Future Classic and Banggang. Every song features an incredibly talented artist such as Jessica Higgs and Elizabeth Rose & Micky Green. The duo has played a variety of festivals like Habourlife, Summerdayze and Shore Thing! However, they play a large amount of nightclubs around the world like Limbo in Adelaide, Le Baron in Tokyo and The Gold Coast, Empire in Brisbane. With their unique music and fun beats, Flight Facilities may just become the next big thing.


HUCCI Remember the name–Hucci. This is the name of a trap producer that is dominating trap music. Regardless of being a mere 18-years-old, this producer based in Brighton has completely demolished any age concerns fans could have. Hucci has received much praise for his ability to step outside of the traditional trap music style; something that most trap producers cannot seem to breakaway from. Further proving his validity as a producer, Hucci also known as Ollie O’Neill has been producing with FL Studios since the age of 16. Hucci’s music is unique because it is so unpredictable. No two songs of his sound the same, but they all stay true to trap music. He collects samples from genres all across the board. For example one of his songs “The Leaves Are Brown” features the popular 60s song “California Dreamin’” by the Mamas and Papas. Hucci remixed many fan favorites from The Weeknd and The xx, but continuously comes out with new music. Artists such as Baauer, Clams Casino, Flosstradamus, RL Grime and Araabmuzik influence Hucci. However, Hucci loves and hopes to work with well-known rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, and A$AP Rocky. Hucci’s brother Ozzie, also a trap producer got him into producing. At first Hucci began producing dubstep tracks on an old version Fruity Loops, but didn’t like the end result. About six months later, he tried with trap music and received positive reviews for his tracks. To this 18-year-old, everything is an integral part of his music, even the album cover artwork. Impressively, Hucci designed all of the artwork for his tracks and his Facebook page.

KREWELLA Even though the electronic music sensation, Krewella, formed in 2007, they did not release anything until 2011. But boy, was it well worth the wait. Krewella has the rare ability to craft music that can appeal to almost everyone. The trio’s music is energetic enough for EDM fans, fun enough for pop fans, and catchy enough for anyone in the mood to dance. This Chicago group’s ability to attract a wide variety of the public is the reason why they have well over a 1 million members of the “Krew,” a name they call their fans. Sisters, Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf and Kris “Rain Man” Trindl came together to create the electronic music group, Krewella. This group borrows from many different genres, whether it be house, dubstep, or hard style. The beautiful Yousaf sisters both lend their vocals and songwriting skills to the group while Rain Man is in charge of production. Their success as Krewella has landed them opportunities to perform at esteemed music festivals like the


Ultra Music festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, Stereosonic and Spring Awakening. The sisters were influenced by the music their parents played like Led Zepplin, the Doors, David Gray and Abba. However, growing up they listened to Chromeo, the Faint, Incubus and Justice; providing fans clues with just how young these sisters really are. Jahan is 24-yearsold while Yasmine is only 21. Rain Man is 27-years-old. The Yousaf sisters met Rain Man, because they went to his metal shows in high school according to an interview they did with The Music Ninja. One day, Rain Man asked Jahan to sing over his production. They decided they needed another singer and Jahan’s younger sister seemed like the obvious choice. The group began their career playing warehouse shows in their hometown Chicago. The trio has three EP’s out under Columbia Records. Krewella released their debut album Get

JACK BEAT S London natives, Ben Geffin and Niall Dailly have come together to create the electronic music group Jack Beats. The duo produces an unexpected mixture of intense sounds that somehow mesh together perfectly. These London DJs currently have three EP’s out with OWSLA, but have also released with Deconstruction Records and Cheap Thrills Records. Their music can be described as taking unique sounds like beat boxing and combining them with a variety of wobbles and bass drops. Jack Beats borrows from a wide variety of genres to create something unique; everything from hip-hop to dubstep to electro is put into consideration when producing their music. Both of these DJs have had previous experience, Geffin also known as Beni G is from The Mixologists and Dailly also known as DJ Plus One is from The Scratch Perverts. Part of the success of Jack Beats can be blamed on DJ Plus One who won the DMC World DJ Championships in 2001. He was also a DJ on London’s Kiss radio station. The duo has done an enormous amount of remixes for big names in the music industry like Beyonce, Aloe Blacc, Florence & The Machine and La Roux. In addition, they have produced for Diplo, Major Lazer, Dillion Francis and Example. Geffin and Dailly got their start after collaborating on a hiphop track entitled “Fame and Money.” After the success, they

combined their experience Djing with each other at clubs to create Jack Beats. The song that really ignited their fame was “Jack Got Jacked,” which spread like wildfire amongst U.S. blogs. In the past they have collaborated with Example, Skrillex and 12th Planet. There most recent single is “End Of Love,” which features singer-songwriter, Leonard Cohen. “If a year ago someone had said our music would come out on a major label across the world, I’d have fallen over laughing,” says Niall of their musical journey. “We began life as an underground crew making tunes for Sunday night hardcore clubbers. Suddenly it gets to this level ands it’s shocking, but we’ve been around enough to know that we’re here on the merit of what we’ve done. We’re not trying to be something we’re not.” With their wildly fun beats, DJ Beni G and DJ Plus One will dominate the EDM world this year. “Widely recognized as some of the mosttechnically gifted DJs around - Dailly winning the DMC World Championshipsas proof - Jack Beats have refused to stand still, their sound remaining onestep ahead of the curve, and with one resident’s foot firmly placed in fabricthroughout.” says fabrics.


Adria Vaidilla is finishing up high school, obsessed with drawing, and loves social media. Sounds like a normal 17-year-old girl, right? But the fast times of this teenage model and professional illustrator are far from typical. Age: 17 Website: Instagram: @adriavaidila Agency: http://www.nextmanagement. com/miami/profile/adria-vaidila 84

Annex Magazine: As a fashion face in the making and an extremely talented artist, what’s the craziest thing people don’t know about you? Adria Vaidilla: Most people don’t know that I’m actually only seventeen and finishing my High School classes online. This allows me to have a pretty flexible schedule for modeling and drawing. I am also a huge donut fan, but shhhh. AM: Did you find modeling or did modeling find you? AV: My sister forwarded me the American Eagle Outfitters Project Live Your Life contest link. Originally I entered just for fun, but ended up winning. I was able to do three campaigns and work in studio for American Eagle, I then signed with Next Model Management. AM: How did you get into illustration? AV: I’ve always drawn for fun ever since I can remember. American Eagle gave me the opportunity to design a limited edition t-shirt. This allowed me to see my passion of drawing not just as a hobby but also a career. AM: In a sad sad world where you had to choose between drawing or modeling, which would you chose? AV: Well, I hope I will never have to choose between my two passions, hahaha. Ideally I would like to model as well as freelance in illustration and design. I’ll have to make decisions as opportunities arise. AM: Your work both as a model and an artist is quickly blossoming from a seed to a flower, what’s next? AV: Right now I am focusing on finishing online school. I’ll be in LA for some of the summer to model, while continuing to illustrate. I’d also like to work on building my social media following to gain exposure as both an artist and model. AM: Where do you see yourself in 3 years? AV: In a perfect world, I would be splitting my time between New York and LA. I would be modeling and taking on freelance illustration jobs. A few dream clients as far as modeling goes would be Victorias Secret, American Vogue, and walking in fashion week. I’d love to work with clients such as Nastygal, Unif, and Urban Outfitters for illustration.


Juice cleanse programs are the most natural and organic method of detoxifying and healing your body. 86




Juicing for a few days helps to restore my physical and mental balance. I have a ton of energy after juicing and my body feels like it’s in its best state. - Candice Lee Annex Magazine Online Editor

JUGOFRESH The Jugofresh crew has a freespirited approach to life, but are ultra-disciplined when it comes to creating juices, smoothies and foods. We all know the saying “you are what you eat,” but they believe in this as a guiding principle. 
When you spend $1 at a fast food restaurant on a cheeseburger, you’re getting about 7 cents worth of meat. that’s a low-value purchase, so don’t be surprised to know you’re eating an extremely low-quality product. JugoFresh always does their best to find high-quality ingredients and make things with integrity so you can feel your best. For them that means 100% organic sources and labor-intensive processes that ensure the quality of every product they make. 
Basically they buy better products and work harder to produce things because they care.

Eating well is easier said than done, and most of us weren’t raised with a taste for raw kale. Thankfully, DROUGHT now provides an option for you to acquire and assimilate all of your daily nutrient needs with six raw, organic and unpasteurized juices over the course of one day. The WASH is presented as an option for you to generously consume the vitality of whole foods your body so desperately needs and gives your digestive system a break from decades of non-stop troubleshooting.

12 3 4

Make the commitment and stick to it. Two days before your cleanse, eat vegan. That’s right, no bacon for you this week. Avoid soy products. Focus on greens, steamed veggies, quinoa, smoothies, juices, etc.

One day before your cleanse you have two choices: Eat all raw vegan, avoiding fattier foods like nuts, seeds, avocado, etc. OR Eat mono- this means eat one fruit or veg all day. Forexample, peaches all day! Grapefruit, apples, watermelons, cucumber, celery. But remember to eat seasonally. Shake well before drinking.

5 6 7

Drink water in the morning and in between juices all day.


We recommend between bottles.

Sip, don’t chug. Sipping will activate enzymes and put all those nutrients to work.

BLUEPRINTCLEANSE® Designed to detoxify and purify the body by consuming only cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices, BluePrintCleanse was the first line of juice cleanse to offer varying levels of intensity, depending on one’s dietary habits and history. It’s a practical, user-friendly system of cleansing for all nutritional lifestyles, from the most austere of raw food acolytes to the burger-and-red-wine lovers looking to periodically offset the damages of indulgence.

Personally, I’ve never felt more centered & energized. I’m much lighter mentally & physically.. I didn’t do this to lose weight, this was a challenge for me of self control & dedication. I called this my mind body and soul cleanse. I’d highly recommend it. - Artist Nazanin Mandi


Follow the numbers on the top of the bottles. If you opted for the add-on (Superfood bar, Raw soup, and LAX tea) eat the bar for lunch, sip on the soup for dinner, and drink the LAX tea right before you go to bed.



Photographer: Samantha Wolov Hair: Eryk Brian Makeup: Jill Marie Mlynczyk Wardrobe: Alanna Anderson Model: Terra, Scout Model and Talent Agency, SF

Shirt: Sacai Bustier: Kiki de Montparnasse Skirt: Jean Paul Gaultier


Tee: MinkPink Skirt: Junya Watanabe Belt: Donna Karan New York Shoes: Doc Marten Earring: Pamela Love

Sweater: Tibi Jacket: Model’s own Shorts: Blank Denim

Shirt: Veronica Beard Skirt: Preen by Thornton Bregazzi 93Miista Shoes: Rings: Model’s Own

Jumpsuit: Etoile Isabel Marant Sneakers: Maison Martin Margiela Earring: Pamela Love

Bra: Tamara Mellon Jacket: R13 Belt: B-Low the Belt Jeans: FRAME Denim Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff Earring: Pamela Love


Annex Magazine 'Wanderlust Issue' Vol 8  

Annex Magazine 'Wanderlust Issue' Vol 8

Annex Magazine 'Wanderlust Issue' Vol 8  

Annex Magazine 'Wanderlust Issue' Vol 8