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School Library Reporting by Anne Weaver 

Planning- what do you need to collect for your report? eg. information, images, statistics, tools etc

What is the context of the report eg. audience, purpose, frequency, goals, format, time to collate, past reports, administrative requirements

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September 14, 2011 The Potter Library will not be open during the September holidays due to upgrading of the air-conditioning system. On Thursday, 83 Year 8 and 9 students attended the Brisbane Writers’ Festival in conjunction with the English Department. Students have been very fortunate this year in terms of engagement with authors and writing events, because in addition to this activity, all Year 10 students heard from a variety of writers as part of International Women’s Day activities, all Year 7 students attended the Brisbane Writers’ Festival on Wednesday, and some Year 8s were involved in a collaborative writing project with Terrace, BGS, BGGS and AHS. Students engage with authors, actors and other speakers as part of their usual English program, but they are very fortunate that these additional opportunities are provided. On Thursday, students listened to a wide variety of fiction writers including Maggie Stiefvater, Peter Stanley, James Phelan, Marianne de Pierres, Margo Lanagan, Emily Rodda, James Roy, Belinda Jeffrey, Wendy Harmer and Jane Caro, and also poets Rachel de Wosking, Jacob Polley and Farid Farid. These speakers open up a wealth of additional writing and reading inspiration. Thank you to year 8 student, (name omitted), for providing the introduction for Emily Rodda.

Year book article from All Hallows' School

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School Library Reporting by Anne Weaver  
School Library Reporting by Anne Weaver  

School Library Reporting