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January 2011

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January 2011




January 2011


A Note from the editor......................6 Trivia famous failures...................................7 LifeSTyle Eat Like Tarzan, Cook Like JanE.......9 Swinging Through the Rainforest...............11 Safety

Garden Play

winter weather safety tips.............12

Growing Food INdoors..............19

Gotta Eat


New Year Slimming Secrets.............14 Maintain Healthy Habits

Family TIme


Make family time a priority.......22

January 2011


Resolutions are Like Party Favors Yes, I said it: resolutions are just like party favors. We pull them out at the New Year, play with them for a short time and then toss them back into the box they came out of with no further regard for them. I personally stopped resolving to do anything about 10 years ago. Instead, I proactively set goals for my family, my business and myself. I have to say that as a woman, the goals I set for myself are generally second or third to everything else I do. I even listed “myself” last in the list of goals objectives, yes it is proper grammar, but that is not why I did it. I know I am not alone; this behavior is a female affliction.   Women tend to be the caregivers, planners and organizers for their families, organizations and businesses. It is what makes us strong and an important part of everything we become involved with on a daily basis. It is, however, what makes us feel under appreciated. We do everything for others so often that it becomes commonplace and goes unrecognized. This behavior becomes such a part of our person that if we sit idle for a moment, we may even feel a sense of guilt; or, when we look at our spouse, who truly understands that there is a need for self-time. we may feel a tinge of resentment. Men have forever understood the value of the “man cave,” the place where introspection and mental rejuvenation occurs.     This year, I am setting a goal to learn to give myself TIME, whether it is a walk, a good book, a few minutes to wrestle with the kids, a pedicure or to go for a swim. I am going to give myself an hour a day. I am going to mark my calendar and set an appointment with myself. If you, or someone you know has this same affliction, encourage them to take TIME, because once it is gone, it is just that…GONE.   The cool thing about goals is that unlike resolutions, goals are something we can always reach for, there is no failure. Thanks for reading,

Annette Wolf

Publisher & Managing Editor Aire Ezine


January 2011


Famous Failures You have tried something and you have failed, maybe numerous times. You may even have been told that you have no talent, aren't cut out for "this business" or are never going to "make it in this line of work".   Well, don't be discouraged. The following are stories of other people who were told the same thing or something similar and went on to be major successes. You might just recognize a few: He was told by his father that he would amount to nothing and be a disgrace to himself and his family Charles Darwin. Were told by Publishers that "anthologies didn't sell" and the book was "too positive" Rejected a total of 140 times. The book, Chicken Soup for the Soul now has 65 different titles and has sold over 80 million copies all over the world.

January 2011


The Vice President of Columbia Pictures told this actor that he was never going to make it in the business - Harrison Ford.

Producer told her she was "unattractive" and could not act - Marilyn Monroe. Turned down by a recording company saying "We don't like their sound and Wasn't able to speak until he was almost guitar music is on the way out" They were 4 years old and his teachers said he would talking about the Beatles. "never amount to much" - Albert Einstein. Was cut from the high school basketball Told by a teacher he was "too stupid to team, went home, locked himself in his learn anything" - Thomas Edison. room and cried - Michael Jordan. His first book was rejected by 12 publishing houses and sixteen agents. John Grisham. He was told that "he couldn't sing at all." - Enrico Caruso. Was not allowed to wait on customers in the store he worked in because "he didn't have enough sense" - F. W. Woolworth. Fired from a newspaper because he "lacked imagination and had no original ideas" - Walt Disney.

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January 2011

He failed the sixth grade - Winston Churchill. Did poorly in school and failed at running the family farm - Isaac Newton.

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LifeStyle and exercise behavior only. What else in one’s life can confound a weight loss plan? In my life, the obvious choice is stress. As a business owner, farm owner, parent and wife stress is like a best friend; if it is not around, nothing feels quite the same. Hmmm, I can’t seem to remember the last time it wasn’t around.  Experts tell us that stress can contribute to weight gain. The weight gain has to do with cortisol, a stress hormone. When we’re under stress, the fight or flight response is triggered in our bodies, leading to the release of various hormones.  In my life, where stress is a constant, the crazy demands have convinced my internal physiology that my body is in It’s January, it’s cold, and of course I danger. Unfortunately, when our bodies still feel like the dancing hippopotamus respond like we're about to be harmed on Madagascar. Dr. Moniz believes I am making excellent progress: my vitals are in and need to fight for our lives (or run like heck), we experience a burst of energy, normal ranges, he says I look thinner, my shifts in metabolism and blood flow, in clothes are looser and I must admit I feel better. But I look in the mirror and am still addition to other changes. not satisfied. Sexy and hippopotamus are  If you remain in this state for a prolonged amount of time due to chronic definitely an oxymoron. stress, your health becomes at risk. Aside  I tell myself, “This is a lifestyle modification so time is on my side, right?” from a host of other dangers, chronic stress can also cause weight gain. I Perhaps; diets take into account eating

January 2011


knew that chronic stress messes with our metabolism, slowing it down tremendously, which ultimately slows weight loss success. Stress causes craving for sweet, salty and sugary foods which are typically less healthy. Additionally, since I have been eating better, whenever I cave in to a craving, I pay twice. Once because I feel guilty and twice because it makes me feel sluggish and heavy. Prolonged stress can alter your blood sugar levels, causing mood swings, fatigue and conditions like hyperglycemia. Excessive stress even affects where we tend to store fat. Higher levels of stress are linked to greater levels of abdominal fat. Unfortunately, abdominal fat is not only aesthetically undesirable it’s linked with greater health risks than fat stored in other areas of the body. Hence the hippopotamus figure.

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January 2011

swinging through the rainforest

Top 5 Reasons to Love A.M. Exercise

Mega Sports 780 Maple Valley Drive, Farmington 573-756-8999

“For want of a nail, the shoe was lost. daunting, you can ease into it with 10 to 20 For want of the shoe, the horse was lost. minutes at first.) 
 For want of the horse, the rider was lost. 1. When you exercise at about the same For want of the rider, the battle was lost. time every morning, especially if you wake For want of the battle, the kingdom was lost. up regularly at about the same time, you're And all for the want of a horseshoe nail!” regulating your body's endocrine system and - Old English rhyme circadian rhythms. Your body learns that you do the same thing just about every day and it begins 1. Exercising early in the morning "jump starts" to prepare for waking and exercise several hours your metabolism, keeping it elevated for hours, before you actually open your eyes.  sometimes for up to 24 hours. As a result, you'll Exercise Extra: More than 90% of those who be burning more calories all day long--just exercise consistently have a morning fitness because you exercised in the morning. 
 routine. If you want to exercise on a regular basis, 2. Exercising in the morning energizes you for the odds are in your favor if you squeeze your the day, not to mention that gratifying feeling of workout into the a.m. virtue you have knowing you've done something disciplined and good for you. (Much better than a worm!) 
 3. Studies have shown that exercise significantly increases mental acuity--a benefit that lasts four to ten hours after your workout ends. Exercising in the a.m. means you get to harness that brainpower, instead of wasting it while you're snoozing. 4. Assuming you make exercise a true priority, it shouldn't be a major problem to get up 30 to 60 minutes earlier, especially since regular exercise generally means a higher quality of sleep, which in turn means you'll probably require less sleep. (If getting up 30 to 60 minutes earlier each day seems too

January 2011



Winter Weather Safety Tips

(Family Features)

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, this winter will see an increase in “shivery conditions,” where temperatures will average below normal for about three-quarters of the nation and snowfall will be significant. Are you and your family winter ready?   With a little planning, you can protect yourself and your family from the many hazards of winter weather, both on the road and at home.

On the Road:

To help get you started, here are a few tips from the experts at Ames True Temper (www.amestruetemper. com) regarding what tools and supplies you’ll need to stock your car or truck with this winter: • Tip #1: It’s a great idea to pack extra blankets, gloves, hats and scarves to help keep warm in the event of a breakdown. • Tip #2: Keep a stocked first aid kit; this way you are prepared for any injuries.


January 2011

Tip #3: Keep a windshield brush and scraper at all times for brushing off any ice or snow in the morning, after work or as you need it throughout the day. Tip #4: Store the compact snow shovel , which is ideal for digging out snow if your vehicle gets stuck. Because of its compact folding design, it won’t take up much space. Tip #5: Make sure you have salt and sand in your trunk. Both are helpful when a vehicle is having trouble gaining traction or ice needs to be melted. Tip #6: Keep plenty of food and water in the event you must wait for additional support or relief. Be sure to have enough for all passengers.

  It’s also important to take caution when driving and obey all speed limits and traffic signals. Tune into your local news source to determine the conditions of the roads before departing.

In the Home:

If you don’t have to drive during inclement winter weather, consider remaining home. Here are a few items that the experts at Ames True Temper recommend you keep around the house so that you are prepared for a winter storm: • Tip #1: It’s a great idea to lay salt and sand before and after it snows on driveways and walk-ways to prevent slipping and facilitate ice melting. • Tip #2: Make sure flashlights, candles, matches and a battery powered radio are all kept in an easy to reach location so you’re prepared in the event of a power outage. • Tip #3: Have a snow removal tool to help clear walkways and driveways. This ergonomic tool will help you accomplish heavy-duty snow removal comfortably and safely. • Tip #4: It’s easier to shovel a couple inches of snow from a driveway or sidewalk and repeat a couple of times than waiting for the full accumulation when a deep snow is predicted. • Tip #5: Make sure your pantries are stocked with grocery staples and maybe a few extra treats to help pass the time and prevent cabin fever. █

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January January2011 2011

13 13

gotta eat

New Year Slimming Secrets

(Family Features)

Two years ago, Japanese supermarkets couldn’t keep bananas on the shelves after a man revealed the secret of his weight-loss success on a leading social network. Now a healthier version of his diet is catching on in America, thanks to the fruit and nutrition experts at Dole.   The Go Bananas 2-A-Day Challenge was originally created in 2009 by the Dole Nutrition Institute as a healthier sequel to Japan’s phenomenally popular Morning Banana Diet.   Dole’s expanded version for 2011 is part of larger multimedia initiative created by Dole Fresh Fruit for Americans looking for a healthy way to kick off the New Year. The Go Bananas Challenge substitutes well-balanced meals and nutritious recipes instead of the “all-you-caneat” approach popular in Japan.   Going beyond the original two-banana morning routine, Dole nutritionists created a comprehensive two-week regiment of lunches, dinners and snacks to help participants boost their energy, increase their intake of fruits and vegetables and improve their overall health while they lose weight. “We know that increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables in general and bananas in particular,


January 2011

can help support healthy, sustainable weight loss,” said Nicholas Gillett, Ph.D., of the Dole Nutrition Institute. “What we at Dole did was expand this simple principle into a wellbalanced, two-week plan that can serve as the basis for a long-term healthy lifestyle.”   Go Bananas 2-A-Day Challenge participants begin each day with two bananas and at least eight ounces of water, a combination that specifically aids in weight loss. According to Gillett, banana fiber creates extra bulk in the stomach, allowing participants to feel full longer — and less hungry overall. He says the fiber acts like an internal accelerator that pulls some of the fat in the stomach through the digestive system before it can be absorbed. The Go Bananas Challenge follows the morning banana routine with a medley of 14 lunch and dinner recipes that combine lean chicken or fish with fresh Dole® fruits and vegetables, low-fat cheeses, wheat pasta, long-grain rice and salads.   While participants can choose among fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts for their daily afternoon snack, sugar-based desserts and alcohol are strictly off-limits. The plan also advocates that followers drink water only with

every meal, finish eating by 8 p.m. each day and go to bed by midnight.“Of course, those taking the Go Bananas 2-A-Day Challenge also benefit from the banana’s status as a super food. It doubles as an excellent source of vitamin B6 and a good source of potassium, fiber and vitamin C,” added Gillett.   Special dishes included in the plan range from Curried Spinach Soup and Warm Thaistyle Scallop and Mango Salad to Spinach and Chicken Stir Fry with Raspberries and Honey Mustard-glazed Salmon with Fruit Salsa.   For more information on the Dole Banana Diet, or Dole Bananas in general, including recipes, serving suggestions and nutritional information, go to You can also follow Dole Bananas on Facebook at Two popular recipes, Caribbean Black Bean and Fruit Salad and Pineapple Salsa Chicken, are featured in the sample meal plan. Remember that at least 8 ounces of water should accompany each meal.

Sample of a Day’s Menu Breakfast   2 Dole Bananas and 8 ounces of water Morning Snack   5 slices Dole Pineapple (3½ inches in diameter 3/4 inches thick) Lunch Caribbean Black Bean and Fruit Salad   1 can (15 ounces) black beans, drained   2 tablespoons prepared salsa   1 tablespoon chopped fresh cilantro   1 tablespoon finely chopped red onion   ½ teaspoon grated orange peel   1 tablespoon lime juice   ¼ teaspoon ground cumin

January 2011


1 ounce feta cheese, crumbled (optional)   1 large Dole Banana, sliced   1 Dole Orange, peeled and sliced     Combine beans, salsa, cilantro, onion, orange peel, lime juice and cumin in large bowl. Spoon onto lettuce lined platter. Sprinkle cheese on top of salad, if desired. Arrange banana and orange slices alongside of salad. Squeeze additional lime juice over bananas. Afternoon Snack  ¼ cup almonds

  ¼ cup Dole Pineapple juice  ½ cup finely chopped Dole Red Bell Peppers   ¼ cup finely chopped Dole Green Bell Pepper   1 tablespoon chopped Dole Green Onion   2 teaspoons chopped fresh cilantro or parsley   2 tablespoons chopped jalapeño chilies   Grill or broil chicken 5 to 10 minutes on each side or until chicken is no longer pink in the center. Combine pineapple chunks, juice, bell pepper, onions, cilantro and chilies in bowl. Serve salsa with grilled or broiled chicken.

Dinner Pineapple Salsa Chicken *May substitute 1 can (20 ounces) Dole Pineapple,   6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts chunked, drained. █   2 cups chunked, fresh Dole Tropical Gold Pineapple*

Check Out for more recipes. New courses are added weekly!

Also Check out our Lawn & Garden and Home & Life Styles. New Topics added every week.


January 2011

January 2011


Garden Play 18

January 2011

Growing Food Idoors By Charlie Nardozzi


hile it might be cold and blustery outside, there are a number of edible plants you can grow indoors. Some of my favorites are herbs. Growing herbs indoors successfully is all about selecting the right varieties and having the right conditions to grow them.   Here are some tips for growing herbs inside in winter!

Bringing Herbs Indoors • Window boxes filled with rosemary and parsley can be moved inside before freezing weather.   Some of my favorites to grow this way are parsley, rosemary and chives. There are a few things to keep in mind: • Don't worry about a few dropped leaves. Light levels in a house, even in a sunny window, are much lower than outside. Older, larger leaves will drop off and smaller, low-light-efficient leaves should form in their place. • Cut back on watering and fertilizing mature plants.

January January2011 2011

19 19

They don't need as much moisture or nutrients inside as they do outdoors.   Indoor herbs can be decorative as well as functional. Why not train a rosemary plant on a topiary frame for a whimsical look?

Starting New Herbs Although a sunny window looks bright in winter, the available light can be only 1/10th of what's needed for plants to grow properly. That's why it's best to grow herbs under grow lights. Select full-spectrum lights and leave them on for 12 to 14 hours a day. Keep the tops of the herbs close to the bulbs and the plants should thrive.   Grow seedlings in 3 to 4 inch diameter pots and use only sterilized potting soil mixes that are light and airy. Many culinary herbs require well-draining soils, so the lighter the soil the better.   Supplement the potting soil with a liquid fertilizer when watering. Use a half-strength formulation to encourage new growth. Water plants less often but more thoroughly and only when the soil is actually dry to the touch. Add water until it drains from the bottom of the pot. Keep the air temperature on the cool side (60° to 65° F) for the best growth.



January 2011

Varieties to Try These herb varieties have compact growing habits and pack a flavorful punch: • English mint (Mentha spicata) - Perhaps the best-behaved spearmint variety. • Spicy Globe basil (Ocimum basilicum minimum)- Dense, compact form of basil, 8 to 10 inches tall. The leaves are smaller than regular basil, but taste and smell great. • Blue Boy rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) - More compact and diminutive than standard rosemary, reaching a height of just 24 inches. Flowers freely and has excellent flavor. • Dwarf Garden sage (Salvia officinalis 'Compacta') - Smaller leaves and more compact than regular sage, growing only 10 inches high.   For more tips and garden information visit

  Charlie Nardozzi, a nationally recognized garden writer book author, speaker and radio and television personality, has appeared on HGTV, PBS and Discovery Channel television networks. He teaches and inspires home gardeners to grow the best vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees and shrubs in their yards. █

Give every baby a healthy start.


Husband's Dream

An older couple wakes up in the morning and the husband looks over at the woman and says, “Wow! You wouldn't believe the dream I had.”   And the woman replied, “Yes, go on tell me.”   So the husband told her. “I had a dream that you left me after 20 years of being married.”   So the wife says, “Oh, it sounds more like a nightmare.”   The husband says, “No, I am sure it was a dream.”


Dress for My Wif

e led judge of th z z u p e th d e and to “But why,” dem id you break in “d , im h re fo e ing b g?” burglar stand nights runnin e re th re o st ply. “I the same is,” was the re th e k li 's it , e g had to “Well, Jud my wife and I r fo ss re d a t picked ou e.” change it twic

The Lawyers


andwiches Two lawyers arri ve at the pub an d order a couple of drinks . They then take sandwiches from their briefc ases and began to eat. Seeing this, the angry publican approaches them and says, “E xcuse me, but yo u cannot eat your own sa ndwiches in here !” The two look at each oth er, shrug and exc hange sandwiches.

January 2011


Family time

Making Family Time a Priority (Family Features)


ith soccer practice, piano lessons, friends, homework, tests and more, there are countless activities that compete for time on the family calendar. With thoughtful planning, you can be sure that fun family time gets penciled in, too.   Karen Deerwester, family expert and author of “The Entitlement-Free Child: Raising Confident and Responsible Kids in a ‘Me, Mine, Now!’ Culture,” highlights the importance of scheduling family time. “Unite the family in the art of fun by planning weekly activities together,” Deerwester says. “When you do, you give your family the most precious gift of all – time together to laugh, enjoy one another and stay connected.”   Family time can serve as an escape from the demands and deadlines of life. It is an opportunity to make memories together


January 2011

based on fun and laughter. Depending on schedules and ages, there are many ways to get your family started.   Whether eating takeout or making a home-cooked dinner, bring your family together at mealtime. Sit at the table together and talk about the events of the day, the last vacation you shared or a favorite home video. Making meals an event at home creates an occasion for families to bond over everyday responsibilities.   When in the car with your children, don’t be drowned out by the radio or headphones. Keep the dial turned off and initiate conversations about school, friends, recent accomplishments or daily challenges. Your child will feel comfortable talking to you and will look forward to this special travel time together.   Board games and puzzles are another

way to bring together family members of all ages for moments of fun. The effort to spend merely 30 minutes playing games will be richly rewarded as playing board games together strengthens family relationships, sparks conversations and brings everyone together in silliness and laughter.     For the word fans in the family, try Scrabble Flash, a new game that pits

players against the clock to build as many three-to-five letter words as possible. Five tiles each display a letter and recognize formed words with WonderLink technology. It’s perfect for a moment of fun and excitement. Another updated classic, Sorry! Spin, unites the family with a new way to play the game of sweet revenge. This edition features a rotating game board which makes getting

January 2011


“Home” more unpredictable and fun than ever before and engages players on every move, making it anyone’s game to win.   “Family Game Night builds powerful family connections and creates a family identity based on fun, laughter, shared interests and individual strengths,” Deerwester says. “This is the time to tell the kids that you really want to spend time with them to simply have fun.”   Make sure building a relationship as a family doesn’t take the backseat this year and schedule time for your family. Your children will thank you for it.   For more family time tips, visit Or, keep updated via Twitter @familygamenight and on familygamenight.

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January 2011

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n i a t n i a M Healthy Habits d n u o R Year

Tex Mex Stuf fed Peppers

  12 ounces 96 percent lean groun d pork   ½ cup water   6 tablespoon s couscous   4 large red, or ange or yellow bel l pepper a combination   3/4 cup prepar ed salsa, plus mor e for servin (opti onal)   1 cup frozen corn, thawed   2 teaspoons chili powder   Salt and pepper   ¼ cup shredd ed reduced-fat ch eddar, Monterey jack or M ex ic an blen d cheese

(Family Features)

According to the National Pork Board’s “Healthy Habits 2011” survey, while 60 percent of dieters have made a healthrelated resolution, sticking to that goal will be harder than quitting smoking or even winning the lottery.   Luckily, finding nutritious foods, like pork, which taste great and can help you feel fuller longer, is a delicious recipe for longterm diet success. However, the survey also showed that seven out of ten people are not aware that incorporating lean pork into their diet can decrease distracting thoughts about food.   “One of the keys to weight management is managing hunger,” said Dr. Heather Leidy, currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at the University of Missouri. “There is a growing body of evidence that suggests increasing the amount of lean protein, like pork, in your diet can help


January 2011

decrease distracting thoughts about food to help you achieve long-term healthy eating goals.”   Here are a handful of tips to help you control your appetite: • Choose cuts of pork that come from the loin – including chops and roasts – and 96 percent lean ground pork, which are the leanest cuts of pork available. • Think about meal frequency. A recent study, published in the journal “Obesity,” suggests that sitting down to eat a real meal three times a day may be a better strategy for weight loss than grazing on several smaller “mini-meals.” • In addition to protein, look for foods high in fiber like fruits, vegetables and whole grains to help keep you fuller.   For more information, including recipes to help you maintain a healthy diet yearround, visit or


rs or


00°F. Preheat oven to 5 h heat, eat over medium-hig an p ce u sa l al r, remove from h ve co   In sm s, u o sc u co boil. Stir in bring water to a s. irring at least 5 minute eat, cook pork, st h h ig -h m iu and set aside for d e m utes. large skillet over ink, about 4 min p r e g n lo o   Meanwhile, in n l ti n and breaking it up, u ps from peppers to ve o m occasionally and re , g in uscous is soften   Also, while co d chili powder. s. Set aside. an d e rn se co t u a, o ls e sa p , ra rk sc us, po . combine cousco ith pork mixture w rs e p p e p ll Fi   In large bowl, ste. minutes. and pepper to ta and bake for 10 an Season with salt p g in ak der b w in a shallo l peppers are ten ti n u g in ak b e Arrange peppers u ntin se on top and co s.   Sprinkle chee , about 5 minute h g u ro th d e at u like. e on the side if yo and stuffing is h a ls sa al n io it d turated Fat: 2g; ith ad Sa ; w 6g rs e t: p Fa p e 0; p 28 e : rv es   Se : Calori in: 26g; Fiber: 5g ation per Serving te o rm Pr fo ; In g l a 55 n s: io te it ra tr u   N Carbohyd Sodium: 470mg; ; g m 55 l: o er st le o Ch

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January 2011

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