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“No Tea Bags Allowed”   Reading tea leaves to predict your future is as simple as making tea. Using tea leaves to brew your tea, drink the tea straight.  Then, when you empty the cup, pick the cup up in your left hand and drain out the remaining tea.  If you are a woman turn the cup counterclockwise upside down over the saucer three to seven times.  If you are a man, turn the cup clockwise.  Now look at the bottom of the cup, as well as its sides and at the top.  Keep the handle pointing south at all times while reading the leaves.   Leaves that stay on the bottom mean that you are to experience deep sorrow in the future.  Any leaves in the middle predict the next few days.  Leaves at the top of the cup are immediate.   Look closely at the leaves.  Do you detect an image of something?  The following are just a few images you could see and their meaning: snake [temptation is coming your way], mouse [financial woes], rat [danger], horse [a new lover], goat [misfortune], spider [luck is coming your way], hen [your wife is pregnant], peacock [getting real estate], hammer [triumphant], ladder [get ready to travel], scissors [you will be in a fight], steeple [disappointment], umbrella [troubles are coming], apple [a long life], acorn [better health is on the way], and a clock showing the time of 7:00 or 9:00 [death in the family].  However, a clock showing midnight means prosperity.   Good luck if in one reading you show a horse, a hen and scissors.

rose out of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Troubles heaped upon the United States as World War III almost wiped out the Land of the Free.   Those were very troublesome times back in 1999-2000.  The newspapers and radio stations carried the stories nightly, as television newscasters blamed the Republicans and Democrats, depending on what station was on.  Food was rationed and Mexico sent troops to protect their borders from invading Americans trying to escape their radioactive land.   Wait a minute.  None of this ever happened.  Perhaps Cayce had a nightmare instead of a dream that night?

“The AntiChrist?”    Self-proclaimed prophetess Jeane Dixon told how she envisioned Queen Nefertiti, of ancient Egypt, revealing that a child from the Middle East, born around 7:00 AM on February 5, 1962, would become a world leader who would bring the world into one faith by 2001.  The person is 48 years old now.  He is probably rechecking his time schedule.

“Bird Brained Romans”   Roman prophets, known as augurs, would try to predict the future in various ways. One way was to place their alphabet on the ground.  Grains would be placed on each letter. The augurs sat back in hiding and awaited birds to alight and eat the grain.  Later in the day, the augurs would write down the letters that still had grain on them.  The gods answered their questions by the letters left behind.  All the augurs had to do was to interpret the answer by rearranging the letters into a meaningful message.  Thus was the beginning of Scrabble.

“World War III”   Edgar Cayce, known as the “Sleeping Prophet,” is supposed to have made many predictions that came true. One time in a dream, Cayce saw New York City devastated.  Nebraska had become the new west coast as earthquakes had destroyed the land area we currently know as the West Coast.  Alabama has been partially destroyed by the Gulf of Mexico.  Most of Japan had vanished due to the rising oceans.  New lands

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