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Trivia by David Easter

Prophecy “The Prophecy of the Titanic” One gloomy night in April, in the year 1898, the largest luxury passenger ocean liner of its day struck an iceberg. The ocean became an icy blue graveyard in a few hours, the dead bloated from sea water, dying due to the lack of the proper number of lifeboats on board.  Most of the 2,500 men, women and children perished needlessly.     But wait!  This is not the Titanic.  This is a synopsis from the novel THE WRECK OF THE TITAN by an unsuccessful British writer, Morgan Robertson, whose book was published more than a decade before the horrid events of April 14, 1912, the day the British passenger ocean liner, the Titanic, sank after hitting an iceberg. The main reason so many perished that night was the lack of enough lifeboats.     Coincidence, or did Robertson have a special insight, a premonition, a prophecy?  You have to decide, but decide wisely.  Your fate may depend on it.

“The Man in the Mirror”   The nearby clock tower strikes its haunting chimes twelve times...the witching hour. A lonely woman stirs from under her bed sheets, lighting a candle that casts a jagged shadow of her upon the curtains.  She sits in front of her mirror, apprehensions settling in as uncertainty is replaced by fear.  The candle is lifted up to her shoulder, the flame macabre dancing from the open window’s draft.  The candle is almost dropped from her ivory hand as her face turns ashen...for there in the mirror, looking over her shoulder, is the face of a man.   In American lore, a woman is supposed to be able to predict who she will marry if she looks in a mirror on Halloween night at the stroke of midnight.  In the mirror will be the face of her future husband.  If you are already married and you still see a face when you look in a mirror, you better call the police.

“Finding an Appealing Person”


  In colonial days, a woman who wished to find out the initials of her future husband would peel a potato or an apple without breaking the skin. She would then throw it over her shoulder and let the unbroken peel fall on the ground.  The peeling would reveal the initials of her beloved or reveal that she has a pretty good imagination to read English letters out of that.    

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