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finding customers, not just having a website because it is “neat”.   The next thought many small business owners will have is that their town is too small, no one is searching for services here. That is also not true and will be changing rapidly. The US government has approved a 7.2 billion stimulus package to drive broadband Internet access into rural America. This means that the way people access and use the Internet in these areas will change drastically. If your business is not prepared, those “corporate guys” will take business away because they show up in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Being small and rural does not matter anymore. Whether you are in New York City or Kearney, Nebraska the Internet is the Internet and people can find your competitors without having to drive to their doorstep.   Here are some things to think about as you realize that having a presence online that actually draws targeted viewers looking for your service or product is important: • Targeted Traffic - Here is the best analogy to explain this: Shotgun vs. Rifle. Think of newspapers and radio as the shotgun approach and targeted web traffic as a rifle. How you get that targeted traffic is the more complicated part. But it has been proven many times that targeted traffic converts at a much higher rate than traffic results from the shotgun approach • Search Engine Optimization – “SEO” is the typical way this is said. SEO is the process of building your website in a way that draws the targeted visitors to your business presence online. Think about this, if the front door to your business is locked no one can get in. If your site is not optimized, the front door might as well be locked. • Domain Name Selection - This is VERY important, it is not as simple as just going to and picking a name. It is important to select something that describes your business and if possible be rich in words that describe what you are doing. This helps gain the targeted traffic that is discussed above. In many cases it is worth the effort and money to acquire this domain name from a third party who may own the name currently. You selected your physical space based on location; shouldn’t you also choose the best possible location for your online presence? • Call To Action - Once they get to your website you need to make sure they take action to contact you or buy your product. Your site needs to be developed in a way that urges them to do this. This is most often the piece that is overlooked when developing a site along with SEO.   After spending time with small business owners, in both large and small towns and cities, it very common to hear the comment “My (insert family member here) is building my website.” In almost all cases the site has been done in a way that is not optimized and will never have a visitor because

the site was not used as a marketing tool but simply as an item that was “neat”. It is important that you understand that your website is as important to your business presence as the sales people you have working with customers or the office space you have. It is your face to the public, but if no one ever sees it because it is hidden in a crowd, it does not matter if it is “pretty and nice looking”. You must optimize your web presence starting with the selection of your domain name and ending at the call to action to act once they get there.   For more information feel free contact us and ask how you can help prepare your business to gain customers from targeted, effective, online marketing solutions from Localtek, LLC. Thanks, Bruce Marler and Joe Caldwell Co-Founders Localtek, LLC Office: 800-647-2909

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