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We haven’t read the whole book with a dietitian make sure they at least got all the principles well it's a great point connect I follow up on that so you really can approach it two ways so if you want them to follow it the ornishthat you clearly have to house them and feed them right and so if it works then you have to promise it will work for everyone who's willing to be housed and fed but if you really say this is a popular book I’m on the new York times bestseller list a million people about this book and they Ketone Advanced didn't get that kind of help then this is addressing the concerns of those people if you buy this book from a bookstore and try to follow it this is what's likely to happen ones more of a controlled way to answer that address the question and one is more practical and more public health oriented. We picked the public health oriented approach but they're both important questions they’re both entirely valid they just different questions so we picked this way prior to all the studies that I showed you almost all the studies that were out there reviewed by Alan Marjorie Friedman and the biggest complaint was they were all housed in given all their food so it's hard to understand what the general public would be able to-do the same kinds of acts. But those studies are actually they are short term closely monitored okay so let me show you a little twist that’s really funny it just took away part of my silence vacuous it's back did you see that doesn't need to empress fast thing I think that's ever happened before okay so for one look especially in the beginning back is that isn't just lowered carbohydrate its own carbohydrate and higher in protein so I bring that your attention now

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