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– The special education industry is as diverse and varied as the mainstream student population, if not more so. Students work hard to adapt their methodologies in order to compensate for a variety of learning styles in the classroom.

– It can be easy to lose motivation when you work with such a challenging population, but the teachers and other professionals who truly love what they do see the special education program as a happy challenge.

– If one were to think of special education as a regular classroom they would be incredibly wrong. The main difference between a special education classroom and a mainstream one is that teachers in special education need to be drastically more flexible.

– Add into this mix the fact that many students have medical conditions, and distractions and interruptions are as predictable as the weather. That is why patience and understanding is important for a special education teacher.

Annette lambeth, patience in special education  

Annette Lambeth, researches the best learning styles of US teachers so that they can ultimately help their students better.

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