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‘YOUR INSPIRATION’ for creating gourmet every day… Gourmet Inspiration

“Where Every Day is Gourmet!”

What makes us unique?


Baking Spices


Chocolate Powders


Coffee Syrups


Teas 7 Sugars 8 Dip Mixes


Vinegars & Oils


Couscous Blends


Peppers and Sea Salt


Rubs 15 Seasonings 16

Kitchen Inspiration Bakeware 20 Measuring Cups & Spoons


Cookware 22 Café Accessories


Kitchenware 24 Knives & Accessories

Welcome, be our Guest! Our motto seems almost impossible in the real world, doesn’t it? Many of us simply stare into the pantry and hope for some inspiration for our next meal. That’s where we come in - to provide you with simple yet gourmet, easy-to-do recipes and tips. We show you how to make the everyday cooking you already know how to do, into gourmet dishes, simply by adding one of our delicious seasonings or dip mix blends. It couldn’t be easier with Your Inspiration At Home! What you hold in your hands isn’t just a collection of fun kitchen gadgets and gourmet food, but an invitation too! We hope you’ll consider hosting your own home demonstration and introduce everyone you know to some inspiration in the kitchen. Our latest catalogue and new product offerings have taken our business opportunity to a new level in direct sales! We are one of the most talked about and fastest growing direct sales companies in Australia. Be among the first to take advantage of an exciting opportunity which is sure to enrich your life. Join us as we inspire Australians to make Every Day Gourmet! It’s a recipe for success which you won’t want to miss out on! Wishing you all the best!


Servingware 27 Graters, Choppers & Slicers


Colleen Walters CEO, Founder

Recipes 30

Cover shot: Coriander Lime Prawns marinated in our ‘Louisiana Creole’ Dip Mix. See Dip Mix range on p.10 and recipe on page 30.

GourmetInspiration Gourmet Inspiration What makes us unique? Exclusive products Our Gourmet Inspiration food range is exclusive to ‘Your Inspiration at Home’ and includes our large selection of international spices, dip mixes, oils, vinegars, meat rubs, coffee syrups, teas and sugars. Quality ingredients Our Gourmet Inspiration range is: • manufactured in Australia; • gluten-free; • no MSG; • low in salt; • no preservatives; and • no anti-caking agents. We are committed to quality products and ingredients – only the best will do! Producing gourmet, every day In keeping with our motto “where every day is gourmet”, our products are developed to inspire our customers to create easy, stylish and delectable meals, in a fraction of the time. Create your own inspired meals or try one of the recipe ideas, developed by our Inspired Consultants - all part of our mission to make every day gourmet - for you!


Baking Spices & Chocolate Powders Baking Spices Country Bake Apple Pie Perfect for apple pies, baking biscuits and sprinkling on ice cream. #265 70g


Pumpkin Pie Perfect for pumpkin pie, baking muffins and fruit cake. #274 70g


When baking, follow directions. When cooking, go by your own taste Laiko Bahrs

Chocolate Powders – new! We’re proud to bring you our gourmet range of ‘I Love Drinking Chocolates’ - a selection of blissful flavours to enjoy from drinks to desserts. Serve hot, cold or as a flavour boost to desserts. Yummy!


Premium Chai

Because it really adds a subtly hot spice to delicious chocolate!

A blissful and easy way to enjoy the great taste of Chai!

#486 200g



Choc Mint

White Chocolate

A deliciously refreshing choc mint taste sensation!

Use in your favourite desserts and as a deliciously indulgent drink!

#504 200g


Milk Chocolate Traditional chocolate flavour – works well served hot or cold. For a twist, magical in martinis! #480 200g


#526 200g


#516 200g


Tasty tips

Our chocolate powders are perfect for making Panna Cotta, Mousse or simply as a warm drink at the end of the night!

Chocolate is the answer. Who cares what the question is Author Unknown

Yummy recipe! Chocolate Panna Cotta

page 30


Coffee Syrups Chai Welcome to our exclusive Caramel Use in caramel lattes or to make the Use it like you would with any range of delicious coffee perfect crème caramel. Blend with a delicious Chai latte. Simply add syrups. These flavoured shot of coffee, ice and cold milk for a to warm milk, stir and enjoy the syrups have been crafted to delicious ice caramel mocha. fragrance and great Chai taste. enhance your coffee, add #550 750ml $17.95 #559 750ml $17.95 dazzle to your desserts and Irish Cream to inspire you to create so Hazelnut Love it as a topping for caramel tarts Love it in Irish Coffee cake. much more! or poached pears. Makes a wicked hazelnut mousse. Go all hazelnutty for your favourite latte. #566 750ml


Create the perfect non-alcoholic Irish Coffee. Drizzle it decadently over ice cream. #554 750ml


Vanilla Love it in vanilla lattes. Makes a dazzling dessert topping. Absolutely sensational in vanilla crème brulee. #549 750ml

Tasty tips

A simply delicious and easy dessert – drizzle your favourite coffee syrup over ice-cream!



Teas Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage

Catherine Douzel

Persian Nights Using your favourite tea pot Hawaiian Hibiscus Bliss A soothing natural Pacific Island blend A voyage back through time to the or infuser, add 1 teaspoon of white peony tea with the exotic exotic with organic jasmine tea artfully of tea leaves for each cup flavours of honeybush and hibiscus, blended with fragrant rose petals and of boiling water. Allow the citrus and fragrant spearmint. a hint of orange peel. Beautiful as an iced tea or summer fruit punch. flavours to develop for #529 50g $19.95 #548 88g $25.95 3-5 minutes before enjoying. Add sugar or honey if desired. Moroccan Mint Russian Orange Exotica A North African favourite mixing the subtle fragrance of green tea and spearmint, peppermint, cinnamon and liquorice. #2061 48g


An aromatic blend of organic tea with the spiciness of orange and ancient Silk & Spice Route flavours – cinnamon, ginger and cloves. #543 100g


* All our teas can be reused up to 3 times per day


Sugars Our beautiful sugars are a stylish addition to your favourite sweet treats. Simply add to your baking mixture or use to decorate your cakes and biscuits. A winning combination guaranteed to make your treats stand apart from the rest. Chai Spice

Sweet Orange

Perfect for pastries, breads or as an exotic addition to gingerbread, cakes and biscuits.

Perfect for cocktail glass toppers, shortbread, syrup for pavlova and fruit salads or mix with tea. Blend with melted chocolate for orange flavoured chocolate icing.

#229 130g


#226 130g




Perfect for cocktail glass toppers, desserts, cupcakes, meringues and lavender ice-cream. Blend with melted chocolate for lavender flavoured chocolate icing.

Perfect for cocktail glass toppers, shortbread cookies, pavlova, cake decorations, cheesecakes, muffins, coffee and tea.

#211 130g


#206 130g


Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Coincidence? I think not! Author Unknown

Rose Perfect for champagne flute toppers, desserts, cupcakes, meringues and rose sugar donuts. #241 130g



Host Inspiration Have us at your place If you enjoy good food, good times with friends and like to have fun, then host a ‘Good Taste’ demonstration and let us bring the party to you. Our Inspired Consultants make it easy for you to have a great time catching up with family and friends, as well as receiving your ‘must have’ products at half-price or even free when hosting your own ‘in home’ tasting demonstration. We have all tastes covered. From High Tea Temptations to BBQ Brilliance; from Tasty Everyday Dinners to Cocktails at Sunset – tell us what you like and we can tailor a demonstration to suit your interests.

Your Host Rewards Your ‘Good Taste’ demonstration

Free Product Value^

Half-Price Items

Host a $1,500 demonstration and receive

A minimum of $225 in free products (15% of the value of sales)


Host a $1,000 demonstration and receive

A minimum of $150 in free products (15% of the value of sales)


Host a $750 demonstration and receive

A minimum of $75 in free products (10% of the value of sales)


Host a $500 demonstration and receive

A minimum of $50 (10% of the value of your Demo sales)


Host a $200* demonstration and receive

A minimum of $20 (10% of the value of your Demo sales)


Information coming soon...

*Hosts of Demos with less than $200 worth of sales still qualify for 1 half-price item (a saving of up to $42.50) ^ Free Product Value is based on Demo sales excluding Half-Price Items and Booking Bonus Sales. Free Product Value must be taken as full retail price product and cannot be applied to half-price items, booking bonus sales or discounted products.


be greatly rewarded with Monthly Host Only Booking Specials for demonstrations booked within the next 45 days following your demonstration; and

as an ongoing loyalty bonus, qualifying Hosts will also receive 10% off of personal purchases with your Inspired Consultant over the next 12 months!

Your Future Talk to your Inspired Consultant to find out how to turn your ‘Good Taste’ demonstration into the start of your own business by using the Host Rewards to reduce the price of your own Business Kit. Come and join the ‘Your Inspiration at Home’ family and help us to inspire others to make every day – gourmet!

“When I hosted a Good Taste Demonstration, the reaction to the products was so positive and my friends were so excited, they all began exchanging recipe ideas. I was so inspired I have now become a Consultant. With the positive support, training and communication that is available to assist me in achieving my goals, I am excited about what lays ahead.” Kim Fisher, Brisbane


Dip Mixes Treat your tastebuds – gourmet style – with this internationally inspired range. In their simplest form, each blend combines with everyday ingredients to create an irresistible dip in seconds. Developed and produced in Queensland, your favourite ‘Inspiration Dip Mix’ can also be used to season meats, chicken, fish, salad dressings, cream cheese, oils, vinegars, pastas, vegetables and breads. And best of all - our dip mixes are gluten free, have no MSG, no preservatives and are low in salt! Bay of Bengal Curry A unique curry blend packed with flavour and perfect for dips, sauces and curries. Spice up chicken, potatoes and eggs. You will love it! TIP: This smooth curry is beautiful when mixed into an apricot chicken or for a delicious chicken (or vegetarian) curry pie.


#1119 120g

Classic Olde World Herb & Garlic A versatile blend combining the fresh flavour of basil and oregano with the rich spiciness of chives and garlic. TIP: Rub on your roast before cooking, add flavour to a quiche, blend with butter to make your own herb bread or re-chill the herb butter to top your steak, fresh off the BBQ! #1110 100g


– new!

The colour of this dip alone is enough to make it the hit of the party! Use in salad dressings, coleslaw and potato salads. #476 150g



Country Style Roasted Onion


– new!

Use with 1 Avocado and 2/3 cup sour cream for a great guacamole dip or add to a potato salad or creamy salad dressing. Tip: Add one small diced tomato to the avocado. #468 130g


La Parisienne Dijon & Tarragon An exciting blend of herbs and spices perfect for French-style dips and sauces. Use on poultry, fish and in stuffing.

The mouth-watering taste of slowroasted onions in an easy-to-use, versatile blend. No more onion tears! TIP: Marinate chicken with dip mix and lemon juice. Grill and shred, then TIP: Simply add Roasted Onion serve with oven roasted tomatoes Dip Mix to make your meat balls, and onion, tossed with lettuce leaves, hamburgers or rissoles gourmet! finished with a drizzle of our ‘Barrel #1115 90g $15.95 Aged Balsamic Vinegar’. #1105 130g


Louisiana Creole Spicy, hot and full of flavour! Great for Creole Cuisine including Jambalaya, Cajun BBQ and blackened dishes. Spice up a potato salad or mix with lime juice and prawns and grill on the BBQ. TIP: Our cover shot says it all! See recipe on page 30. This dip mix has a real kick, so best to go easy with it until you become familiar with its hotness! #1127 120g


Mediterranean Dill and Onion The perfect blend for potatoes, fish, home-made creamy dressings and classic tzatziki sauce. TIP: Simmer in pan with cream and garlic and drizzle over grilled fish. Heaven! #1114 90g




– new!

Perfect for medium to hot spicy tomato salsas with that homemade flavour! Authentic Mexican zest for sauces, chicken and fish. Tip: Combine 2 tablespoons of mix with 2 cups of freshly diced tomatoes! #523 140g

George Bernard Shaw


Tuscan Style Capsicum Pesto Classic Italian flavours with the subtle warmth of roasted capsicum. For pasta, chicken, bruschetta, dips and sauces. TIP: Toss through hot pasta, add olives and parmesan cheese for an easy and delicious lunch or dinner. Serve hot or cold. See our famous ‘Warm Artichoke Cobb Loaf’ recipe on page 30. #1117 120g

There is no love sincerer than the love of food

Yummy recipe! Bay of Bengal Curry Chicken Pie page 30



Vinegars & Oils We’re proud to bring you our exclusive Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar collection. The finest ingredients have been selected to complement our gourmet range and to leave a deliciously lingering taste.

Balsamic Vinegars Barrel Aged Balsamic Vinegar



Vanilla & Cinnamon

Simply perfect as an easy dipping sauce for crusty bread. Mix with your favourite Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a delicious vinaigrette or marinade.

Simply perfect as a glaze when pan frying or grilling chicken or fish. Dress with fresh berries and serve with ice cream. Mix with our Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make a perfect vinaigrette.

Simply perfect as a dressing over roast vegetables or in rice salads. Ideal to dress fruity desserts. Mix with our Lemon Extra virgin Olive Oil to make a delightful vinaigrette.

Simply perfect as a glaze for chicken or lamb. Mix with our Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil to create a delicious vinaigrette.

#595 250ml


#596 250ml


Extra Virgin Olive Oils Premium

Simply perfect to add a spicy zing to stir fries and sauces or as a stunning marinade for prawns, chicken or a steak on the BBQ. Combine with our Barrel Aged Balsamic Vinegar for a starter with a kick!

Simply perfect as a dip with crusty breads, drizzled over salads or blended with Gourmet Inspiration Balsamic Vinegars to create vinaigrettes and marinades.


#570 250ml



Truffle Flavoured

Simply perfect for Mediterranean style dishes. Adds a rich garlic flavour to salads, prawns, roast vegetables and when brushed on focaccia. Mix with our Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar for a beautiful combination to enjoy with bread.

Simply perfect adding the taste of rich, authentic Truffles to eggs, roasted vegetables, pasta and seafood. Adds a special touch to your favourite mashed potatoes.

#579 250ml


Lemon Simply perfect as a zesty lemon base superb with fish or chicken. Try it as a marinade with our Aussie Roast Seasoning on barbequed lamb. Mix with our Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar for a unique blend and flavour. #578 250ml




#592 250ml


#589 250ml

#598 250ml



#602 250ml


Main... Fish wrapped in pancetta and drizzled with Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well

Virginia Woolf

Yummy recipes! page 30

Sweets... Strawberry Tart with Vanilla and Cinnamon Balsamic Vinegar


Couscous Blends Mediterranean The ‘Your Inspiration at This is already a favourite amongst Home’ range of couscous the ‘Your Inspiration’ Consultants. blends are also perfect Fantastic mixed in with couscous to use in risotto, pilaf and fresh vegetables or even used or quinoa. Use as a side dish to season risotto! Serve with lamb, beef, chicken or fish, seasoned with or as a meal by itself! our ‘Greek Seasoning’ or with our ‘Mediterranean Dill and Onion Dip Mix’ or a Tzatziki Sauce. #977 120g



This blend also works well when mixed with cooked lentils, chick peas or fresh vegetables. Serve Moroccan flavoured couscous with a tajined lamb, beef, chicken or fish, cooked with our Marrakesh Bazaar Moroccan Seasoning.

This is a medium – hot blend inspired by Harissa and contains nuts. Perfect when mixed into cooked lentils, chick peas and fresh vegetables. Perfect accompaniment to our Berbere or Ras El Hanout seasoned lamb, beef, chicken or fish.

#944 180g


#956 180g



Tasty tips

Mix 2/3 cup boiling water with 1 teaspoon of butter or olive oil and ½ cup Couscous. Add 2 teaspoons of mix and stir in. Cover and let stand for 3-5 minutes. Stir with a fork until fluffy.


Peppers, Sea Salt & Rubs Peppers & Sea Salts Australian Sea Salt

Black Peppercorns

All natural and great for use in place of table salt.

For maximum flavour, grind just before use.

#744 300g


#743 180g


Four Pepper Blend A medley of peppercorns, each with a unique flavour. As beautiful to look at as they are to taste. #1267 160g


Garlic Pepper An aromatic seasoning with whole peppercorns and the rich spiciness of garlic ready to grind. #1275 170g


Rubs Fennel Spice

Texas BBQ

This French inspired spice blend perfectly balances to enhance and flavour all of your favourite fish and chicken dishes.

Hot, smoky and robustly delicious. Perfect for steak and wings! Marinate with a tomato base or use as a dry rub.

#459 80g


#445 90g


Grill Master Always passes the taste test! Use as a dry rub or simply mix with olive oil and baste your favourite meats for the perfect BBQ flavour. #466 100g


Southern Onion From the Bayou, this great onion base is perfect for steak and burgers! Use as a dry rub or with oil and marinades. #456 90g



Seasonings Asian Stir-Fry

Greek Taverna

Jamaican Jerk

A delicate balance of the subtlety of Asian style herbs and the richness of sesame. Easy-to-use as a sprinkle or to marinate beef, chicken, fish and vegetables. Try a sprinkle on noodle salad – instant Asian style!

Fresh Mediterranean flavour. A unique blend with subtle garlic, onion and a hint of mint. Perfect partner for lamb – use as a marinade or rub. Delicious as a salad topper with a light olive oil or sprinkled on hummus.

All you need for delicious, authentic Caribbean flavour in a spicy, easy-to-use blend. The perfect combination for grilling and barbequing. Use as a rub or marinade. Adds great flavour to rice or steamed vegetables.


#1422 80g


#1478 60g

– new!

Aussie Roast

Herbs De Provence

The classic flavour of an Aussie roast at your fingertips in an easy-to-use, versatile blend. Perfect for lamb – use as a rub prior to cooking or add to basting juices. Delicious as a marinade with beef or chicken – try a sprinkle on potatoes.

A delicate blend of aromatic herbs and lavender that captures the essence of France. Perfect for creamy sauces, poultry and casseroles.


– new!

Indonesian Rendang

A warm, spicy, fragrant blend inspired by the earthy flavours of Ethiopia. Ideal as a rub for grilling or make into a paste for flavouring stirfries, soups and slow-cooked dishes including curries. Medium strength. #905 90g


- new!

Savoured in curry houses world-wide, Rendang captures the classic flavours of Indonesia. Usually made with beef, Rendang can also be used with chicken and lamb – best used for slow cooking to develop the richest flavours. #880 90g


– new!

Marrakesh Bazaar Moroccan

Ras El Hanout

A rich blend of exotic spices created for aromatic flavour. Use in slow-cooking with lamb, beef or chicken – try with couscous and lentils. Ideal combination for tajine, soups and stews.

A North African blend that means “top of the shop” as it uses the best spices on offer. Traditionally used to create a rich flavour to meats and stews.


#1471 90g


#1494 80g


#891 40g


#1479 90g

Madras Curry

- new!

Roma Italian

A classic blend from Southern India with rich flavours in a mild - medium, family-friendly curry. Enhances any curry including beef, seafood, chicken and vegetable. #939 90g


#943 90g


A bold combination for authentic Italian flavour. Adds fresh flavour to pasta sauces and bruschetta toppings. Sprinkle into pasta dough and bread mixes for a delightful homemade treat. #1459 60g


Casa Mexicana


Rich and spicy and HOT HOT HOT! The full-flavoured Mexican blend you’ve been waiting for. Heat up any Mexican style dish – start with just a sprinkle and add to taste. Add a fiery touch to salsa and guacamole – perfect topper for nachos.

With stunning colour and a tangy lemony flavour, this spice is one of the most versatile. Use as a marinade with chicken or lamb or mix with a light oil and yoghurt for a fresh, Lebanese style salad dressing.

#1503 80g



#745 90g


– new!

A tangy lemony, Middle Eastern blend with the toasty flavour of sesame. Ideal for dressings and dips or mix with light oil and brush on pita, pizza bases and chicken before grilling or baking. #809 80g



Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all Harriet Van Horne

Yummy recipe! Moroccan White Beans page 31


Your Inspirational Opportunity Help us to inspire others to make every day gourmet! We invite you to join our growing Inspired Consultant Team for as little as $199. New Consultants to “Your Inspiration at Home” have a rare opportunity to join our growing family in a time of unprecedented growth and development. Jump in at the “grass roots” and reap the rewards both now and later. Are these things important to you? Flexibility Freedom Rewards Good Food Discounted Quality Products Extra Income Well, they are to us! All you need is a love of good food, an interest in trying something new, a little bit of time and a passion for sharing great things with others. All of our Consultants are mentored in growing their business, wherever they are, through regular on-line training and a dedicated Team Leader.


Ask your Inspired Consultant for information on how to get started, or visit our website for more information –

Your Inspiration at Home is a proud provisional member of the Direct Sales Association of Australia.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined


Henry David Thoreau

Testimonials Diana Green, Townsville I love to experiment with my cooking and the products I found with Your Inspiration were... well... Inspiring! Also I wanted a business that allowed me to work around my family, especially my two daughters. The extra income that YIAH provided helped me to contribute towards our wedding. I love that I can combine my creativity in the kitchen with my work and that I can share my ideas and recipes with my customers.

Gen Latham, Brisbane I am thrilled to work with a company which prides itself on delivering such a diverse and unique range of gourmet foods and kitchen gadgets, all of which I am proud to demonstrate and use in my everyday cooking. I have achieved so much since joining YIAH almost a year ago, I can’t wait to see what the future holds and to see myself soaring to career highs I never dreamed possible.

Melissa Malone, Melbourne YIAH has allowed me to choose my own working hours plus experience the joy of sampling and cooking amazing gourmet food for people to enjoy while inspiring and training them to give it a go in their own homes.

Trish Winner, Perth I was looking at re-joining the workforce, after being a stay-at-home Mum for 15 years, but I wanted to be able to work around my family. Having no experience in direct sales, the training provided by YIAH, all done in your own home, was invaluable. The support given by everyone in the Team is amazing; everyone is more than happy to share their experiences, information and knowledge. This environment has allowed me to personally and professionally grow more than I could ever have expected.

KitchenInspiration Kitchen Inspiration Our products are sourced the world over to help make cooking fun, quick and easy, so you can spend more time enjoying great food in the company of friends and family. High quality, innovative designs and unique features are the essence of our Kitchen Inspiration range.


Bakeware Non-Stick Extendable Baking Sheet This commercial grade, non-stick bakeware is durable and functional. Its perforated sheet creates a crusty veneer on pizzas while the insides remain soft. It can be extended to slide into oven rack grooves. Extends from 36cm to 65cm x 37cm. #3921

Checkerboard Cake Pan

Cooling Rack 3 tier

Fill-In Springform Pan

The checkerboard layer cake looks fancy and hard to make, but it is surprisingly easy to make with this unique pan. Comes with recipes and instructions.

Save bench space and cool your cookies faster with this chromed steel, 3 tier cooling rack. You can also put baking paper on them to protect your bench top.

Create a perfect cavity ready to fill with glazed fruit, pudding, mousse or ice-cream. The spring latch securely holds form together offering a tight leak proof seal. Recipes included. Measures 25.5 cm and 7.5 cm high.







Silicone Pie Crust Shields

Professional Food Marker

When you place this shield on top of the pie crust before baking and leave on your pie throughout cooking time, it prevents spillage and protects your pie crust from burning. It allows your pie to rise in the middle. Heat resistant to 235째C. Food safe, dishwasher safe and will not stain or absorb odours.

Decorating pen makes decorating food and plates as easy as writing with a pen. Use your imagination to dress up plates, pastries and desserts with professional results. Removable nozzle for 2 different thicknesses. Refillable and easy to clean.







Silicone Springform Pan with Glass Base The removable silicone ring in this pan is perfect for cheesecakes, cakes and desserts. Glass base lets you bake, cut and serve on the same platter. Easy to clean, durable and non-stick. Heat resistant to 230째C #3939


Measuring Cups & Spoons Measure, Stir & Pour Cups

Powder, Sugar/Spice Spoon

Firm and flexible, squeeze sides together to form a spout for precise pouring. Heat resistant to 240°C. Smooth inside for easy, no spill pouring into any pan, mixer or narrow opening, textured outside for extra grip. Translucent for quick and easy measuring. Stable flat base. Dishwasher safe.

This sifter spoon dusts your delicacies with a sprinkle of the ‘Your Inspiration at Home’ flavoured sugars, chocolate powders or baking spices for an easy, flavourful finish. Stainless steel, curved, easy to hold handle and measures 12cm. Hand washing recommended.

2 Cup #3015 4 Cup #3016

$16.95 $27.95

Stainless Steel Measuring Scoops


Wonder Cups

Their stable, flat bottoms keep spoons in place with a nice long handle and an easy pour shape. Use for measuring wet and dry ingredients. # 3064

# 5534


Your Wonder Cup measures everything in teaspoons, tablespoons, mililitres, ounces and more. It allows you to go from solids to liquids to reduce mess and washing up. Dishwasher safe. 1 Cup #3045 2 Cup #3046

You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces - just good food from fresh ingredients

Julia Child

$16.95 $26.95


Cookware BBQ Branding Iron Impress your guests and personalise your steak or chicken. Brand your name, monogram, an expression or anything you can imagine. It comes with a complete alphabet with extra letters and spaces. #952


KRONA Stainless Steel Multi-Pots with Straining Lid The KRONA pots have a specially designed pour spout to drain liquid with ease. Simply turn the lid to seal in the steam or use the vent/drain holes. These pots have a Tri- Ply Encapsulated base for even heat distribution and includes a vented straining glass lid. 8 Cup / 1.9L #650 12 Cup / 3L #641

Nonstick Grill Pan

Silicone Bowls Set of 3

Silicone Expandable Trivet

Vertical Steamer/Cooker

This chunky pan has a thick, 6mm base for even heat distribution, non-stick surface for easy release and easy cleanup and a stay cool handle. For use with wooden or non stick utensils. Cooking surface 20cm square.

Squeeze the sides to pour with one hand and mix and scrape with the other hand.Pour into narrow mixers and food processors, cake moulds and containers. Smooth interior for easy pouring and cleaning and textured exterior for secure grip. Heat resistant to 260째C. Stable base, food safe, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Silicone expanding trivet folds down for easy storage and is high heat resistant to 240째C. Ideal for square, rectangular, round or oval dishes. Has a generous, non-slip surface and expands 4cm to 21.5cm. Food safe and dishwasher safe.

This beautiful, stainless steel steamer has a rack and vented tempered glass lid. Ideal for corn, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, asparagus, crab legs and other shellfish.





$69.95 $84.95






Café Accessories Melior Junior Tea Press 1L

Melior Club Choc Jug 1L

The elegant Melior Junior Tea Press works well with loose leaf tea and tea bags. Combine with one of the exclusive ‘Your Inspiration at Home’ teas (see p.7) and you have a perfect gift for yourself, family member or friend!

This stylish Melior chocolate jug is the perfect partner for the ‘Your Inspiration at Home’ range of delicious drinking chocolate. (See p.4). The unique manual blender mixes the chocolate powder and milk in a smooth way, producing froth without too much squirting. The handle and the jug are made of heat-resistant, borosilicate glass with the lid made of stainless steel and plastic with a silicone gasket for better tightness. All parts of dishwasher safe.

# 1844


# 1933

Melior Beaubourg Frother 100ml


Click-n-Sip Travel Mug

100% leakproof. One-handed, push-button operation opens and Enjoy the luxury of frothy milk for your latte or cappuccino in less than closes the spill proof cap. 360° 30 seconds. This Melior Milk Frother opening - sip from anywhere. Easy fill without removing lid. easily whips up your preheated Fits in most car cup holders. milk into airy foam that you and your guests will enjoy. The matt silk # 1739 $24.95 plastic lid has a deep rim to prevent foam from escaping through the spout and the plunger handle has a comfortable grip. When finished, every part of the milk frother can go into the dishwasher. # 1953

Scoop/Coffee Bag Clip


The tablespoon scoop features a built in clip to reseal coffee or tea bags for freshness and hold 11/2 tablespoons. Measures 19 cm long.

Ideal for 1 or 2 cups or teapots, this infuser is great for brewing loose tea leaves and is made of stainless steel. 14 cm long

# 5458


# 5552




Kitchenware Bamboo Pizza Paddle

Deluxe Garnishing Tool

Foaming Soap Pump

Crafted from natural bamboo, this pizza paddle is the traditional tool for sliding pizza in and out of an extremely hot oven. Paddle measures 35.5cm and handle is 20cm. This versatile solid bamboo board is handy as a cutting board or serving tray.

Features 8 precision crafted stainless steel blades for exquisite garnishing every time. Measures 18 cm long.

A liquid soap dispenser with a difference. Turns liquid soap to foam, decreasing the use of liquid soap by 75%. Saves you money and gentle on your hands. Great design with suction bottom - so no spills!







Grip-Ez Cake/Pizza Lifter

Oil Sprayer/Mister

Lift your cake/pizza onto serving platters in one piece. This stylish piece has a tapered edge with 15 cm handle.

Pump to use and air infused, this is a healthy alternative to cooking sprays. The filter helps separate herbs for a steady flow. Holds 90ml.





Pasta Drying Rack This traditional wooden drying rack is perfect for drying fresh homemade pasta. The rack has 8 arms that are angled so that they don’t interfere with each other while drying pasta and disassembles for easy storage. #1048



Popcorn Maker

Silicone Ice Pop Maker

This classic designed popcorn maker is made of non-rusting aluminium and its crank gears are metal with a wooden handle. You can use with or without oil. Capacity 3.8L.

Convenient design to ‘push up� treat as you eat. Clever conical shape lets you drink the last drops without a melted mess or drips. Lid securely holds ingredients. Silicone is flexible, reusable and dishwasher safe.





Tender Press

Taco Rack

Mini Tortilla Maker 2 pcs

Tortilla Press

By using a rolling motion the tenderpress meat tenderizer reduces tearing and eliminates meat juice splatter during tenderizing. Simply roll on meat for tenderizing, flattening or preparation for marinating any meat recipe. Dishwasher safe.

This functional rack provides a stable foundation for you to create your own delicious tacos, eliminates shell breakage and reduces prep and clean up time. 53 cm long. For presentation only.

Non stick coating makes them ideal for tortilla bowls or even bread for dips. Create moulded desserts, salads or terrines. Use as an edible basket to serve taco salads, salsa, dips.

This is a tradional press with excellent leverage and is great for large quantities. Just insert and with one press you have made a fresh tortilla.








Petite Tortilla Makers 4 pc

Tortilla Warmer Bake, heat and serve garlic and tortillas.The terracotta lid has a garlic shaped handle and a glazed base for shorter baking time and easy cleaning. #1064

# 1062


Non stick coating makes them ideal for tortilla bowls or even bread for dips. Create moulded desserts, salads or terrines. Use as an edible basket to serve taco salads, salsa, dips. #1067



Knives & Accessories ‘Your Inspiration at Home’ is pleased to introduce the KLEVE line of beautiful, high quality knives and accessories. The KLEVE range is exclusive to ‘Norpro’, a worldwide leading supplier of distinctive kitchenware. The knives below feature stainless molybdenum Vanadium steel with tapered grinding, stone finished blade and double bolsters for superb balance with comfortable ergonomic grip handles.

Knife Organiser Set 4 (a)

Knife Holder Magnetic (f)

Safely organize your knives in any drawer and keep fingers safe by orienting sharp edges down. This set protects blade edges from damage and works with all knife sizes and styles.

Our magnetic knife bar grips knives securely, yet easily releases knives, kitchen gadgets and tools. This stainless steel accessory features permanent, extra strength magnetism. Perfect for your kitchen, workshop or garage. Compact, convenient and practical.



Kleve Paring Knife (b)

# 1915



Blade measures 11cm.


# 1190

Kleve Utility Knife (c) Blade measures 11.5cm.


# 1191

Kleve Santoku Knife (d) Blade measures 14cm.


# 1197

Kleve Bread Knife (e) Blade measures 20cm.


# 1194








Butter Sauce Cups

Ceramic Butter Warmers

Perfect for serving sides of your favourite dipping sauces, dressings and butter.

Wonderful for butter and delicate sauces when serving seafood or vegetables, these ceramic dishes maintain the heat without scorching or curdling.

# 208


# 210


Stoneware - Stay Cool/Warm Dip Server Keeps hot or cold dips at perfect temperature. Simply fill the base with ice cubes or hot water with a removable inner bowl with dip. Then cover, store and keep fresh in the fridge. # 290


Tasting Cradle Pack of 6 The Tasting Cradle is an elegant way to serve your appetisers, making it easy for your Guests to pick up hors d’oeuvres and small bites easily, preventing messy fingers. Handle includes a built in toothpick holder. # 7496


I am thankful for the mess to clean after a party because it means I have been surrounded by friends Nancie J. Carmody


Graters, Choppers & Slicers Deluxe Fry Cutter/Fruit Wedger Garlic Zoom

Grate/Dispense /Store

Fry up french fries restaurant style without going out! The suction base keeps the cutter stable while in use. The fruit wedger easily cores and slices uniform sections. Includes steel cutters with 36 and 64 holes and an 8 segment fruit wedger.

Great for cheese, chocolate, spices and more. The built in grater with catcher has a squeezable dispenser on the end which allows for spreading directly from the catcher. Includes an airtight storage lid. Holds 3 cups.





Grinder/Mincer/Pasta Maker Ideal for meats, beans, nuts and vegetables. It comes with a coarse and fine mincing plate, including a sausage funnel and attachment. Includes 3 pasta attachments: rigatoni, spaghetti, linguini. Easy to clean, stainless steel blades and suction base with locking key. #151

Do a garlic wheelie. Simply peel, fill and roll. Stainless steel blades turn out perfectly chopped garlic from peeled cloves.



Grip-Ez Fruit Corers & Wedger Cores and slices fruit into eight even sections in one easy motion. The handles have a santoprene plastic coating to give you a firmer grip. Stainless steel blades measure 9 cm. Red #5111R White #5111W

$13.95 $13.95

Grip-Ez Slim Grater This clear, easy-to-see-through slim cheese grater has three surfaces: fine and medium on one side and coarse on the other. The non slip handle allows for a stronger grip and prevents hand fatigue. Slim style fits easily into drawers. The removable base allows you to easily catch, store and release food. Measures 23.5cm x 13cm x 6cm. #356


Nut & Chocolate Chopper

This grater slices, grates and shreds with ease. Ingredients can be sliced thin or thick with an easy adjustment. The safety holder and pusher keeps fingers free of blades while operating. Compact design allows for easy storage. Measures 6cm(H) x 19cm(L).

Will chop chocolate plus hard and soft nuts into small pieces. Lower glass compartment features measurements on the side. Stainless steel blades. Manual grinder works for both left and right handed users. 18.5 cm high.








Rasp Grater Fine (b) Creates fine, silky textures. Ideal for citrus zesting and hard cheese or use to puree moist ingredients such as ginger or cucumber. #296


Rasp Grater Parmesan (a)

Rasp Grater Coarse (c)

This ideal blade creates a fine mist of powdery parmesan cheese to cover your favourite foods. Also perfect for chocolate.

Release flavours with a coarse cut which gives a structured taste and texture, and retains more juice than a finer grater.








Onion Blossom Maker

Tomato Holder

Veggie Chopper

Make restaurant style fried onion blossoms at home. Includes an onion slicing guide, onion core remover and recipe as well as an instruction booklet. Durable and white plastic.

This tool cuts thin, even slices every time, even with the most ripest tomatoes.

No cords, no electricity. Chops large pieces of vegetables. Cuts herbs and boneless meats by hand with just a few pulls of the handle. Also doubles as a one bowl mixer for perfect pesto, salsas and pastes.

# 5143






Veggie Twister The Veggie Twister takes playing with your food to a whole new level. A simple twist creates endless spirals and spaghetti from carrots, cucumbers, zucchini and other vegetables. Great for the kids! #1520



I feel a recipe is only a theme, which an intelligent cook can play each time with a variation Madam Benoit

Recipes Chocolate Powders


Chocolate Panna Cotta (as featured on p.5)

for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, cut the top and inside portion of the sourdough loaf into cubes and bake in over for the final five minutes until just crisp on the outside. Arrange bread cubes around loaf and serve hot.

Coriander Lime Prawns (Cover feature)

Serves 4

Choc Orange Shortbread Biscuits (as featured on p.8)

Ingredients: • 2 chicken breasts coarsely chopped

This is a very simple recipe which your guests will love! Makes 4 Ingredients: • 300ml thickened cream • ¼ cup caster sugar • 2 tablespoons ‘Your Inspiration at Home’ Chocolate Powder • 2 teaspoons powdered gelatine • 300ml Greek Yoghurt Method: Place cream, sugar and chocolate powder in a saucepan and whisk gently over low heat until sugar dissolves. In a separate small container, pour in 2 tablespoons of boiling water, sprinkle gelatine powder on top and stir until gelatine dissolves. Add gelatine to cream mixture and stir. Take saucepan off heat and let mixture cool slightly. Whisk in yoghurt. Pour into wine glasses, tumblers or ramekins and refrigerate for 2-4 hours. Variation: If you would like to make the milk and white chocolate Panna Cotta’s featured on page 5, just make half the mixture using the milk chocolate powder first. Let set for two hours, then make remaining mixture with white chocolate powder and pour carefully on top of half-set milk chocolate mixture and refrigerate! This dessert is one which will certainly get ‘oohs’ and ‘aaahs’ at your next get together with friends!

Make shortbread biscuits using your favourite recipe. Melt some chocolate and dip shortbread biscuit half-way in. Place on baking paper to set. Sprinkle with your favourite ‘Your Inspiration at Home’ flavoured sugar.

Cupcakes Mix up your favourite cupcake recipe. Substitute normal sugar with the ‘Your Inspiration at Home’ flavoured sugar, or mix some flavoured sugar in with icing.

Dip Mixes Warm Artichoke Cobb Loaf

• 1 tablespoon of ‘Bay of Bengal Curry’ Dip Mix Serves 4 Ingredients: • 20 large raw prawns

• 1 cup whole-egg mayonnaise • 1 can artichoke hearts, drained and finely chopped • ¾ - 1 cup grated Parmesan cheese • 2 tablespoons of ‘Tuscan Style Capsicum Pesto’ Dip Mix Hollow out sourdough loaf and place on a baking tray. Keep the inside portion for later. Mix remaining ingredients and pour into hollowed out sourdough shell. Bake at 180°C

• 150g frozen peas and corn

• 1/3 cup lime juice

• ½ cup white wine (optional)

• 3 garlic cloves, crushed (use your Garlic Zoom, p.28)

• ½ cup chicken stock (or 1 cup if not using wine)

• ½ cup ‘Your Inspiration at Home’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil

• 150g button mushrooms, finely chopped

• 1 tomato – peeled, seeded and diced • 2 tablespoons roughly chopped coriander

Mix together half the lime juice, olive oil and garlic, with the ‘Louisiana Creole’ Dip Mix. Add the prawns, toss to coat then cover and marinate in refrigerator for 30 minutes.

• 1 round sourdough loaf

• 1 carrot roughly chopped • 1 sheet ready rolled puff pastry, cut into 4 pieces

Peel the prawns, leaving tails on. Cut prawns in half lengthways.


• 1 leek finely sliced, or 1 small onion finely chopped

• 3 teaspoons of ‘Louisiana Creole’ Dip Mix (more if you like it hot!)




Bay of Bengal Curry Chicken Pie (as featured on p.11)

Meanwhile, mix the remaining olive oil, lime juice and garlic in a bowl with the diced tomato and coriander to make the dressing. Drain the prawns and cook on a hot, lightly oiled barbecue grill for 1-2 minutes on each side, or until cooked through. Brush with marinate if desired. Spoon a little of the dressing over the prawns and serve individually in our ‘Tasting Cradles’ (p.27) or in ramekins.

• 1 tablespoon ‘Your Inspiration at Home’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil • ½ cup sour cream • 1 tablespoon plain flour or cornflour (optional) • 1 egg, lightly whisked Method: Preheat oven to 220°C. Place leek or onion and oil in a frying pan and cook until softened. Add chopped chicken and cook until lightly browned. Add wine and/or chicken stock, carrot and ‘Bay of Bengal Curry’ Dip Mix’, cover and simmer for 10 minutes. Add mushrooms, peas, corn and cream. Cover and simmer for another 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Thicken with flour if required. Spoon the chicken mixture among 4 x 375ml ovenproof dishes. Brush the edges with egg and top each pie with a pastry square. Brush the top of each pie with remaining egg. Place the dishes on a baking tray and bake in oven for 15-20 minutes or until pastry is golden. Serve immediately with chunky fries or a fresh garden salad drizzled with your favourite ‘Your Inspiration at Home’ Balsamic Vinegar.

Variation: Instead of serving this dish as a main meal, omit the carrot, peas and corn. Spoon the chicken mixture into pre-baked puff pastry cases and bake for 10 minutes. This is a delicious canapé for any get together with a lovely cold glass of white wine!

Serves 2



Heat oven to 160°C. Keeping the frozen tart cases in their foil tray, place on an oven tray and bake for 10mins. Cool.

Tuscan Pesto Parmesan Chicken

• 12 cherry tomatoes, halved


• Chilli, Lemon or Garlic ‘Your Inspiration at Home’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil (p.12)

• 2 white-fleshed fish fillets • 6 thin slices of pancetta • 6 basil leaves • 1 bunch asparagus spears, trimmed

• 1 lemon, quartered Method:

• 500g chicken tenderloins (can use chicken breast as well) • ½ cup grated parmesan cheese (1 cup if not using cornflake crumbs) • ½ cup cornflake crumbs • 2 tablespoons of ‘Tuscan Style Capsicum Pesto’ Dip Mix • 1 egg • ¼ cup milk Method: Preheat oven to 200°C and line tray with baking paper. Combine the cheese, breadcrumbs and Pesto Dip Mix in a shallow bowl or plate. Dip the chicken tenderloins into egg/milk mixture,then toss in dry mixture. Place on baking tray and cook for 12-15 minutes or until chicken is cooked.

Heat the oven to 200°C. Season fish with a little salt and pepper and place three basil leaves on each fillet. Wrap each fillet in pancetta and place in a roasting tin. In a pan, heat 1 tablespoon of your favourite ‘Your Inspiration at Home’ olive oil over medium heat, add the tomatoes, asparagus and lemon wedges and cook for approximately three minutes, or until the tomatoes soften. Transfer to the roasting pan with the fish. Drizzle a little more flavoured olive oil over the fish and roast for 10-12 minutes or until fish is cooked. Plate immediately and drizzle remaining pan juices over fish to serve.

Strawberry Tart with Vanilla & Cinnamon Balsamic Vinegar (as featured on p.13)

Moroccan White Beans (as featured on p.17)

• 8 store-bought sweet tart shells • 1 – 1 ½ punnets strawberries, roughly diced. • 1-2 tablespoons of ‘Your Inspiration at Home’ Vanilla & Cinnamon Balsamic Vinegar (p.12) • Cream for dolloping and/or ‘Your Inspiration at Home’ sugar for sprinkling (p.8)

Ingredients: • 1.5 kg (3 lb) beef roast or chuck steak • 2 medium onions, roughly chopped or 3 tablespoons of ‘Country Style Roasted Onion’ Dip Mix (p.10)

• 2 – 3 tablespoons of ‘Indonesian Rendang’ Spice Blend (p.16) • 4 strips of lemon zest (rind) • 1 tablespoon lemon juice • 2 teaspoons soft brown sugar

Ingredients: • 2 tablespoons of ‘Ras El Hanout’ seasoning (p.16) • 1 onion, chopped • 300g cannellini beans • 800ml Vegetable Stock


Serves 8

Serves 6

• 1 2/3 cups (410 ml/13 fl oz) coconut milk

• 100g finely diced butternut pumpkin


This recipe works well with 3 of the flavoured olive oils in the ‘Your Inspiration at Home’ range – Chilli, Lemon or Garlic!


• 2 tablespoons of ‘Your Inspiration at Home’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil (p.12)

Oils & Vinegars Fish with Pancetta (as featured on p.13)

Meanwhile place diced strawberries in saucepan over low heat, adding balsamic vinegar and simmer for 5 minutes. Spoon 1-2 tablespoons of strawberries into each tart case. Dollop cream on top and/or sprinkle with your favourite ‘Your Inspiration at Home’ sugar.

Indonesian Beef Rendang

In a pan, heat oil and sauté onion and pumpkin until softened. Add stock, beans and ‘Ras El Hanout’ seasoning bringing to the boil. Reduce heat and cook on low for 30-40 minutes until beans are tender. Serve immediately, or serve at room temperature with grilled meat or puree and serve as a dip on toasted sourdough.

Method Trim the meat of any fat and sinew, and cut it evenly into small (3 cm or 1 ½ inch) cubes. Using the Veggie Chopper (p.29) chop onion until almost a paste, adding water if necessary. Bring coconut milk to almost a boil in a large pan, reduce to moderate and cook, stirring occasionally until the milk has reduced to half and the oil has separated out. Do not allow the milk to brown. Add the ‘Indonesian Rendang’ Spice Blend and stir for one minute. Add meat and cook for two minutes until it changes colour. Add the onion or ‘Country Style Roasted Onion’ Dip Mix, lemon zest, lemon juice and brown sugar. Cook over moderate heat for approximately two hours, or until liquid is reduced and mixture is quite thick. Stir frequently to prevent catching on the bottom of the pan. Continue cooking until the oil from the coconut milk begins to emerge again, letting the curry develop colour and flavour. The dish needs constant attention at this stage to prevent it from burning. The curry is cooked when it is brown and dry. NOTE: like most curries, this one benefits from being made ahead of time to allow the flavours to mature. Prepare 2 to 3 days in advance and store, covered, in the refrigerator. Reheat over low heat. The curry can also be completely cooled in the refrigerator and then frozen for one month.

Variation: Spoon beef rending into pappadums and serve as a canapé or substantial entree!


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