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I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. As a child, I would draw for hours and hours and fill every single white spot on the paper with detailed shapes and colours. I never lost that ability to immerse myself in drawing. Four years ago, I discovered shrink plastic and started designing shapes and trying out colour combinations. I realized that the colours and shaped, which I had worked with in my art, could be applied to jewellery. It was a whole new world that opened up for me. My art is geometric, organic and inspired by architecture. My art is my way to process what I am visually exposed to in my everyday life. It is my surroundings and experiences combined with my imagination. When these parts meet, I start to invent new things in my drawings and paintings. My jewellery design is derived from my interest in geometric lines and organic shapes. This portfolio aims displays my work, both drawing, painting and jewelry from 2013 to 2014.

Anne Tranholm

“Century Gardens� 2014 Pen and pen on wood panel.


The starting point of my creation of my artwork mainly comes things I have seen in real life. I take photos or write down ideas that emerge as I observe a particular thing that I find interesting. If I am working on a larger scale, I do sketches and use my sketch as a guideline. Painting and drawing is always an interesting process because ideas from my initial thoughts are sometimes overshadowed as new ones emerge when I am working on a particular piece. Designing my jewellery, I always start by sketching out designs with the most basic materials – a pencil and a piece of paper. I store all my designs in a binder, which allows me to go back and reuse certain elements of a design or use parts of it and rework other parts of it in order to create a new design. The beauty of drawing out my designs for jewellery is that as the scale is smaller, so I can allow myself to work very freely and impulsively by experimenting with different shapes, lines and colours.

My inspiration for a blue and orange colour combination in my jewellery came from a Chinook sunset I saw one night. Another huge inspiration for me is architecture. I constantly observe the buildings surrounding me. I like to notice certain lines or shapes that are interesting and zoom in. This is usually what happens – I see something and it leaves such a visual impact on me that I decide to work with it. Some days I find myself unaware of where my inspiration comes from, it just emerges as I doodle, and I find myself coming up with ideas not knowing where the starting point developed from.

I find inspiration from so many places. I few months ago I walked by Century Gardens in Calgary and saw these awesome logs with beautiful grain, partially covered in snow. I photographed them and couldn’t get them out my mind, so I painted them.


Opposite page: “Century Gardens” 2014 Pen and pencil on wood panel

“After Air” 2013 Oil on reclaimed wood

“Departure” 2013 Oil on compressed skateboard


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