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how it works: Stand in a circle, one person starts with shouting ‘NIPPON’ while making a Hulk Hogan move (bad ass face, a downwards O with arms and slightly bended knees). The others in the circle copy this. Then, the NIPPON-initiator starts air-punching one of his neighbours while using a ‘Huh’ sound. The receiver copies this, but choses in where his punch goes (left or right neighbor). The neighbor can do the same or throws a spell across the circle: Raise hands above the head and make throwing move towards someone standing across from you in the circle. Throw the spell while shouting “ATANAMA’. The receiver has to defend his house by raising his hands make a roof shape and shout: “SIN SAI KINOMO” and bend the knees. If the receiver defends his house too late or uses the wrong words, he is out of the game but needs to dance a humiliating dance around the circle before leaving. After a person is kicked out, anyone can start the game again.

#2 do you love your neighbor?

#3 Duck duck goose

#4 dance copy

#5 silent Disco dance copy

#6 ily honey but i can’t smile

#7 i’m sorry ms. jackson

#8 the fruit bowl

#9 the shooting game

#10 the laughing game

#11 the shouting game

#12 left brain right brain game

#13 the muffin man

#14 the go bananas Game

#15 the machine Game

#16 the penguin laugh



#18 say hello differently

#19 the Random story

#20 seat changing game

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