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2010 At A Glance An entire decade has come and gone and we saw the last of it with the year 2010. Whether good or bad, the year was an eventful one for all. As the New Year began everyone made their resolutions, and soon found out if they were able to stick by them. Instead of jumping straight into the New Year, a glance at 2010 will help you define your goals for the next year and focus on them. Many of us find ourselves pumped about the New Year, making resolutions that reach the sky and hoping to be the best that we can. Experience has taught most that this phase is short lived. A better idea is to look back at the previous year objectively and learn from the ups and downs that you experienced. Retrospect is a great way to notice the mistakes that you made and to learn from them, as well as to relive your successes and look for the magic that made them possible. To learn from 2010 at a glance, list out the events of the year that stand out in your memory. Make sure to focus on one aspect at a time, be it your career or your relationship. In your career, for example, you will find that you set up certain goals for yourself. Some may have been achieved while some may still be pending. Note the ones that are still pending and decide if you still want to pursue them or not. You will also find seemingly non-related events that influenced your life. Personal events often change the course of your career. What defined your career in 2010? Did you manage to achieve all that you wanted? What helped you succeed? What was lacking and deserves to be changed? The people in your life have expectations which sway your career choices. Identify the ones that changed 2010 for you and understand how and why. The environment that you live in, both political and social, plays a strong role in influencing your career. Which elements worked in your favour? What were the factors that motivated you, pushed you forward and helped you reach where you were at the end of the year? Don’t forget to look at time off from work. Did you take a holiday in 2010? If you did, you probably enjoyed it, spending your time relaxing and unwinding. Coming back from a vacation normally can have two types of effects on your work. You could be refreshed and excited to come back to work with new ideas and plans in mind. Alternatively, you could still be in holiday mode, wanting more time off, or simply feeling lazy. How did your 2010 vacation affect you? In the journey of life, sometimes a look in the review mirror is all that it takes to understand the road ahead. A simple glance at 2010 will define your perspective for the coming year, and help you set your goals and ambitions for everything you want to do.

2010 At A Glance  

Glance the past, evaluate for the things done and make your future planned and safe.

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