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PROMOTING AND CELEBRATING LALA FACES COSMETICS LAUNCH A Luxury Cosmetics Line for The Boss in You! ¡A Brand that represents women of all generations whether they are the Boss of the corporate boardroom, or the executive of their home. ¡A Brand that captures a diversity in skin tones for the women of color. The Cover: Lala, what inspires and drives your passion for the art of makeup? Lala: My passion for the art of Makeup continues to be inspired by the women seeking to enhance their natural beauty. I am always amazed by the WOW factor the women experience during their service with me. I am grateful to God to be able share my talents and passion with others. Whether you are looking to be the picture-perfect Bride, a glamour makeover or a personal one on one tutorial, I am the Makeup Artist for you.

THE CELEBRATION LAUNCH CONTINUES….. BOSS UP WITH A LUXURY COSMETIC BRAND WITH LALA FACES ·A Brand that provides a voice for young girls, and encourages body positivity at any size. ·Lala Faces Cosmetics have bold and unique colors to accent customers’ personality. A variety of lip colors can be purchased: Reds, Chocolates, Nudes and Blackberry. The Cover: Lala, tell us about your journey as a makeup artist, and where can your cosmetics be purchased? Lala: My journey and work as a Makeup Artist has taken me to New York Fashion week, and featured in Queen Size Magazine, Black Hair Magazine, Vixen Magazine, Carolina Connect Magazine, Luxe Kurves Magazine, and I am the MUA Content Contributor for The Cover Magazine. You can also find me monthly in Queen Size Magazine where I serve as the contributing Beauty writer. My cosmetics can be purchased on line at “The Beauty that Every Woman Deserves” is the creed that Lala Faces stands by as an Artist. “Makeup is not just about painting the face; it is a happiness that I can deliver to my client’s life, and that’s why I love what I do!” Facebook: LalaFaces Twitter: makeupbylala Instagram://lalafacesmua (919) 616-6443




Publisher’s Note

It’s 2021, a time to get a fresh start and chase our dreams and goals. Hopefully the new year will bless you with good health, wealth and happiness. Our hope is that you make the most of your life in 2021. I am firmly convinced that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. This is a time to reflect on our gratitude for the past, and rejoice over our hopes for the future. One of my goals is to continue promoting and supporting women entrepreneurs. We are influenced by the world around us; whether consciously or subconsciously; words are powerful. I’m impressed and interested in creative and talented authors. Authors are influential creative writers; maybe you can relate to them, or maybe they are telling your life story. They communicate and connect with readers, and have the power to influence others who read their books. In 2020, we were faced with one of the most challenging years in history. Everyone had set goals, made new year’s resolutions, and visualized a successful year. Shortly thereafter; three (3) months into the year, Corona Virus, a COVID-19 Pandemic made the vision bleak and blurry. Over 300,000 Americans have lost their lives to COVID19. On December 12, 2020 FDA authorized Pfizer’s BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, making this date an extraordinary historical day, a beamer of hope for American people. I will continue to help models understand that modeling is a serious business, it is a lot of fun, but it is also hard work to become a professional in the beauty and fashion industry. When it comes to creating opportunities, building confidence and achieving success, there’s no industry like the beauty, and fashion industry. The beauty industry is a global industry, with an estimated revenue of 49.2 billion dollars annually. Due to advances in technology; satellite internet connections are uniting people in this industry all over the globe. The Cover magazine will provide you with its compelling contents of beauty, fashions, entertainment, real life issues, healthy lifestyles, celebrity news, rising stars and dreamers. The Cover magazine has also been produced to market and promote business owners; especially women owned businesses. It is our sincere hope that you are inspired and motivated to become one of our advertisers, subscribers, fans, supporters or contributors who enjoy reading and dreaming, because your dream can be made a reality. We are grateful for your support; we want to build new relationships and make new connections, may all your dreams come true in 2021.


For more information about “The Cover” magazine or the Publisher and Producer, Anner J. Echols, visit us at https://www, or call (901) 650-4955.

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DIGGING FOR GOLD Written by: Magriet Potgieter COVID-19 is a word that I had not heard of a year ago, and now, it’s part of so many conversations. As a single mom, living in South Africa, I was overwhelmed by fear when this pandemic shook the world. I told my son, “This will either paralyze us or propel us. We have to start looking for the gold within us.” Working in my 9 to 5 job, I started to think how to generate another income for us, doing research and attending every online course I could during the evenings and weekends. I did not have any funding to start this, on the contrary; but I made a promise to my son. People have told me my whole life that I was stubborn, I now see my stubbornness as a gift. Never in my life have I felt more like a miner in an emotional gold mine. Using every method, I could through panning, cradling, dredging through the words I read, to learn more about the online world, and how it is changing the face of doing business. Hard rock mining is the process of using open pit, or underground mining tunnels to retrieve the gold from the rock. I can truly say I had to look deep within me to find the gold. Every ounce of resilience, grit, and self-discipline I had, was used to formulate and create, Write and Shine, PR and Media Coaching. If you are reading this today and feeling paralyzed by fear and doubt, please be encouraged and know, that it takes a decision to look for the gold within yourself, especially when it looks like the odds are against you. For in that moment, is where you’ll find your first piece of gold; to start with this incredible journey of hope. Magriet is the founder of Write and Shine Coaching. As a certified Life Coach as well as a Public Relations specialist, she has 20 years of experience in her field. Being an international bestselling author herself, she’s featured in numerous magazines, newspapers, hosted a radio talk show, featured as a guest on TV shows, and is a public speaker. She helps coaches and business owners through her coaching and consulting, not only to get confidently noticed in the media and social media world, but to stand out in their industries as leaders in their field, and to shine. Magriet can be contacted via email at or via FB: @Magriet Potgieter and IG: @magriet2

Congratulations!! “She Exist” Network Global Leadership Awards 2020 Honorees!!

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The Success of “A Fox”

Angela Collins Foxworth, known in the industry

as “A Fox,” she dreamed of one day becoming an International Talk Show Host; not only did she get her wish, she’s living her dream.

Angela Foxworth is the TV Talk Show Host, and

Producer of The Angela Foxworth Show on XOD Network. In fact; she’s no stranger to the industry she was voted as one of Atlanta’s Hottest Talk Show Host. Angela also, a Celebrity Red Carpet Media Host, a 2019 Lady of Distinction Honoree, the reigning National US Majesty Woman 2020, two-time best-selling author and one-time international best-selling author. As a TV Talk Show Host and Chief Atlanta Correspondent for an international publication, Angela believes in “Promoting positive reinforcement and true change in the community through the purest form of communication there is.”

Angela is passionate about what she does, her

dreams are fueled by her many years of experience, along with her desire and passion to open doors for those who might think it is impossible to enter.

Angela is purpose-driven, always interviewing

with a purpose, an advocate for fulfilling your destiny. “Life with A Fox is living outside the box.”

Angela is soft spoken, but never speechless, or a

quitter; she encourages everyone to never give up on their dreams.

Angela is happily married and resides in Cobb

County Georgia, with her husband Stevie of 23 years.

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YO-HITS MUSIC GROUP Quiz question and answers

The R&B recording artist MELVINO is coming back stronger than ever. Signing with the YO-HIT Band that recorded FIRE,, Listen to Us, answer the MUSIC GROUP Soul and feelings is the word after months ROLLER COASTER questions send to fresh- of writing finding the right songs and in the studio producing • Valerie Simpson who, his self made album he ‘s got it. The Debut single from the was her Duo husband every Tuesday somenew album LOVE PASSION AND RESPECT call “SELENA” is name one win. working it’s way up the charts of internet radio fast. The • What is Tracee Ellis European markets are opening up for good music sound of Ross mother’s name southern soul makes their day. • What’s the name of the

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“ The 2021 year will give

Preview our Grammy Picks Q: Who Win the album of the year? A: Is it Fiona Apple, Dua Lipa, Harry Styles, The Weekend, Taylor Swift

Q: Song of the year?

A: Is it Circles, Don’t Start Now, Say So, Lose You to Love Me, Blinding Lights

opportunities in the music

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Miyoshi Umeki Gordon Miyoshi Umeki Gordon, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Founder and President at United - A Divine Purpose, Inc (UADP). She is also an Advocate for Myositis, Breast Cancer, and Mental Health (Emotional Abuse Victims).

Beating the Odds

Miyoshi Gordon came out of retirement to launch a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to help persons with Myositis, and Breast Cancer diseases. She is very passionate in helping others. She is a voice for the voiceless, her motto is; “Touching lives one at a time.” Her 30-year career in the medical field has shown that she is truly an advocate for humanity. During those 30 years, she worked in Radiology, serving the majority of those years as a Diagnostic Radiology Supervisor. After developing and surviving Breast Cancer; she seamlessly changed her career to a Human Resources Specialist which spanned five years. Miyoshi hired both Physicians, and staff from across the United States and International.


Miyoshi has a Bachelor Degree in Health Science, Associate Degree of Applied Science, Radiology; Campbell University graduated Cum laude, Certification of Recognition for Honorable Service by American Registry of Radiologic Technologists-Retired, Certificate of Appreciation from the Department of Veterans Affairs, for her time and devotion in assisting in the Welcome Home Event at the Orlando Veterans Affairs Medical Center. She is a member of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, Eatonville, Florida; where she serves in the Health Ministry, and participates in Women’s Ministry and Senior Ministry activities.

Finding Hope

United - A DIVINE PURPOSE, INC. (UADP), is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing compassion and advocacy for patients with Myositis or Breast Cancer diseases. UADP also provides need-based financial assistance to Myositis and Breast Cancer patients. Through education, UADP works to increase the awareness of patients, caregivers, and the general public about Myositis, Breast Cancer disease and Mental Health (Emotional Abuse Victims). The organization assist in research funding through collaboration with other charitable organizations with common goals and purposes. Myoshi’s Hope benefits from local fundraising events across the country. UADP supports men, women and children of all ages, and in all stage of Myositis and Breast Cancer. UADP also offers knowledge, encouragement and friendship to caregivers.

Breaking Her Silence…Her Story of Triumph

Through her faith and determination Miyoshi Umeki Gordon is the author of Broken, But Still A Masterpiece. Some things are not only tough to endure, but equally challenging to communicate. Miyoshi was raised to be strong and confident. However, there came a time in her life when her faith and strength was challenged. Faced with the choice to suffer in silence or speak her truth, she chose to ‘let go and let God.’ Miyoshi grew up in a loving and caring environment. The values her parents instilled in her and her faith in God sustained her when life seemed bleak and hopeless; fueled by the love and desire to parent her only son. Despite the challenges she faced, she broke her silence, beating all odds through her determination and faith in God. Broken, But Still A Masterpiece continues to be recognized around the world with hopes of one day becoming a best seller. Her memoir was nominated for the NYC Book Award, and The Independent Authors Award. Miyoshi is on a mission to promote her inspirational masterpiece. She was a featured guest on The Pandemic Virtual Book Tour. The inspirational memoir was also featured in Certified Master Coach and Executive Nikki Ziegler’s HBCU Magazine, and Growth Women’s Network Magazine, by Founder & CEO Jennifer Diaby. Broken, But Still A Masterpiece can be purchased on Broken, But Still A Masterpiece: Surviving Multiple Unknown Illnesses: Gordon, Miyoshi Umeki, M., G. E., Williams, Iris M.: 9781951883317: Books Credits Signature Hair Stylist: Christine Farrington Master Makeup Artist: Joshua Lewis Photographer: Amaduzzi Photo Studio Contacts Information Website: Miyoshi Gordon Instagram: Author Miyoshi Gordon Twitter: Author Miyoshi Gordon





The Evolution of Beauty Production Tour is an exciting opportunity for creative minds to pair their creative talents with qualified professionals, who are knowledgeable on how to represent themselves, and effectively run a lucrative company; networking and connecting with entrepreneurs all over the globe. We will enhance our participants abilities to adapt professional practices, plan, organize, understand business trends, anticipate clients’ needs, and excel in the beauty, fashion, arts and entertainment industry. Discover a new and better approach to managing your business in less time from our business experts, and mentors around the globe. Workshops and seminar dates, locations and times to be announced upon registration. HERE’S WHAT YOU WILL LEARN -Brand Awareness-Principles of Business-Image Matters-Obtaining Funding-Hospitality-Networking Effectively-Project Management-Entrepreneurship-Social Media Trends-Brand Building-Growth StrategiesSign up, and enjoy Networking, Mix and Mingling with Industry Professionals, enjoy a Lite-Brunch, Live Panels, Demonstrations, Meet and Greets, Media Exposure, Evolution of Beauty Super Star Shoot, Plush Gift Bag Giveaways and more!


“Dreams Made Real For The Full and Fabulous Models”

Exquisite International Bridal & Couture Designer Vanni Wang is an international couture designer and entrepreneur, a passion that was formed early in her life. She launched her own luxury couture and bridal label, Lucio Vanni, ten years ago. Vanni began her career in Southeast China by bringing Western fashion to the East in the form of bell-bottom pants. By the age of 18, she began to teach students sewing and manufacturing, and within a few short years, constructed one of the largest manufacturing facilities of high fashion in South China. Her clients included the fashion houses of Chanel, Armani, BCBG, DKNY, and many others. After 25 years in the fashion industry of China, Vanni lived in Europe for a short time, and then moved to the United States with her family to continue her love of design. Her designs include classic European silhouettes in artistic and couture styles. She received pronominal appraisal for redefining the idea of luxury couture garments in America when she showcased her couture collection at New York Fashion Week as a headline designer in 2012. She was also the featured bridal designer at New York Couture Bridal Fashion week in 2012, where The Knot editor picked one of her gowns! In 2013, Vanni was featured on the Cleveland Magazine cover for “Most Interesting People 2013.� Besides art and design, Vanni is passionate about education and empowerment among young adults. She is on the advisory board at the fashion school of Virginia Marti College, and a judge for Miss Teen National Pageant.

LUCIO VANNI’S BRIDAL AND COUTURE DESIGNS Beautifully designed, and customized to meet your needs Imagine for your perfect day, a bridal gown styled by Lucio Vanni Vanni opened her first Lucio Vanni couture showroom located at 27600 Chagrin Blvd, Woodmere, OH. She provides elegant custom designs, bridal gowns, mother of bride, and evening wear all with excellent customer service. Her goal is to build a luxury couture brand just like one would find in Paris and New York that makes every customer feel elegant, confident, and beautiful! For more information about Lucio Vanni Bridal and Couture, please visit

A Dream Come True!

Symone’s Sweets Her name is Wynter Symone, she’s eleven years old, in the sixth grade, and reside in Memphis, TN. She bakes sweets and love watching baking shows. She keeps a journal, and write down recipes so that she can practice baking them. One day she told her mother that she wanted to become a Baker; her mom enrolled her in a baking class. Symone enjoyed the class, and started baking sweets for her family. The Cover: Cover Symone, what did your family have to say about your sweets? Symone: My family loved my sweets, so; I started baking sweets for my friends. Symone The Cover: Cover Symone, did your friends like your sweets? Symone: “My friends loved my sweets too” Symone The Cover: What happened next? Symone: After getting my family and friends approval…I started baking sweets for everyone! Symone The Cover: Cover Was this the beginning of your dream business becoming a reality? Symone: Everyone loved my sweets; so, I started my own company “Symone’s Sweets”. Symone The Cover: Cover Everyone loves Symone’s Sweets and she says, “you will love her sweets too.” Symone enjoys delivering her sweets to her customers, and reading their reviews. You can learn more about Symone’s business at

Photo Credit: Photographer, LaTesa Douglas

Meet Coach Tina Ramsay, CEO of Heal The Honeypot Coach Tina Ramsay was born in Bennettsville, SC, a wife and mother of two children, an accomplished International Speaker, Certified Mindset Development Coach, Wellness/Business Instructor, Health Editorial Writer, Advocate for Menstrual Health, Editorial Community Volunteer, and the CEO of Heal The Honeypot. She’s on a mission, to inform and educate, on overall wellness and menstrual health. She discusses the importance of Healing the Mind with proper Mindset Development, Menstrual Wellness, and your overall health for you and your families from a natural perspective. She speaks from experience and her heart. Coach Tina shares her personal journey to wellness after having a stroke at 25 years old that left her partially paralyzed from the waist down. She shares her challenges, struggles, and accomplishments with you, in order to motivate you. Because she feels if she can do it, then you can too! Her strong faith, family, and educating herself about the foods, medicines, and products that we use in and on our bodies has helped her make the necessary changes to make better decisions. Her vision is to impact the world by normalizing non-traditional topics that affect all females that center around mindset development, menstrual health, loving ourselves, and overall well-being from a natural wellness approach to help ourselves and our families. She absolutely loves what she does and you will find her delivering her message with humor, her southern twang, laughter, and a smile. Her optimism, energy, and zest for life are infectious to everyone who meets or knows her. She desires for everyone to be inspired to make the necessary adjustments in their life to kick start their wellness and/or business journey, through her coaching, natural resources, and products under her Heal The Honeypot brand. We are excited to welcome Coach Tina Ramsay, to the Dreamland Productions Team and The Cover Magazine staff, as our New Health & Wellness Editorial Writer to provide helpful insight to The Cover magazine fans, supporters and advertisers. Coach Ramsay knows, understands and cares about your health. Health is your true wealth! Connect with her at to shares her challenges, struggles, accomplishments and her secrets to health and wellness. Photo Credit: MultiFarious & Company LLC Facebook: Coach Tina Ramsay Instagram: Coach Tina Ramsay

BUSINESSMATTERS The Cover: Wow! Now that's perseverance. What kept you from giving up?

Kendall: My family. I wanted to build and leave a legacy for my children. That failure taught me so much about success. The Cover: Yes. generational wealth is very important. What lessons did failure teach you about success?

What Failure Taught Me About Success Founder and CEO of PropertyRefs LLC, Kendall Neal talks with 'The Cover' about how an early business failure became the foundation for his successful real estate service business. The Cover: What gave you the idea to start your company PropertyRefs? Kendall: The idea came from a failed business. In 2004, I was working as a full time leasing agent. Part of my job was to generate reports every month, specifically reports of tenants that had not renewed their leases, and those that had given notice to move. I began to refer those residents to loan officers for a referral fee. That side hustle turned into Neal Estates Referral Service. This was around 2005. The housing market crash in 2008 brought my business to a screeching halt. The Cover: That must have been difficult for you. Kendall: It was. But I didn't give up on owning my own business. I had to pivot and follow the market. New investors were buying properties and didn't know anything about the process to get a home ready for rent (how to hire the best contractors, cleaning crews, inspections, tenant screening, marketing). At the same time, more real estate brokers were becoming property managers. Many had no property management experience and now had dozens of properties for rent. This also meant their demand for viewing was impossible to keep up with. I reached out to several brokers and real estate companies but I didn't get my first Referral Agreement until 2015. I was blessed to be able to quit my fulltime job in 2019.

Kendall: I learned many things, the first was how to seize opportunity. The housing market crash forced me to niche down to a small market that turned out to be a better business model. I learned patience and perseverance. I kept pitching my services as an Independent Leasing Agent until I finally got that one 'YES!' From there, my Independent Leasing Agent Services became increasingly (and slowly) in demand. The most important thing I learned is that failure is a necessary part of success. That failure forced me to rethink how my business would operate and make money. The Cover: So, that failure led you to create what is now PropertyRefs LLC. Tell us about the service your company provides. Kendall: Our Independent Leasing Agents handle the entire tenant screening process for brokers, investors and private home owners. We market, schedule requests for and open properties for viewing, coordinate contractors and get ready crews, and process applications. We also manage and rent small multi-family unit communities. The Cover: Where are you located? Kendall: We're at 1661 International Drive Suite 400, but the office is open by appointment only. Contact me or my wife Rita at 901-690-2835. The website is and be sure to follow PropertyRefs LLC on Facebook!


Alice Payne “Your window of Opportunity”

Make Me Your 1st Choice Realtor CRS, GRI, Multi-Million Dollar Club Licensed in TN & MS

CRYE-LEIKE REALTORS 6705 Winchester Road Memphis, TN 38115


Office: (901) 260-5844 Cell: (901) 652-3708 Fax: (901) 435-0544

Visit My Website:


NY Fashion Mogul Captures The Runway Worldwide Egypt “Ify” Ufele was born and raised in Queens NY. Egypt is a 15 years old Humanitarian, Fashion Designer, a Child Prodigy, Anti-Bullying Activist, Author of two books, a UN Ambassador, CEO of Chubiiline Fashion Line, CEO OF Bullychasers Inc, Non-Profit Organization, Host of the International Teen Summit, Motivational Speaker, and a full-time high school student with a grade “A” average. Egypt changed the game when she overcame being bullied through creativity, through intelligence and grace she became the youngest designer, at the age of 10, to present an all-inclusive fashion line for NYFW; intent on helping others to achieve their dreams. Egypt empowers people of all ages to dream, set goals and achieve their dreams. Her gentle demeanor believes her firm resolve, as she crushes the fashion industry with iconic fashions, and sassy looks for children, plus size women, men and boys. Egypt’s Foundation, Bullychasers along with her two books, Life By My Own Design and “Power of Style” provides resources and support for kids that are bullied. Both books are part of the school curriculum worldwide in several languages. She empowers and inspires kids to build their confidence level, and how to become entrepreneurs themselves, and become more included in society. Recently (2020), Egypt has shifted her focus to utilizing her sewing skills, and notoriety to provide masks, caps and gowns, to bring awareness to the frontline/essential workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic. She addresses the struggles and stress levels of teens monthly, via the International Teen Summit, where kids are able to discuss their experiences during the pandemic worldwide amongst themselves. Egypt has received a plethora of awards and acclamations for her work. NAACP Danny Glover Awards, Chamber of Commerce, Columbia University Black Girls Magic, Harlem Hospital, Mayor of Boston Citation, NY State Senator and many more. Egypt has been featured on Inside Edition, Access Hollywood, PopSugar, Essence, Crain’s Business, Refinery 29, Black Enterprise Magazine, Teen Vogue, NY1 Spectrum, ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, Huffington Post, Forbes Chicago Times and many more including international platforms worldwide. Egypt was also featured in her own “Unstoppable Ford Commercial.” Egypt Ufele is a fashion mogul capturing the runway, the fashion industry and the business world with the power of her convictions. Website: IG: Bullychasers

INFLUENTIAL ENTREPRENEUR Carl Dean Wilson For over 21 years this dynamic Entrepreneur has been serving families, youth, military and many other individuals. He’s also a Chef, Caterer and Event Planner. His expertise in hospitality allowed him to plan over 30 successful events in 2019. These events include, but are not limited to; Weddings, Bridal Showers, Mother and Daughter Teas, Dance Competitions, Beauty Pageants, Veterans, and Jazz Concerts. He has made numerous tributes to Icons. Three years ago, he had the vision to honor women who did outstanding service in their community. Carl started the “All Women Rock” events. To date, over 125 women have received awards. Carl also makes charitable donations from the proceeds of these events. The organization that’s special to him is “Along Comes Hope” for young children with cancer. Jenny Mulks is the founder of this non-profit organization. He also recently authored a book with eleven other dynamic women co-authors, entitled “All Women Rock.” The book is currently available on Amazon. He is also starting a magazine that will feature Empowering Women. In 2020 Carl had over 12 events planned, each event will benefit a charity, and awards will be presented to dynamic individuals who have made valuable contributions, in making a difference to others! Carl is pursuing a Master’s Program through Liberty University, in Business Management. He knows that in today’s world in order to continue to be successful one must diversify, he’s the host of a radio show, and recently designed an “All Women Rock perfume” to be launched April 2021. Carl, originally from Louisiana; relocated to California in 1990 for a position in Management with Walmart. Carl’s Mother was a great role model, who inspired him when he was growing up. She taught him to cook, and instilled in him the value of helping others. It was that inspiration that led him to become a personal chef, and start his own catering company. “I saw the need to do first class events “says Carl, that became Carl’s focus, and the Catering Company became a reality. Carl’s events are now done in Southern CA. In 2021 He plans to expand his operations, and the “All Women Rock” events to other states. Carl is a man who empowers women, recognizes and honors them for the great work they have accomplished. His mother is still proud of the great thing that he’s doing every day to make a difference. Carl was recently nominated for the 2021 Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humanitarianism from Good Will Ambassador Dr. Lenora Peterson, Chief Executive of The National Community of Services For People of Choice. (951) 241-5343

SPOTLIGHT NEWS Marissa Bloedoorn

Marissa Bloedoorn is the CEO of TCS Consulting, and Editor of Chief of “OWN It,” the magazine. She has a BS in psychology and an MS in Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology. In order to further her experience, expertise, and education, she is currently enrolled in a doctoral program to complete her PHD in I-O Psychology. She continues to hold a full-time position at Princeton University Possessing a diverse background in corporate management and business development, Marissa has been empowering women to think outside the box for over twenty years. The Key to Her Success Her innovative ideas and methods of discipline have been the key to her success in guiding others to reach beyond their personal limitations to maximize their performance and potential to succeed. Marissa’s fire and passion for life are infectious, and her youthful flair enables her influence to span generations. Bridging the Gap Marissa’s current initiatives includes her nonprofit organization Bridging the Gap (BTG), which strategizes for student success. BTG’s mission is to give options to young people through leadership development, building self-confidence through training, and improving public speaking through Toastmasters International. BTG restores hope to assure students that success is within their reach. The Leadership Academy is projected to launch in 2020-2021. Published Author Marissa’s published work includes; “Take Center Stage” this is your life own it! “The Ultimate Leadership Style,” we are all leaders, “Maintain our Superhero Status: A Real Parent’s Perspective” and “Sweetheart, Before I Say I Do,” her perspective on intimate relationships, today’s dating culture, and selecting your partner for life. Her work also appears in “Words to Inspire you,” 6 volume motivational and inspirational book series. Facebook: Marissa Bloedoorn IG: tcsandownit

Financial Resolutions For The New Year Four Simple Steps A resolution is a FIRM decision to do or not to do something. How long does your New Year’s resolution last, one month, the first quarter? Let’s face the facts, how you start the New Year, will determine how it ends for you. 1. Always have an emergency fund! You can’t start saving for retirement, vacation or anything until you first have an emergency fund. What will happen when that emergency arises, and you don’t have the money? “Wise people live in wealth and luxury, but fools spend their money as fast as they get it.” 2. Live on a budget? Be mindful of where your money goes. It disappears quickly if you don’t. “Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have.” 3. Stop living on borrowed money and credit. If you don’t have the money for it, you probably don’t need it right now. “It is better to be satisfied with what you have, rather than always wanting something else.” Never compare yourself to others. 4. Realize “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it.” Start wherever you are, save what you can. “Money that comes easily disappears quickly, but money that is gathered little by little will grow. The maximum savings limits for 2021 are as follows: Roth or Traditional IRA: $6,000 ($7,000 if you’re age 50 or older) Qualified Plans i.e., 401K, 403b Plans: $19,500 (additional $6,500 if you’re 50 and older) Non-Qualified Plans, No limit

For more information contact, Sandra Quinn Bailey, Women Financial Power 901-617-1139 References: 1. Proverbs 21:20, 2. Hebrews 13:5, 3. Ecclesiastes 6:9, 4. Albert Einstein & Proverbs13:11

B E S T F E AT UR E D H OL LY WOOD CELEBRI T Y SPOTLIGH T NEWS ARTICLE! Chris Eggleston, Hollywood Celebrity Contributor for “The Cover” Magazine Red Carpet Memories at The 50th Annual NAACP Image Awards Meeting Mogul Entertainer Jay-Z, American Rapper, Songwriter, Record Producer, Entrepreneur and Record Executive

Photos: Compliments of Chris Eggleston


THE 2021 PET CALENDAR GET YOUR COPY TODAY! Find out 10 Creative things to do with your pets during COVID-19 (901) 503-4946

Profile for Anner J. Echols

The Cover Magazine, January, 2021 - Miyoshi U. Gordon, Author and Entrepreneur  

Gracing the Cover Magazine, Author and Entrepreneur Miyoshi U. Gordon from the Sunny City of Orlando, Florida. Miyoshi Breaking her silence,...

The Cover Magazine, January, 2021 - Miyoshi U. Gordon, Author and Entrepreneur  

Gracing the Cover Magazine, Author and Entrepreneur Miyoshi U. Gordon from the Sunny City of Orlando, Florida. Miyoshi Breaking her silence,...

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