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Who is Nobuan Japanese Restaurant?


the daily lives of consumers, adver tising is always present. The traditional outlets and inter-web marketers or more frequently known as online marketers are working harder to become more efficient in order to connect better with their consumers who are in control of the commercial information that they want (Jones, 2007). A business communication is a generic term that describes the medium, which is on how a business communicates (Wor th, 2003). The researchers conducted a study to determine which adver tising campaign can create a successful promotion for the rebranding of Nobuan House of Japanese R e s t a u r a n t Th i s r e s e a r c h used an initial audiovisual presentation or AVP, posters, flyers, menu, website, and logo that came up as a total advertising campaign

Karaage meaning “Tang fr y” is a Japanese cooking technique in which various foods—most often chicken, but also other meat and fish—are deep fried in oil. The process involves lightly coating small pieces of the meat or fish with a seasoned wheat flour or potato starch mix, and frying in a

TANTANMEN is the Japanese take on Sichuan Dan Dan noodles. In this dish, yummy ramen noodles are swimming in a deliciously balanced soup with hot spiciness from rayu Japanese chili Best seller in the house/


antanmen is the best seller in Nobuan Japanese restaur a n t . Ta n t a n m e n i s t h e Japanese version of Sichuan Dan Dan noodle. Dan dan noodle does not come with soup but Tantanmen comes with spicy chili flavoured soup. Both come with miso pork mince and flavoured with chilli. The base soup is made out of torigara soup and soy milk. Soy milk makes the spiciness of Rayu more mild. The soup also consists of zasai, sesame paste, vinegar, soy sauce, and shallots. Zasai or Zha cai, is pickled mustard plant stem. They are used in many Chinese dishes. I like just eating it with plain rice so I have a small jar that I bought from a local Japanese grocer y store in my fridge. Chimajan (Sesame paste) : It is called Chimajan in Chinese and you can buy a jar from asian grocery stores or online. Japanese Chili Oil. It is vegetable oil infused with chili. Rayu is used for making Tantanmen soup and also for gyoza dipping sauce. I

have seen them in major supermarkets here in Brisbane so I assume that Rayu is easy to get nowadays. Torigarasu Soup is granule chicken carcus stock soup. Japanese people often use this soup to make Chinese dishes at home. You can make this from scratch or buy it from asian grocery stores or online. Chimajan is Chinese sesame paste and it is different from Ta h i n i . Ta h i n i i s r a w s e s a m e seed paste whereas Chimajan is toasted sesame seeds paste and therefore they have quite a different taste. I will not recommend to use it instead of tahini. Classically, the toppings for Tantanmen are pork mince cooked with sweet miso paste and pak choy. But be creative and use something else too. I used miso egg in the original post. Chashu would be great too and instead of pak choy, you could use spinach also.


uthentic Restaurant Barely 5 years down solo or shared with a friend. The best part old, Nobu’an is being run by a hus- about eating at Nobu’an? The view is nothing band-and-wife tandem that’s really short of amazing. Located along the famous into authentic Japanese food. The Overlooking Manila area of Antipolo, it gives you name may fool people, as they think fantastic views of Metro Manila, day or night. it’s a combination of their names, but it’s a rather According to Anne, the restaurant’s supervisor, convenient circumstances. The name comes the best time to visit Nobu’an would be between from a Japanese word that means old samu- 6:00 pm and 10 pm, when nighttime views of the rai house. They stick city are unobstructed, to this as much as they perfect for sharing. can, making the resAuthenticity is among taurant look as period digital document Nobuan Japanese restaurant is accurate as possible… security proper ties located at APS Crowned Plaza with a modern touch. needing attention. in Antipolo City Rizal. The restaurant itself is Literature focused on located just below a preservation reveals flight of stairs from the uncer tainty — even entrance. The way it’s confusion — about laid out doesn’t scream period-accurate res- what we might mean by authentic. The current taurant, but it does give you a glimpse of what article provides a definition that spans vernacit would have felt like. An ambiance is always ular usage of “authentic”, ranging from digital set for the Authenthicity of Japanese Movies/ documents through material artifacts to natuCommercials/Songs. When you eat ramen in ral objects. Japanese cuisine encompasses the Makati or Manila, they either give you too lit- regional and traditional foods of Japan, which tle or too much. At Nobu’an, they give you just have developed through centuries of political, the right amount of ramen which can be gulped economic, and social changes. The traditional


APS Building Brgy San Roque Antipolo, Rizal

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Nobuan Japanese Restaurant  

Nobuan Japanese Restaurant