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A wide range of environments and character types are explored in the works of New York City-based Dean West. The Australian-born (1983) artist who studied at the Queensland College of Art, is best known for his intricate and highly staged photographs that take everyday occurrences beyond the realm of natural reality. Extraordinary in their tonal range, digital clarity, and artistic vision, West’s meticulously choreographed scenes, character studies, and atmospheric landscapes powerfully yet synthetically link needs to desires and documentation to invention. Passionately dedicated to the vast possibilities of digital photography as both a medium and a cultural epoch, West’s narratives draw inspiration from the total diversity offered by the visual arts. While the tableau photography of Stan Douglas and Jeff Wall inform West’s understanding of photography as a form of contemporary communication, the paintings of David Hockney and Edward Hopper provide evident aesthetic direction. The fictional world of cinema and the functional language of advertising have also clearly left their mark and taught lessons of their own. International art curators have taken notice of the accomplished skill West applies to both his digital photography technique and the complex, cerebral narratives offered in his images. His works have been exhibited at important institutions around the world including the Columbus Museum of Art (2012), Faneuli Hall Museum of Boston (2015), the Paris Expo Porte De Versailles (2015), Puls 5 Gallery in Zürich, and the Discovery Times Square Museum in New York City (2014). Hailed as one of the most promising artists of his generation and identified as one of the most accomplished practitioners of digital image making as an art form, West has been honored by acquisitions of his work by some of the most prestigious collections of contemporary art, including that of Sir Elton John.

BB3, 2/25 | 15

5x60 | $2500

SK3, 1/25 | 38x50 | $3000

SK8, 1/25 | 38x48 | $2100


5 | 22x25 | $3000*

*This piece is sold as a triptych and the total unframed dimensions are 22x75 inches

LANDSTRACTION I, 1/10 | 40x40 | $4500


BLUE LAGOON WITH SEASCAPE, 1/10 | 40x40 | $4500


CAPE, 1/10 | 40x40 | $4500

TIDE BY DESIGN VII, 1/10 | 40x40 | $4500


MOUNTAIN NEW MOON | 22x26 | $16,000

Josef Hoflehner was born in 1955 in Wels, Austria. Although his native country could boast awesome mountains, it had no coastlines, deserts or empty spaces where one had an unobstructed view of the horizon. It is precisely these unimpeded views that have fascinated Hoflehner from the very beginning. Known for his dramatic black-and-white landscape and subtle color images, the age of 20 Hoflehner abandoned his 9-to-5 job in Johannesburg and began to travel within South Africa, shooting and experimenting with his newly purchased camera. “I like empty spaces,” Hoflehner has said. “I like to mix up or change my style often, and to experiment with focus and time. Somehow, it is the seemingly the most desolate landscapes that have the greatest impact on me.” Nothing is orchestrated. Hoflehner waits for the right moment, and sometimes uses long exposures, the kind that the earliest photographers had to use. “Josef Hoflehner takes a landscape and turns it into art,” British journalist Elizabeth Roberts wrote. He often raises known views to new visions. So even in a New York City shot pulsing with life, he can isolate and highlight a special form of stillness and beauty. Today, Hoflehner is represented by leading galleries worldwide, and his exquisite prints are found in a constantly growing number of public, private and corporate collections around the globe. His work was subject to more than 50 solo-exhibitions to date and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, L.A. Times, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Newsweek and Financial Times.

JET AIRLINER #57, ST, MAARTEN (2/5) | 60x60 | $12,700


A, 1976 (2/10) | 20x20 | $3000

GOLDEN GATE STUDY 36 (1/10) | 20x20 | $2700

GOLDEN GATE STUDY 2 (2/10) | 20x20 | $3000

COPACABANA PALMS (2/5) | 40x40 | $6800

COPACABANA PALMS II (2/5) | 40x40 | $6800

BUS STOP SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA, 2009 (2/5) | 60x60 | $12,700


Artist Statement: Complexity of character, masculine and feminine, intimate yet bold, sensual yet strong: My photographs are an exploration of these dualities. By exaggerating the inner architecture of plant life, I offer the viewer a chance to become confronted by and immersed in nature. Laurie first started experimenting with photography, flora, and technology as a student of Creative Studies in College. Today in her Birmingham Michigan studio, she goes way beyond traditional photography to produce larger than life botanicals that literally leap off the dramatic black aluminum background. With an acute sensitivity to today’s persistent digital noise, Tennent’s collection of intimate portraits commands attention by returning us to our most primitive and organic roots. Isolating delicate living structures and amplifying them on a massive scale transports the viewer to a serene space where we are encouraged to breathe and to reconnect with the simple beauty of these objects. Her work has been featured in several notable botanical gardens like The Chicago Botanic Garden, Morton Garden, and Peace River Garden, and more. She was featured at Oakland University & Cranbrook, and her pieces were also chosen by the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy to display along the Riverwalk as part of a three-year installation.

DOGWOOD, 4/10 | 40x60 | $7500

MAGNOLIA LEAVES | 60x35 | $7500

BUDDLEJA, 1/10 | 30x20 | $3000

MAGNOLIA, 1/10 | 28x30 | $3600


Pam Moxley, a self-taught Artist, has spent the last twenty one years pursuing her fascination with photography and mixed media. She is best known for her taut black and white and sepia-toned images which are simple in composition yet complex in theme. Her works are inspired by her own childhood and watching the growth of her four children. Each of her works are created to remind the viewer of their own time as a child, when they embraced life with an unbridled moxie. Once she is finished with the photographic component, Pam continues to create through several other mediums. Her mixed media works are individually created with multiple layers. She starts by painting a dimensional board with several layers and textures of paint. She then uses an image transfer process that she has developed to add the photograph to the board. Pam finishes each of the works with a poured layer of high gloss resin. The combination of these techniques brings each of these individual works of art to life. Mixing the distress of the transfers with the brilliance of the resin creates a beautiful mix of nostalgia and high concept polish. Pam’s work is held in many private and public collections throughout the United States including the Pinnacle Bank Collection, City of Atlanta collection, the APG collector’s portfolio, Blackbird Technologies, MOCA GA, and the Southeast Museum of Photography. Pam’s work has also been featured in films and national magazines, including Decor and Traditional Home.

THE STORY TELLER I | 72x48 | $12,000

THE STORY TELLER II | 72x48 | $12,000

SEE NO EVIL | 12x12 | $750


| 12x12 | $750

HEAR NO EVIL | 12x12 | $750

DEEP BREATH | 40x40 | $5000

HOME | 36x48 | $5400

MASKED III | 40x40 | $5000


Edwina Willis Fleming was born in the English countryside and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina early in 1997. She is a mother of four gorgeous children and a lover of all animals. Most recently she made a permanent move to Chester, South Carolina so she can immerse herself in the beauty of natural landscapes and the country life on a daily basis. She has spent the last 20 years enjoying photography as a way to catch the spirit of nature and animals through the lends. She believes that animals are our greatest teachers and healers if only we would observe and listen to them. Currently studying a diploma course in animal communication and healing in England, Edwina is looking forward to using these skills in hopes of starting an animal rescue sanctuary� at her farm. She loves to capture the equine spirit of horses and is in awe of the profound lessons they provide us with if we are willing to tune in.

HIGHLIGHTS (2/5) | 42x62 | $2100


9x36 | $1500

SHADOW (1/5) | 32x25 | $1600

PAPRIKA I (1/5) | 29x42 | $1800


) | 26x41 | $1850

SHADOW (1/5) | 32x25 | $1600

ENDURANCE (1/11) | 60x48 | $4800

ILLUMINATION (1/11) | 40x60 | $4200

SERENDIPITY (1/3) | 40x60 | $4200


CORIGATE STEEL THREE, 1/25 | 18x12 | $400

THREE TRIANGLES, 1/25 | 10x18 | $400

SEVENTY-SEVEN B+W, 1/25 | 18x12 | $400

VERSAILLES GARDENS, 1/15 | 24x24 | $2400

EIFFEL, 1/15 | 24x24 | $2400


CASE, 1/15 | 32x24 | $2800

ARC DE TRIOMPHE, 1/15 | 24x24 | $2400

LONDON CALLING, 1/250 | 40x60 | $5100



/250 | 40x60 | $5100

NAVAJO SOLITUDE, 1/250 | 36x24 | $2700

SACRED MOUNTAIN MORNING, 1/250 | 36x24 | $2700

SUNRISE ON A FORK, 1/250 | 35x45 | $3800







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