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& the CC CREME HD The Radiance Cream #05


L’OCCITANE sales top one billion euros! Well done. It’s all down to you!


ack in 1976, when Olivier Baussan began distilling and selling rosemary and lavender essential oils, who would have thought that one day, L’OCCITANE sales would reach the one billion euro mark? No other company could have achieved so much in so little time, while remaining true to the brand, its origins and its commitments. This is an historic feat – and it’s all thanks to you. Each one of you can be proud of how far we’ve come and be confident for the future – as 2013 will be another historic year for L’OCCITANE en Provence. This year will see three new and exceptional initiatives… L’OCCITANE au Brésil has just been launched by the Brazilian team. A strategic project for Brazil, it also represents a major opportunity for the rest of the world, where the products will be launched in 2014. It’s a wonderful example of entrepreneurship and teamwork between Brazil and its enthusiastic teams (who piloted this project), the laboratories, the industrial services, the packaging department, the ECEA zone and the international marketing department. You’ll find out more about this launch later on in this edition.

La Collection de Grasse – our new collection of fragrances held in bottles featuring a distinctive «&» sign – has been in our stores for a few weeks now. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, it is already a great success! The world’s perfume capital can be found in Provence, and we are very proud of this launch, which will make L’OCCITANE en Provence a major player in the world of luxury perfumery. Divine Immortelle will undergo a major relaunch in September, with new formulas, new communications and its exquisite yellow bottles and jars. This will enable us to accelerate the growth of facial skincare in all countries. The true story of the immortelle flower began over 10 years ago. Its key characters? Producers based in Corsica. Today, this story remains as relevant and as modern as ever. These three launches are our priorities. These three wonderful stories reinvent the brand, while remaining true to the vision of Olivier Baussan. And, of course, we will continue to promote the ranges that have been at the very heart of L’OCCITANE for so long, such as Shea Butter, Lavender and Verbena. The economic climate will remain difficult this year in most countries, but I am confident that, with everyone’s efforts, we will continue to achieve double-figure growth… and that the two billion euro mark is not far from reach. Once again, I’d like to congratulate all of you for reaching the historic one billion euro mark. L’OCCITANE owes its success to you. Nicolas Siriez



PHOTOS Agence V, Anne Marcenac, Richard Romenville, Murielle Fourrier.

CHIEF EDITOR Katia Michieletto

500 copies published quarterly in September, December, March and June. Printed in France.

GRAPHIC DESIGN Emilie Caillaud-Houël



SKIN PERFECTOR The Korean woman is on a perpetual quest for absolute beauty. Her secrets are well-kept, her skincare products increasingly advanced. She’s the very mirror of a country where ancestral traditions mingle seamlessly with the latest in technology. Erborian has created a new generation of high-definition skincare to give the complexion instant radiance. Korea: the other land of beauty Hojung Lee, a Korean scientist, and Katalin Bere¬nyi, a beauty globetrotter, have the same dream: to share the beauty secrets of Korea with the rest of the world. And there is so much to share: «magical» ingredients, age-old beauty routines, expertise, technologies, and more… Since the Middle Ages, Korean women have practised very sophisticated skincare rituals. Recipes for masks, ointments, but also herbal teas and youth potions have been passed down from one generation to the next. These women have always had an obsession for flawless skin that is light and even-toned, free of blemishes, dark spots and wrinkles. Radiance is seen as a matter of courtesy, a social obligation and an investment in the future. The secret to perfect Korean skin Erborian draws on the scientific innovation of natural beauty care and high-quality ingredients from the Korean pharmacopoeia to create exclusive formulas that restore luminosity, radiance and youthfulness to the skin. These «intelligent», multi-tasking formulas transform the skin, leaving it soft, velvety and flawless. In Korea, the CC Cream (CC meaning «colour control») belongs to this new «hybrid» product category, which combines ultra-moisturizing skincare with make-up, to even out skin tone. The CC Crème HD with Centella Asiatica was produced by our laboratories in Korea. Boasting an ultra-fine texture that deeply moisturizes, it contains a high concentration of «CC pigments» – newgeneration «colour controllers». These complexion «revealers» heighten the skin’s beauty by adjusting naturally to your skin tone, and immediately provide freshness, boost luminosity and give a radiant glow.

For a «high-definition» complexion Loved by the press and our customers, the CC Crème HD with Centella Asiatica should be used every morning, like a day cream. Simply apply a fine layer to restore skin’s radiance and enhance the complexion. Quick and easy to use, it’s the secret to visibly more radiant skin! Afterwards, you can apply the BB Crème™ (or your usual make-up) for sophisticated results and an even more velvety feel. ■

By Laure Capdevielle



— C O R P O R A T E

S P O N S O R S H I P —

L’OCCITANE Foundation Everyone doing their bit for Women’s Day 2013! March 8th is an important day to remind everyone of how much L’OCCITANE and its Foundation are committed to the women of Burkina Faso. In 2013, employees from the three sites in France and several subsidiaries across the world rose to the occasion, with over 3,700 people getting involved! This year, the programme included an exhibition at the town hall of Paris’ 3rd arrondissement, showing portraits of Burkinabé women. A documentary film was also shown. Called «La part des femmes», it follows the story of five African women and their fight for emancipation. Proceeds from the sale of certain products went to the «Projets de Femmes» employee association, and fund-raising operations brought in money for the literacy programme supported by the Foundation. It was a day rich in exchanges and initiatives. Thank you to all those who got involved! Our customers do their bit too! For the second year in a row, a fundraising soap was sold for Women’s Day. Made as part of a joint-development project with women from a traditional soap factory in Burkina Faso, it was sold in all L’OCCITANE stores. Over €63,000 were raised from the sale of this soap! The money will be used to fund the construction of literacy centres for women in Burkina Faso, with the help of the NGO Aide et Action. For more information about the Foundation, visit or fondationloccitane

Couvent des Minimes For the second year running, we have signed the convention that links us to the Soeurs Franciscaines Missionnaires de Marie (Sisters of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary) association, through which we are able to support health care projects across the world. Every year, we give 1% of profits from the sale of our products to this association. In March, the association received funding for the Amali Seva Illam children’s garden and the Child Jesus College of Nursing in southern India. So what’s new in 2013? We have started up a new project and are supporting a day centre for the elderly in Taubaté, Brazil.

Melvita Foundation Why? Bee cause. In London, Friends of the Earth recently launched «The Bee Cause» – a campaign aimed at raising public awareness of the plight of bees and providing practical solutions to help these important pollinators in towns and cities. The Melvita Foundation, represented by Simon Ford, jumped at the opportunity to join this initiative by financing the creation of 20 «bee worlds». These small havens of flowers provide food for bees and offer them a breath of fresh air in urban environments. And to go one step further, the British subsidiary designed a special offer around some of the brand’s emblematic products, with 10% of profits going to Friends of the Earth. For more information, visit http://



— SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY — L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE is recognized by the UN as an exemplary company for its action in Burkina Faso


ollowing a study by an independent body, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) decided to recognize L’OCCITANE as an exemplary company, within the framework of its 2013 «Growing Inclusive Markets» initiative. In her study, the economist Yarri Kamara underlined the significant impacts of this collaboration between L’OCCITANE and the producers of shea butter. Economic impacts •  Over 500 tons of shea butter purchased: L’OCCITANE is the biggest importer of handmade shea butter from Bur¬kina Faso. •  Over 1.2 million euros in revenue generated in a rural area. •  Over 200,000 fund-raising soaps made in Bur¬kina Faso. •  Five Burkinabé entrepreneurs brought to Manosque and Lagorce for several weeks as part of an industrial partnership scheme. All of these entrepreneurs have launched their own local business. Social impacts •  2% of the price of the shea butter is paid into a social fund that finances community development initiatives. •  Over 200,000 people are impacted by L’OCCITANE

orders for shea butter within the families of the producers. The money earned helps to pay for bicycles, children’s schooling, etc. •  Over 9,700 women have been supported by the L’OCCITANE Foundation since 2006, within the framework of its commitment to women’s entrepreneurship in Burkina Faso. •  2,300 women have been trained in soap-making by the Nord & Sud association. This has proved to be an excellent way to generate income. The challenges for tomorrow An environmental fund will be established, to reduce the environmental impact throughout the processing of shea butter. In addition to improving women’s working conditions, this will make it possible to: •  Convert more areas of land, so that we have 100% organic production by 2016. •  Develop new technologies throughout the process, so that, by 2016: - water consumption can be reduced to a third of current levels, -w  ood consumption can be halved, - residual waste can be quartered and good use made of coproducts.

By Jennifer Barachet


Guanabara project! The

A multifunctional, multicultural team! Members of the teams from São Paulo, Manosque, Paris and Geneva joined forces to create a new brand: L’OCCITANE AU BRÉSIL. By Laura Barros


t’s the perfect combination: the French spirit and the Brazilian heart. It took true entrepreneurial skill, a commitment to giving pride of place to the values of the L’OCCITANE Group and constant attention to quality to harness the best of Brazil’s immense biodiversity and celebrate the best of its culture. France and Brazil were brought together by a joint-development project, focused on this concept and brand. • The supply of ingredients and partnerships with local producers were developed through close

collaboration between Laure Pierrisnard and the Regulations and Operations teams from Brazil. • Formulations were created with the expertise of Pascale Lazzeri and Céline Fouquart, in partnership with Debora Schiavo, based in São Paulo. • The packaging marks a collaboration between Olivier Baussan and the artist chosen to produce, for the product labels, an illustration of each ingredient – emblem of the vitality of each range. The Graphic Design team in Manosque (Pascale Baussan and Mélissa Moisan) was in charge of all


the illustrations. • The Regulations and Operations teams from Manosque and Brazil worked together to ensure that all the formulas and packaging were approved and compliant with legislation. Due to Brazil’s very strict and specific rules regarding access to biodiversity, the local team played a key role in obtaining all the necessary approvals from the Brazilian government. • To ensure the very best quality, pilot batches were produced in Manosque and by our

subcontractor in Brazil, under the watchful eye of the Quality and Formulation team. The Product Development team in Paris (Philippe de Bru¬gière and Fabiola Lucien) ensured that the launch dates could be met – for both the local market and export. A Brazilian architect came up with the ideas for the units for the new brand, so that it can be displayed in corners, and later in stores, under the guidance of the local Brazilian team and in partnership with our teams in Paris. ■

Alcides Peixinho, mandacaru producer.



L’OCCITANE is launched! A new chapter in the story of our brand. By Aurélie Keime & David Bellaiche

OUR OBJECTIVES To increase sales To ensure excellent in-store service To offer a unique shopping experience To identify talents To reduce staff turnover To reinforce the sense of belonging to the brand To make our sales associates true brand ambassadors

What is the Académie L’OCCITANE? The Académie is a new, ambitious and resolutely innovative training structure aimed at improving the performance of store personnel and offering our customers an exceptional shopping experience. This international project will be launched in Europe and Japan, then gradually implemented in other countries. Supported by senior management, the Académie is set up locally by our training teams, working with the retail and HR teams. The Académie L’OCCITANE in more detail The Académie is a training programme specific to L’OCCITANE that covers all the professions and skills required in our stores: • PRODUCTS, SALES TECHNIQUES & SERVICES • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT A physical place… All employees from France’s capital were present for the official opening of the Académie on April 23rd, in Paris. Our brand-new training room consists of a white area, where participants «learn», and a yellow area – which reproduces a L’OCCITANE store – where they «practise». It provides an ideal environment for store staff to share experiences and ideas, and learn how to take their skills further.

A white area where participants «learn» and a yellow area where they «practise»

Innovative training tools One of the tools that particularly stands out is the handheld voting device, which makes it possible to measure the progress of sales associates in real time, during the training session. And a virtual place This summer, for the first time ever, we’ll be launching a completely new gaming platform that can be accessed on computers, tablets and mobile phones, so that sales teams can train both individually and collectively. Once this platform has been tested on our international training staff, the French sales associates will be the first to try it out, in September 2013. ■


Official opening of the Académie on April 23rd in Paris, in the presence of all Paris-based employees

WHO ARE WE? The International Training team is based in Paris, with counterparts in Japan, China, Hong Kong, the USA, UK and CWE (our «G6»). Training seminars are held three times a year, bringing together over 20 countries. In Europe, training sessions are based in Paris, Manosque, Düsseldorf, Milan and Amsterdam. The team also offers 300 training sessions per year for stores and pharmacies – over one session per day! Why not come and see us next time you’re in Paris? You’ll find us on the second floor of the L’OCCITANE offices at 108 rue Richelieu, in the second arrondissement.


Embracing complaints. Creating loyalty. with the CWE e-commerce team as the growth in online sales continues. The busiest time of the year for us is the festive season – just as it is for many of you. With so many people now using mobile phones and social networks, consumers can find information, compare choices and give their opinion 24/7. Consumers are increasingly demanding, and they want an immediate, informed response to any enquiry. We have adapted to this change in consumer behaviour. Now we also respond and communicate via new channels, such as Facebook, Live Chat, blogs and forums.

By Anne-Sophie Pouyau

WHO ARE WE? The French Customer Services team is based in Paris. The CWE Customer Services are based in other European countries (Germany, Spain, Italy and Belgium). The international and CWE coordination team is based in Paris. Customer services, France: +33 9 69 36 46 56 (cost of a local call). Monday to Friday, 9a.m. to 6p.m.


ur customers are at the heart of our business. Not only do we need an effective sales culture; we must also have a real culture of service. Our single objective is to meet all our customers’ needs and, in doing so, gain their loyalty. Every day, our challenge is to add a touch of magic to the customer experience. By sharing our values (conviviality, authenticity and quality), we hope that any unhappy customers will come to be true ambassadors for the brand! Over 40,000 customers contacted us in the CWE region last year – that’s 160 telephone calls and emails a day! Each time a customer calls, we ask, «What can we do for you?» There are lots of different reasons for contacting us. Customers may have questions or complaints about the online store, the brand or products. They might ask how they can use a promotional offer if they place their order online. They might want to know when their parcel is going to arrive, why we discontinued the Red Rice range, or if our products contain parabens… The opinions of our customers provide us with a wealth of information, which we regularly share internally. This helps us to constantly improve our products and services. A new world of active consumers Our customers are evolving fast… These days, two thirds of the customers who contact us are online store customers. We work hand in hand

Since March, we have also been using some new and extremely efficient software (Eptica), which allows us to have a 360° vision of the customer, to increase operational excellence and to improve the quality of our responses. This new expertise has been very beneficial – just like our excellent relationships with the international Web, CRM, Training and Marketing teams, as well as the Laboratory (Cosmetovigilance, Quality). Now we can add an international role to our missions. We will be providing a database of customer questions and answers and establishing performance factors that can be used in all countries. First, we will work with the UK (July) and the US (August), then other countries (in 2014) so that they can begin using our software. A strategy recognized by the French QualiWeb awards Our customers expect us to answer them within 24 hours. It is up to us to give them a personalized, friendly response that also expresses the values of our brand. We do everything we can to make this happen, and our efforts have been rewarded. L’OCCITANE has done extremely well in the French QualiWeb awards, which give points for excellence in online customer relations. This year, we were ranked 6th out of 315 brands from all sectors. In the beauty sector, we were no. 3, just behind two major luxury brands (Dior and Guerlain). So what’s next? We intend to help move the brand more upmarket and anticipate new customer needs. And when it comes to measuring the quality of our service, we can still go further – and we will! ■


Ways to well-being for everyone… …and no need for a coach or a gym!


he L’OCCITANE Spas are launching an innovative new, expert massage: the Relaxing Well-Being Massage. Lasting one and a half hours, it aims to improve well-being and body balance, with long-lasting results. Various stretching movements are used to reduce stress and muscle tension, and to restore energy and vitality. These movements are combined with relaxing strokes. The result is a treatment that offers true holistic benefits and encourages the body and mind to regenerate. Available in our two flagship spas in Paris and Hong Kong since October 2012, this treatment will soon be launched in São Paulo and Taipei. Our spa experts are back again with tips to help

you feel great. This time, they have some simple stretching techniques that you can do at home (we gave you stretching techniques for the office in a previous edition!). Poor posture and a lack of exercise can lead to muscle tension (especially around the shoulders and neck), migraines, stress and fatigue. So remember to stretch every morning to get your body ready for the day, then stretch again in the evening to relax your muscles before going to bed. This should also help you to fall asleep! Just ten minutes a day is all it takes – but soon you’ll feel the difference! ■

By Magali Marco

To relax the shoulders, upper back and arms Hold your right arm with your left arm at the elbow. Lightly push your elbow upward towards the left shoulder. Hold the position for 20 seconds, then repeat the exercise with the other arm.

To relax neck and upper back muscles Tip your head slightly to the right and try to touch your shoulder by pulling your head lightly with your right arm. Hold the position for 20 seconds then repeat the exercise for the other side. Finally, lower your chin towards your chest.

To relax the back, and particularly the lower back Lie on your stomach with hands flat on the floor, in line with your chest. Push on the arms while breathing out and contract your buttocks while keeping your legs and feet on the floor. Finally, look upwards to stretch the lower back more and stretch the neck.

To stretch hamstring muscles and the hips Lie on your back and lift your right leg, with knee slightly folded. Hold the position for 30 seconds, while trying to gradually tighten the leg, to stretch the hamstring muscles. Repeat the exercise with the left leg.

Soon we’ll be telling you more about our latest spa openings, particularly in Mumbai (India), Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) and the Moulin de Vernègues hotel in France!

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