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Conclusions Groups of the workshop produced various ideas on what the business advisory services around the Baltic Sea region should look like in the year 2020. The results didn’t converge very much and practically all the key elements of the visions presented by each group could co-exist. Most pressing issue seemed to be securing the quality of provided services. According to views presented in the workshop increased co-operation on various levels and networking among business counsellors as (well as other actors) and improved tools for communication and information processing are needed. Services provided for the SME’s should be easily accessible (one desk service) and they should have reciprocal elements so that the work of business advisors could be further developed according to customer feedback. One impression that came across during the discussions of the workshop was that the business advisor’s community in the Baltic Sea Region is a rather under-used resource. Business advisors from different countries with different backgrounds and skills create a pool of knowledge and network of experts that, as a group, would be able to assist businesses willing to do trade in the Baltic Sea Region (and further) in ways no one single business advisory unit can. At present service providers in the region lack information, habit and tools to cooperate. If these hurdles were to be crossed, the service providers would be able to create more value than at present is possible to the companies of different sizes in the region.

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