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Goal for 2020 and a way to get there Work of this group concentrated on how to create an atmosphere of trust and a venue for collaboration between various actors around the Baltic Sea Region in order to lower the barriers for doing business in the area. The answer was to be found in creating international co-operation on many levels; first among students and science community later developing into startup/incubator activities where actors from countries all over the Baltic Sea combine their ideas and resources to produce new and exciting products and services. Increased interest for entrepreneurship and for internalization thrives in an atmosphere where sharing information between actors in various countries and entering to do business into foreign markets is easy. The final products of the increased co-operation are special incubator centres that are formed based on smart specialization strategy. In the Baltic Sea Region the strategy is given a push via increased co-operation. As people (students, business advisors, researchers, innovators, etc.) gain knowledge on what are the relative strengths of each area and get to know colleagues from other countries, the possibilities of co-operation will become more visible. Incubator centres focus on assisting new companies building business on recognized strengths of the area where the centre functions. Each area is responsible for development of certain business areas and new entrepreneurs from all over the Baltic Sea Region seek to those centres. Timeline for achieving preferred future Action:



Defining core competencies in Baltic Sea Region (BSR) - smart specialisation

Financing Main actors: Students, teachers, business advisors, etc.

Specialiced incubators in each country

Science parks, Universities By 2014: 1 week every half a year

By 2015: International business incubator services available







Raising awareness through networking events, comptitions, social media, consultants

BSR model dissemination to "outside world"

By 2015: 4 events in each country

By 2020: 15 SME's from participating coutries

Summary of basis book