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Goal for 2020 and a way to get there This group focused on visioning common e-services for the use of business advisors in the Baltic Sea region. Common e-service platform would foster co-operation between business advisors and would assist companies in various ways. Most important benefits for companies would be improved opportunities in finding market information, creating international contacts with new business partners as well as finding partners for conducting various projects. The basic services would still be conducted face-to-face, but this platform would serve as a good starting point for companies when wanting to find information on what kind of markets and business advisory services are available around the Baltic Sea Region. The service portal would be most conveniently funded by a separate project funding.

Timeline for achieving preferred future

Actions: Defining quality check system Defining system maintenance issues Fragmented e-services

Defining links (between databases of various information providers)



Strting point:





Defining needed content and functions

Testing the system

Defining basic technical requirements Main actor: Financing bodies : a project or public funding

Summary of basis book