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Creativity From A Continent On The Move

Launching the first magazine promoting African Creative Industries and Economy

Creative Africa Magazine embarks at a time of renewed interest into African culture and creativity, with the recent win of Barack Obama at the US elections and the identification of emerging markets in the African economy. The trend of promoting “trade instead of aid” focuses the attention on promoting economic development. The creative industries have been identified as an important engine to economic growth in Africa, for example the Nigerian film industry (“Nollywood”) creating 45.000 jobs in the last few years. With the 2010 world soccer Championships in Africa at our doorstep, a contemporary, more positive image of Africa will be on the top of everyone’s communication agenda. A magazine focusing on Africa’s creativity will have great potential to gain attention and to position itself on the forefront of branding a new Africa.

No Magazine Like This Exists In The Market Today.

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PUBLISHERS Agoralumiere`s “Creative Africa” programme is the publisher of “Creative Africa Magazine”. Agoralumiere International is a pan-African NGO. It has developed the Creative Africa initiative working in partnership with UNCTAD to ensure African ownership and under the African Union’s leadership to be in line with the African development agenda. READERSHIP The magazine, which will be launched at the Annual Forum on African Creative Industries and Creative Economy in Abuja in November 2009, is directed at decision makers in politics and economy, creative industries entrepreneurs, investors, education institutions and the general public interested in African creative economy in Africa, Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East. DISTRIBUTION The first issue is planned at 80 pages in total, with 15 to 20% of advertising pages. Agoralumiere is targeting a total combined circulation of “Creative Africa Magazine” of 40.000 copies for the first issue (30.000 copies English language version, 10.000 copies French language version). The magazine will be published bi-annually in Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East with increased print runs throughout the first three years. It will be sold at selected newsstands and to international organizations and bodies acting as distribution partners. Airlines and hotels will also be approached for distribution. Single copy sale in Sub-Saharan Africa will take place through local partners. A subscription to the magazine will also be available through the Creative Africa website. Sample distribution at relevant fairs and events and direct mail to targeted lists will be utilized to build subscriptions. After an initial start-up fundraising for the first issue, the publishers aim at sustaining the magazine through advertising, single copy sales and subscriptions.


The Creative Africa Magazine is the sustainable physical support tool for a global promotion of the African creative industries and creative economy. It will be the leading source of information in this field. The Creative Africa magazine serves as a platform for African creative entrepreneurs and policy makers and will build a bridge between Africa creative industries and export markets. It Will: - Contribute to the agenda for discussion on African creative industries development - Present political, institutional and private sector initiatives to support the African creative industries

- Introduce and promote African creative entrepreneurs to the general public - Show best practise examples and case studies of African creative industries - Present current topics of interest in creative industries in Africa and elsewhere - Create awareness and inform the general public about the scope and potential of creative industries

As such, Creative Africa Magazine contributes to the Millennium Development Goals and represents a valuable tool in reducing poverty through capacity building and economic development in the creative industries.

CONTENT EXAMPLES FOR THE FIRST ISSUE: - The power of creativity – how creative industries are contributing to economic growth in Africa - African women and youth in creative industries - The Use of Creativity in Conflict Prevention and Peace Building - Building a New Africa – Architecture boom in African cities (Abuja, Kigali and more) - Fashion made in Africa – how the global fashion industry is discovering Africa´s creative potential - Sustainability and Social responsibility in the Creative Industries


CREATIVE AFRICA MAGAZINE SPONSORSHIP & ADVERTISING SPECIFICATIONS >> 40.000 Copies << - To be sold in selected outlets in London, Paris, Milan, New York, Washington DC, Beijing, Dubai and other cities in Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East - To be sold in Sub-Saharan Africa - To be distributed via airlines flying to and from Sub-Saharan African destinations - Complimentary copies for the Annual Forum on African Creative Industries and Creative Economy in Nigeria, November 2009 and other international events on African economic and cultural development such as the annual Africa Day in Geneva, FESPACO in Burkina Faso, FIMA in Niger, FESPAM in Congo, Biennale Des Arts de Dakar ad ARESVUA in Nigeria.

Sponsorship Packages Creative Africa magazine can compliment your company’s activities as a Corporate Social Responsibility tool. The sponsorship package provides the opportunity to receive advertising and editorial in the magazine as well as exposure in all global activities and events of the Creative Africa programme. Please contact us for details. Advertising Rates Half Page Single Page Double Page Spread Inside Back Cover Outside Back Cover Inside Front Cover Spread

600 1.000 1.800 1.300 2.000 1.800

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Copy Deadlines > Cover Date Fall/Winter 2009 Spring/Summer 2010

> Copy Deadline September 30th tbd

> Distribution November/December June

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CONTACT INFORMATION Creative Africa is published on behalf of Agoralumiere International. Agoralumiere International 37 Corniche Andre de Joly 06300 Nice â&#x20AC;&#x201C;France - - - - - Anne-Liese Prem Creative Africa Project Manager M. +43 664 1954 607 Skype. anneliese_prem E.



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