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ABOUT THE COMPANY For over 35 years, the Anne Koplik name has stood for style and quality. With over 400 pieces introduced each year, Anne Koplik Designs can be spotted everywhere from the grocery store to the red carpet, proving versatility enough for every occasion. We use only the finest materials, including SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, antique glass beads, and exclusing hand enameling. We individually design, produce and ship from our Brewster, New York, USA studio.

QUALITY STATEMENT Each Anne Koplik Designs “it” piece is handcrafted with time-tested techniques that no foreign assembly line or machine can match. Our work endures because we use only the finest materials; handmixed enamels, crystals from Swarovski, solid brass, surgical steel posts for earrings and more. To ensure your safety our findings and chains are always 100% lead and nickel free.

ABOUT THE JEWELRY The earring wires are made from either surgical steel, gold electroplate over brass or sterling silver plate over brass. The earring posts are made of surgical steel. Chains, charms, clasps and findings are solid brass. Our enamels are hand mixed and hand applied in our studio by skilled American artisans. All necklaces are adjustable from 16-18’ long unless otheriwse noted. Rings are adjustable from size 5-11 finger. Most importantly, all of our metals are completely lead-free, nickel-free, cadmium-free and made in the USA. All earrings shown have both a standard wire (a fishhook or leaver back wire) and a crystal post/clip-on MADE WITH CRYSTALS BY SWAROVSKI. There is an additional $6.00 charge to have any earring changed into a post or clip-on. When placing your order for earrings you must specify standard, post, or clip-on.

PLACING YOUR ORDER You may place your order 24/7 online at, by phone, by email, or through your local AKD Sales Representative. Open Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (EST)

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BS 7529 CRY

ES 8101 CRY

NS 7529 CRY

ES 7689 CRY

ES 7529 CRY

ES 7960 CRY

NS 7955 CRY

ES 8557 CRY

NS 7960 CRY


ES 7807 CRY

NS 7818 CRY ES 8507 CRY


BS 7256 CRY

NS 7256 CRY PS 2050 CRY


ES 8246 CRY

ES 7256 CRY

NS 7615 BCRY

NS 7615 ACRY ES 7615 CRY

ES 8356 CRY

ES 7955 CRY

ES 7904 CRY

NS 7905 CRY


ES 7381 CRY

ES 7382 CRY

NS 7531 CRY

NS 7381 CRY


ES 7527 CRY

ES 8588 CRY

ES 7619 CRY

BS 7619 CRY

ES 7806 CRY

BS 3083 CRY

ES 7356 CRY

ES 3083 CRY

NS 3104 CRY NS 3083 CRY

ES 8286 CRY

ES 8508 CRY


ES 7956 CRY

ES 7959 CRY

NS 7959 CRY

NS 7956 CRY ES 7958 CRY

NS 7958 CRY


ES 7903 CRY

ES 7904 CRY

BS 7904 CRY

NS 3105 CRY

NS 7904 CRY

ES 3105 CRY

BS 3105 CRY


NS 7409 CRY

BS 7909 CRY

PS 2093 CRY

ES 7373 CRY

NS 7957 CRY


NS 7901 CRY

ES 7957 CRY

ES 7907 CRY

ES 7926 CRY


NS 7384 PRL

ES 7384 PRL

ES 7897 PRL

NS 3106 PRL ES 7900 PRL

NS 7897 PRL


ES 3106 PRL

NS 7899 CRY

ES 7908 PRL

NS 7605 PRL

ES 7605 PRL

ES 7899 CRY

ES 7243 PRL

ES 7580 PRL

NS 7243 PRL


NS 7820 CRY

BS 7816 CRY

ES 8567 CRY

BS 7222 CRY

ES 8509 CRY


ES 8272 PRL

ES 7530 CRY



NS 7266 CRY

ES 8183 CRY



NS 7015 CRY

ES 7453 CRY

NS 7544 CRY

NS 7344 CRY

ES 8589 CRY

NS 7483 CRY

NS 7453 CRY ES 7802 CRY


ES 7483 CRY

NS 7588 GRG ES 7514 GRG

ES 7588 GRG

NS 7514 GRG


NS 3107 GRG

ES 3107 GRG

NS 7711 CSS ES 7711 CSS


ES 8467 CSS

NS 3108 GRG ES 3108 GRG

BS 3108 GRG

Anne Koplik Designs Crystal Catalog 2016  
Anne Koplik Designs Crystal Catalog 2016  

Each A.K.D. “it” piece is handcrafted with time tested techniques that no foreign assembly line or machine can match. Our work endures becau...