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St. Andrew’s Scots School 2013

“A little magic can take you a long way.” R. Dahl

“I have a passion for teaching kids to become readers, to become comfortable with a book, not daunted. Books shouldn't be daunting, they should be funny, exciting and wonderful; and learning to be a reader gives a terrific advantage.”

“A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”

INDEX “The Crocodile and the Kid” by Santino P. “The Unexpected Robbery” by Caro T. “After Earth” by Mati B. “The Magic Forest” by Mia P. “Mr. Giraffe’s Monster Chase” by Gero L. “The Past and Future Machine” by Mia Ch. “A Love Story” by Viole O. “Charlie’s Adventures” by Ian A. “A Magic Friend” by Delfi R. “Charlie and the Witches” by Martu J. “Matilda and the Villains” by Francisco M. “Miami's Best Chocolate Factory Ruined” by Viole O. “Halloween Days” by Mia D “The Unexpected Trick of the Clever Animal” by Juanchi M “The Ghost and his Neighbours” by Vicky Q “The Enormous Crocodile in the Zoo” by Franco M. “The Undiscovered Forest” by Pablo J. “The Crocodile and the Friendly Giant” by Thomas F. “The Luckiest Family Ever” by Felipe L. “The Magic Medicine” by Juan P. F. “Danger at the Airport” by Jamzín C. “Matilda and the Witch” by Cata L. “Horror in the Mining Trip” by Lucas B “The Great Machine and the Horrible Wizard” by Joaco C. “The Unknown Magician” by Jero L.

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“The Crocodile and the Kid” By: Santino P.

One day, an enormous crocodile wanted to go to Willy Wonka’s factory because there were lots of children and he loved children with chocolate. He started to think what he could wear to look like a lollipop. He put costume on and then he went next to the door. He saw James, the little boy who looked like a delicious boy. The crocodile was about to eat James. At that moment, a big, strong oompaloompa pushed the crocodile to the river of chocolate and he died. And all the oompaloompas started to sing.

“Crocodile, crocodile Never came back Because you will be Soup of crocodile” The crocodile and an oompaloompa said: The enormous crocodile went to the sky and he screamed “I will be back from death”

“The Unexpected Robbery” By Caro T.

One winter afternoon, in New York City, in 2019 in the school “Teen High School”, there were four teenagers, Sally Parks was one. Sally was as sweet as a candy. She was sixteen. She had blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair. The second boy was John Millers, he was as wise as as an owl. He was sixteen. He had brown hair and brown

eyes. The next two were the mean ones, Missy and Rony Clark. Missy was as mean as a shark, she was seventeen. She had black hair and big green eyes. Rony looked like Missy, but he was eighteen. That afternoon, Missy pushed Sally into the lockers, SLAM! Rony threw the football on purpose to John, BONG! That happened every single day. One day, a thief came and made a hole in the wall BOOM!. The thief took Missy and Rony, they said “HELP!� but when Sally tried to help, it was too late.

Two years later, Missy and Rony were not back. The thief made them work as their servants. POOR RONY AND MISSY! One day, Sally and John got together and decided to help Rony and his sister because maybe if they were good with them Rony and his sister would be friends with them and they would not push Sally and John to the lookers or throw them something. When they were looking for clues, they found a lion cub called Zimba, but when they met him, Zimba said, ”Hey!”, and the two teenagers screamed,”Ah! ”. The lion whispered, “Calm down, I can help you two.” Then Sally said,”Ok. Did you see a thief with two teenagers like us but with black hair?”, “Oh. Yes, come with me!” answered Zimba, “Ok!” yelled the other two. After two days, they got there. It was a horrible room in the middle of the woods. Sally was scared but John told her, “Don't worry, you are with Me.” and she smiled. The thief was making Missy cook a duck cake and Rony was cleaning the thief's shoes. They fought with the thief until the good ones got him and told him,” Never do that again!”. The lion cub said, ”I had an idea! Maybe if I give him this poison called Badumma, he could turn into somebody that does not do bad things like stealing. He will be nice and kind. He will look like a farmer.” But the bad guy didn't want to drink it and he bit Rony’s finger and Rony stood up firm and told the thief, “You never do that again!” the thief was so scared and distracted that Sally put the poison in his mouth and smiled. Zimba started to say, “Drink, drink naughty man A good man you will become Drink, drink naughty man.”

The bad guy drank and he became really friendly, so he smiled and left. After a while, the four humans and the cub became inseparable friends and went to watch the show called: “The Lion King”.

“After Earth” By Matias. B

On Earth in the year 2564, everything was as usual, but not for that longer. The aliens were coming. Not so much time went by, they were on earth. The humans weren't ready.

The E.T’s landed in London, Brazil, Canada and Australia. One second after the landing, the whole world was watching their T.V sets. Suddenly, the aliens blew off the ships. They were as big as a whale, they had a trillion eyes each one, two wings, they had many legs and they were as black as coal. They were all armed from the tip of their toe to the tip of the hair they don’t had hair. The owners of earth immediately knew what was happening… They started arming and one day later, the war started. Believe it or not, the war lasted for 128 years, the humans won it. But they kept the moon. The thing was that after all the bombs and atomic bombs people were no longer able to live on Earth because there were no plants, very low oxygen and a lot of global warming. The humans needed to find another planet to live in, otherwise the human species would become extinct.

After three months, most of the humans died. The humans found a new planet, but it was very far away. They needed to make a ship that could go 2.486.228.123.316 km. They made it in a month and went to the planet. After 2.001 years, the humans were on the second planet. They landed to live on the second planet called Braggattack. It was very similar to the earth before the war. There were plants and animals but they were a lot different, for instance there was a bird with trunk and skin of zebra that sounded like a donkey, or a violet plant with eyes that could shrink and then transform into an enormous one.

For the humans, it was very strange, but it was the only planet where they could live. After all, the humans lived there for a very long time, and nowadays, it is a legend, a very interesting one, and that is why I tell it to you.

“The Magic Forest” By Mia P. On an island called Stark, there were two girls. The girls were called Mary and Sophie. Sophie was as tall as a giraffe, she had blue eyes and blonde hair. Mary was as short as an ant, she also had blonde hair, but brown eyes. Sophie and Mary were best friends and they invented a poem of best friends that was: “we are, we are Best friends, best friends We are never going To be bad friends”

One day, Mary had to go to live to another country. Sophie cried, “No, no don't go please.” But she had to go. The country was called Hallowold City. Mary went on a

hippo to Hallwold city and the hippo was as strong as a bull. When Mary arrived in that city, the people were as sweet as honey. Mary arrived to the house with her mum. “I love this city but I miss Sophie a lot” said Mary so Mary’s mum said, “Send her a letter, invite her”. “YES YES”, Mary said. Sophie received the letter.

Sophie said, “Dad, dad, can I go to visit Mary tomorrow? Please please”. “Of Course”, said dad. Sophie did quickly the suitcase. The girl went to sleep. When Sophie woke up, she said to her dad “Bye bye”.

Sophie arrived and Mary was there waiting for her in Hallwold “I missed you a lot” said Mary. “Let's go quickly to my house” said Mary. When the girls arrived, the girls went to Mary’s bedroom. Then, Mary said to her mother, “We are going to the city”. When Mary and Sophie were going to the city, they found a forest that was called the Magic Forest “Let’s go in’’ they said. When they entered to the Magic Forest, a bird started talking. The two girls heard something very strange, like a “hahahahahahahaha”. Sophie said “I am scared, I saw something.” They looked up and a jail caught them. The witch went with the two girls. The witch said, “

“you two, you two are going to die in the afternoon”

The girls remembered that they had a poison in the pocket. Mary had a sweet and Sophie the poison, so they mixed the the two things and they said to the witch “Would you like a sweet”? and the witch said “No, No thank you.” The girls said “It is very very tasty “mmmm” said the witch, and she ate it. Immediately, she fell on the floor and she was dead. “Yeh yeh, we did it! Let’s go”, said Mary. They escaped from

the Magic Forest. They went as quickly as a puma to Mary’s house. Mary’s mum said “I have breaking news” “What?” said Mary “the good news is that we are going to live again to Stark”. When they arrived to the Island Stark, they went to live to Sophie’s house and everybody lived happily again.

“Mr. Giraffe’s Monster Chase” By Gero L. Mr. Giraffe woke up and said, “I need ingredients for the medicine” because he had a medicine shop. He dressed, and while he was drinking his capuccino, he made his shopping list. It read, “three jars of whale oil, two packets of African species, and three jars of chimichurri”. Mr. Giraffe was a serious giraffe but when he was with Mini Monkey he was as sweet as honey. Mini Monkey was as little as an ant and as fast as lightning. Mr. Giraffe´s house was very big and had an enormous staircase.

Mr. Giraffe went out and asked, “Will you come Mini? and Mini said, “oo oo yes yes”. They went out the door, Mr. Giraffe lived in a town called Animal Town. Animal Town was as beautiful as a rose and it was super big, it had a lot of shops. Half the way, he saw a terrible monster and shouted, “The Guglleslurpsnaper, run Mini”. The Guglleslurpsnaper was as big as a mountain and tremendously bad. In 10 seconds Mini was out of sight. While Mr Giraffe was running, Guglleslurpsnaper was singing, ” hi hi , you will die, so you have to say bye bye”. Mr Giraffe ran to a pub and called Mr. Croco while. Mr Croco was Mr Giraffe´s best friend










Guglleslurpsnaper is chasing me!, and Mr Croco answered, “I'm going” and hung up. Meanwhile, the Guglleslurpsnaper was singing, “come out come out don't have a doubt”.

Then, the Guglleslurpsnaper destroyed the whole pub and started chasing Mr

Giraffe. As quick as a flash, a helicopter of Croco’s army appeared with a giant packet of gummy bears. The helicopter made, “clumpety, clumpety, clump”. The Guglleslurpsnaper started chasing the hellicopter until they were out of sight. Finally, Mr. Giraffe entered to the market and said exhausted to Mr. Rhino, the shop assistant, “three jars of whale oil, two packets of African species, and three jars of chimichurri please”. Mr Rhino answered, “Ok” and gave him his things. Mr Giraffe went home and prepared the medicine, then Mini said, “hi” and Mr Giraffe said happily, “hi Mini”.

“The PastAnd Future Machine” By Mia Ch. In a farm there was a house, in the house lived Helen and Giggles, her eagle. Helen was as sweet as honey, she was blonde with blue eyes and tall as a giraffe. Giggles was a big eagle, his head was as white as snow and his body was as black as coal. One night, Helen decided to go on a trip. They went to the airport, they were going to Seattle. When they arrived, everything was very strange; they were in the middle of a forest. Giggles asked, “Where are we Helen? “ Helen answered that she didn't know. They were in a very dangerous place and 100 years before. A song was invented






The forest, the forest, that no one knows, it's very dangerous, never go in, because you'll never come back.

In a moment, Helen looking somewhere, was as pale as a ghost. She was looking at a MONSTER, that monster had sharp teeth, they were as sharp as a knife. That monster was in front of a machine. Giggles wasn't scared and wanted to go into the machine. Helen agreed. Giggles had a plan that was this: when the monster known as Grawl, slept they were going to enter the machine. After a while, the Grawl slept, so they went into the machine but there was a problem. The Grawl heard them. The terrible creature ran as fast as he could and into the machine he went. The machine sent them to the past, so Helen and Giggles went to the past. The two friends were in Spain, but in the past. They saw women with long dresses, and also they saw the bulls fighting with men. Helen and Giggles didn't know that the Grawl was chasing them. Suddenly, they appeared in America, also in the past. Then, in the United States until they had traveled all the world in the past. They had enjoyed a lot that day, but they still didn't know that the Grawl was chasing them.

In a second, they were back in the forest, sad because they were back. Helen heard a noise IT WAS THE GRAWL! Helen and Giggles started running as fast as a leopard. The Grawl smelled the eagle and Helen. Helen and Giggles saw a house, it wasn't in a good state but they went in. The Grawl was chasing them, but he didn't know where they had gone.

When Giggles and Helen went inside, they knew something was wrong. They saw something move behind a sofa, it was the machine that moved because of the wind. They went inside the machine, only that now they were in the future. Giggles shouted because he was surprised. Technology was everywhere. The street was

empty but the sky was full of flying cars. The people didn't walk , they sat on a sofa and flew in the air, the houses were round and very modern, the airplanes were balls in the air, balls of glass, and only one person went in. Helen said “I'm dreaming” Giggles said “I think you aren't dreaming my friend “. They walked around the malls, it had been a great day said Helen. In a second, they were outside the machine, but the Grawl was paying attention at them and he had heard them walking. Helen and his friend saw a shelf and there were some matches. Helen lit the matches, she went outside and threw them to the grass, the fire reached the Grawl and turned the monster on fire that was the end of the Grawl. After a night, the two friends started walking till they reached the airport. They did.














Helen and Giggles decided to write this fantastic adventure in a book and that book became very famous!

“A Love Story” By Viole L.

One day, in the United States on an island called Sant Tomas, Diego was in a pizza club, and he met a beautiful woman talking on the cellphone. He fell in love with her! She hang up and said, “Is there anything wrong sir?”. He answered, “Oh no!, it's just your eyes are as beautiful as gold and gold is as shiny as the sun and the sun is as yellow as a yellow highlighter and a highlighter is as blonde as your hair!”

“I'm Diego by the way, and you are?” “I'm Consuelo.” “What a wonderful name.” When Consuelo was about to answer, Sonia interrupted and she said, “Diego, what on the world are you doing?”. He said, “Sonia!, stop following me. You are as nosy as a mouse!, we are already divorced, and it was two years ago!” Consuelo interrupted and said, “ Sorry I'll interrupt, but I'll have to go, so nice to meet you!” “Wait, wait a moment, can I have your number please!?” Diego said. “Of course!! Here, take down notes, 1500061981” “Thank you!” he said “You're welcome and good afternoon!”

Three years have passed and Consuelo still had the idea of who that Sonia was. So she wanted to ask Diego. Diego called the previous night and he asked if she wanted to go to a picnic. She said, “Of course”. They went and they had SO MUCH FUN! until one moment, in which a witch came and watched them. The witch started to cry and cry, then she left. Diego and Consuelo kissed for the first time and then he asked, “Would you be my girlfriend?” “Of course” she answered. “But, who’s Sonia?” “She’s my ex-wife, and I have a kid with her, he is called Pedro.” answered Diego. “Oh well can I meet him?” asked Consuelo a little bit shocked. “Of course!”. He said. “Now I'll call him!”. The man shouted, Pedro!, Pedro come here boy!” “Coming” a voice cried. Pedro came and said, “Hello pretty woman, and dad I have to give grass and cupcakes to my magical horse!” “Okay sun” said Diego. Consuelo thought that maybe she could show Diego and Pedro her magical powers too, but then a pelican saw her and knew she was a witch, not the bad one but the good one. Then the bird left.

Sonia appeared like a witch and got Consuelo. She tried to kill her in the lake! In three seconds, Consuelo was in the water trying to use her powers, she couldn't. Diego saw everything that was happening and went to the lake. He just had realized that he could breathe under the water. He got Consuelo and then Sonia had disappeared in front of Diego. Pedro was “ZIZZLED”. “WHAT HAD JUST HAPPENED?”

Diego started looking at Consuelo, then at Pedro, then at the place Sonia had disappeared… all these for ten minutes. Until one moment Consuelo woke up and she hugged Diego, and his son Pedro. Consuelo got really mad at Sonia so she left and went on a giraffe that was near Sonia’s house. When she got there, they argued and then they started to fight. Obviously Consuelo won! and she said, “Sonia, sorry for all this but I love Diego and if you let me be with Diego I'll get someone for you! but please let me be with him! I beg you.” Sonia started to cry and said, “Okay, but you'd better find my true love!” They started laughing. Then, Consuelo left with the giraffe and with Diego. Sonia called Pedro and he left.

Diego proposed to Consuelo and they got married. In the wedding, Consu said, “Diego, would you have more babies?” he said, “Only if you want!”.

One year later, they had one kid called Dieguito (typical of a just married couple when they have their first kid). Then, after some years they had a little girl called Cami. After some years, they had a boy called Benjamìn. And finally, after three years and a half they had a girl called Viole. Diego, one day said to Consuelo, “No more babies PLEASE!” “It's okay for me!” After some years, they became a very nice family. And that is the story of a fine and normal couple.

“Charlie’s Adventures” By Ian A. Once upon a time, there was a boy called Charlie who lived in a house in Santa Lucia. That house was very luxurious and nice. Charlie was a bad boy, rich and when his mother










One day in the morning, Charlie and his mom went to the living-room and Charlie’s mom said to Charlie.

“Never, never go to the playground Everybody goes in, But they all come back dead”.

The next day, Charlie didn't accept what his mother said so he went to the playground. In the playground, there was an enormous crocodile. It was very strong, cruel and all the days he did tricks to all the children of the playground.

But one lion that was in the playground and was as strong as a bull stopped all the tricks that the enormous crocodile did to all the children.

Charlie went to the playground and he found the enormous crocodile trying to do a trick to him pretending to be a game.

The enormous crocodile ran to Charlie and Charlie ran, ran, ran and ran as fast as a cheetah. Then, the crocodile almost beat Charlie so Charlie hid in a palm tree and saw little people that were called the Minpins. The Minpins were little people that lived in a palm tree of the playground. Mister Mini that was the headmaster of the Minpins












When Charlie went down the tree, he saw the enormous crocodile and they started to fight.

The crocodile pushed Charlie, Charlie kicked the head of the enormous crocodile. Charlie won the fight.

The enormous crocodile never ever again dared to bother any child in the playground.

“A Magic Friend� By Delfi R.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Matilda. She was an orphan and she wanted to have a family. Matilda had green eyes and red hair. One day, she knew that the owner of the enormous colorful factory that was in her town was a good witch.

She decided to ask her to give her some parents. Matilda thought for a while. On her way, The earth started moving. An earthquake came. Matilda was too scared. Suddenly. one hand got her and took her to a place that Matilda did not recognize. Matilda opened her eyes and saw a nice and beautiful girl. She asked “Who are you?” “I’m Destiny Hope “answered Destiny. Matilda knew that Destiny was the owner of the factory but she was scared to ask.

A few minutes later Matilda asked if she could make her wish come true and Destiny said “Yes”. Then, Destiny asked “What do you wish for?”. Matilda answered “a family”. Destiny said some magic words like:

Precious are the wishes, Parents are friends I want this to happen in the end

Destiny gave her the wish. And Matilda lived happily ever after with her new family. She had a new brother and a new sister who loved her very much.

“Charlie and the Witches” By Martu J.

Once upon a time there was a child called Charlie that was 9 years old. Charlie lived with her Grandma called Viole. One day, Viole told a story to Charlie of a Witch called Delfi, and her secretary Caro, who was another witch but much younger.

One day, it was time for the witch and her secretary Caro to eat. When they finished eating, Caro said to Delfi “I smell a child�. They got the child that was Charlie and they turned Charlie into a dessert.

Five minutes later, one girl called Jaz went to HELP Charlie, before the witch and her secretary ate Charlie. Jaz had a machine that turned Charlie into a real person. Then, when the witch and her secretary DIED, there wouldn't be more problems.

“Matilda and the Villains� By Francisco M.

Once upon a time, in a forest, there lived the beautiful Matilda and her mother in a house. The house was so beautiful and tiny. On the same block, there were the villains Tony and Richard, they were so so naughty. They had an enormous cave, where






One day, Matilda's mother said to Matilda “don't go to the cave on the road. There are two villains. They have a machine that blows fire”. But Matilda didn't care and she went to the cave, on the road. On the road, the villains were with the machine that blew fire. Matilda went running to her house. At that moment, the mother was running, to the cave, looking for Matilda. But when Matilda and her mother walked by, they didn’t see each other and when the villain saw Matilda's mother, he tried to kill her, and he killed her. After a week, Matilda couldn't pay the expenses because her mother had the money to pay the expenses so she thought of ideas and she said “I know, I will go to the cave through another road, I will get all the money and I will pay the expenses.” After one hour, she went to the cave on her own and she got all the money and the machine. Then, she could pay the expenses and she had the machine to protect herself. One month later, the villain came to have his revenge and to kill Matilda but when the villain was going to kill her with the knife, she said “stop” and she sang this song:

“Hello villain You try to kill me But I’m going to kill you With the machine”

So she killed the villain with the machine.

“Miami's Best Chocolate Factory Ruined� By: Violeta O.

Once upon a time, there was a big chocolate factory in Miami. It was the most famous one and the one with more chocolates. We can say that it was the best one. There, Jazmine Angachanga, the pig, worked. She was pretty, short and she loved to throw herself into the chocolate. She was the only animal working there. Her life was peaceful and perfect.

But one day, her enemy called Delfina that was a very bad person, but a very pretty one, came to Miami and tried to destroy the factory. When she opened the factory door she said, “I came to ruin your chocolate factory and nothing will stop me, I want revenge”. Then, Jazmine asked Delfi, “Why do you want revenge?” Delfi said,”don't you know?” Jazmine screamed “No, I don't know.” “I'll tell you” Delfina said “You didn't accept me when I wanted to work in your factory because I didn't have a job” you hurt my feelings and now it is my turn to hurt your feelings” Delfina laughed, Jazmine said worried “I didn't mean to hurt your feelings but I want to work alone, you know” Delfina screamed “I don't care, you did” and she disappeared.

Five days later, Jazmine, the pig, was trying to make a chocolate monster to stop Delfina. She worked as hard as an ant and she made it. She made the perfect monster to stop Delfina, so Jazmine Angachanga shouted “start working chocolate monster! Please” but the monster didn't work properly; it wanted to kill its owner! Jazmine turned it off. When she was giving in, Delfina came and screamed “you will not win, I warned you hahahahahahahahaha” When Delfina was about to kill Jazmine Angachanga, the pig. . . . . the monster came to life and ate Delfina in a single mouthful size and then she lived happily ever after working in the chocolate factory.

“Halloween Days”

By Mia D.

Once upon a time, there was a happy family. They lived in a beautiful house. Mom, Lila, Sophi and James. Lila, that was the eldest one always said,”I know witches and ghosts exist”. Every time Sophi heard that she said, ”I think so”. But mum and James said: “Lila, Sophi Please please understand Monsters or witches don't exist!”

When Halloween came, the children wanted to go out and collect sweets, but mum said, “You can't go out”. “Why can't we go out?” the children asked. “Mum replied, because you start thinking witches or other types of monsters exist”.

Five minutes later, mum, Lila, James and Sophi heard a knock on the door and grandma appeared!. “What a surprise”, the children yelled. Mum thought to herself, “Why did she come?”

Sophi asked grandma, ”Did you buy us sweets or dresses?” “Of course, if not which type of grandma would I be?” Grandma gave Sophi a ghost dress, Lila a witch dress and James a vampire dress. Lila put it on, Sophi as well, but James did not. The

bottom of the bag was full of sweets. Mom didn't want dresses or sweets for her children.

When the children went to sleep mum said,, ”Mum, let’s go and talk about some things in the kitchen”. ”ok”, grandma said. ”I know you're trying that Lila turns into a witch as you, but I don't want” “But we need another witch that can be able to kill the enormous green monster” grandma said. “I'm not letting you take Lila”, mum said.

What mum and grandma didn't know was that James, Lila and Sophi were listening. So when mum and grandma finished talking, the children went as quickly as a cheetah to their bedroom.

Grandma was about to go home, but first she read a story to the children called “Halloween Town”. Grandma told the story and it was about witches, monsters, mummies, a wolf man and vampires.

Grandma finished the story and it was time for grandma to go. But before grandma went, Lila, James and Sophi remembered what grandma and mum talked in the kitchen, so they followed grandma outside.

They saw grandma going into a bus that said “Halloween Town” but something was wrong in it. The bus was coming from the sky. First, five witches got in, then mummies, a man-wolf and monsters got on the bus too. Grandma was on the first

seat and in the first seat a voice said, “put on your seatbelts”, the bus went straight to the sky.

They arrived at a strange place, it was neat and clean. It looked like the logo of the strange place. It was a pumpkin. They were so interested in the pumpkin that they didn’t see their grandma any longer.

They saw a taxi so they got in. James had a strange look, “What happened?” Lila asked, “Look at the one who is driving the car, he's a skeleton”! “Don't look at it”, Lila said.

When they arrived, they saw a big fence. “How are we going to open it?” James said. Lila said, “Now it’s time to try my magic powers.” “You don't have magic powers.” James said”. “Yes, I do!” “Ok, try if you can.” Lila started saying “up up up fence open!” Nothing happened. Sophi said in low voice: “Open, open Lock, lock Swim, swamp” The gate opened.

“I told you I had super powers” Lila Said to James. Sophi said “of course”.

They got in the house. They looked at grandma cooking a strange recipe. When grandma saw them she asked “Does your mother know you're here?.” “No”, Sophi said. “How did you come here?” “With the magic bus, we followed you” James said.

Grandma told them what was happening in Halloween Town. So the children said at the same time “we will help you grandma” “Ok!” grandma said. “When full moon comes the monster will come”.

They slept two nights in grandma’s house. But in the third night, the monster came. Sophi was terrified at grandma’s house, but Lila and James said “Lend us some magic brooms” When they saw the monster,

witches, mummies and all types of monsters of Halloween Town coming, they all went to fight. When they killed the bad green monster, they went home.

But James went with a broken leg. Grandma said:

“Broken leg, fix please, fix please” And the leg fixed.

Grandma said “I think it is time to go home with mom.” When mom saw them, she started to cry. Mom asked grandma, “Would you like to stay with us mum”? “of course” grandma replied.

“The Unexpected Trick of the Clever Animal”

By Juanchi M.

In the London Eye, there was only an enormous and silly crocodile. He didn't eat for three days and he was desperate because he was starving.

The crocodile was walking to look for a person to eat, but on the way he saw a deer and he whispered. “Do you know what I will do today?” ”No, what?” cried the deer. “I, the crocodile, will do a clever trick and eat juicy children.” Protecting himself,

the deer said, “I think that you will not be able to do what you want to.” “ Okay”, the crocodile said laughing “But how will you do it, Crocodile?” asked the deer. “I, the best and cleverest crocodile of the world, will dress as a clever living car”. “I think whatever you do, you will fail”, expressed the deer.

Then, the crocodile got all the things that he needed to dress up like a “car”. The enormous animal dressed like a car and went to the street. Two children called Jim and James wanted to take a photo with that marvelous “car”. They said:

The car, that marvelous car, The most wonderful of the world, That machine goes through mountains, snow, oceans

and every possible surface that you imagine.

When the two little children were close to the animal, as the deer was observing, the deer ran to say that it was not a car, it was a crocodile that wanted to eat two little and juicy children. The deer came and hurt the croc car in the bottom. The crocodile never ever came again because he knew that he would fail.

Jim and James learned that they did not have to trust people they don't know.

“The ghost and his Neighbours” By Vicky Q.

Once upon a time, in a buried house there lived a Family. The mom was called Laura and the dad was called Alieto. They had one girl called Matilda and a boy called George. They lived next to the castle of Jack, but between the houses there was a forest that was called the Danger Forest.

Matilda was a naughty girl but also sensitive. She was so interested in watching her neighbour

that wanted







that house.

He wanted to destroy the house to make a garden for him, but the George’s family loved their house so Matilda told the crazy Plan of Jack to her brother George.

George, as he heard, was really paralyzed because he always thought that his neighbour was a good person.

Jack was as strong as a rock, he had never gone outside his house. No one saw him except for one person. He said that Jack was as white as a ghost.

That day, George and Matilda made a plan to stop Jack before Jack destroyed them. That night, they went into the Danger Forest and they discovered four

prisoner beasts sleeping, they woke one that said “Hello I'm the biggest beast, What are you doing here?”, the children answered. ”We... we are going to Jack's house, do you know it? “Yes”, that ugly ghost”, said the beast. Then the children shouted “ J… Jack is a ghost!” With that shout, the other three beasts woke up and said “What happened?”. Then George knew that the beast was chained, so he asked the beast why they were chained and they answered “Because we are Jack’s prisoners, we can't let someone pass through the forest, that’s why no one wants to go into this forest, because they think we are going to hurt them. We only want friends.” Then, the children felt sorry about those horrible but friendly beasts so they told them if they wanted to be their friends. One second later, the beast shouted “Yeeeeeeees” and they played for three hours. Then, they trusted them so they told them Jack’s crazy plan. Then, the beasts told them how to stop him. They told them “ in the attic there's a secret door. Open it and you will see a lot of potions. Get the one that reads “pet dragon.” With that dragon, you will stop Jack, there’s a secret road to get there. Good luck.”

So they went, it wasn't difficult, and then Matilda saw something, it was the road. They walked and walked until they got there. In the secret bedroom, they found the potion and they emptied the potion that fell on the floor. Two seconds later, an enormous dragon appeared, it was so big it fell to the floor. Then Jack opened the secret bedroom and George told him “ if you try to destroy us, this dragon will burn your castle.” Five seconds later, the police took Jack to the ghost prison. George saw a key and it read, “Beast chained”.

They went to the Danger Forest and freed the beasts. Matilda and George’s family took the castle as their house, they kept the dragon.

Three weeks later, the Danger Forest changed its name to the Beast Forest.

“The Enormous Crocodile in the Zoo” By Franco M.

One day, two friends called Tom and Franco went to hunt. Tom was short and fat and Franco was tall and thin .They were in a jungle at midday.

In a green big lake, they hunted the enormous crocodile. They put the crocodile in a cage. Franco and Tom locked the crocodile in the zoo. The next day, the enormous

crocodile camouflaged in the grass and when Tom and Franco opened the door, the crocodile ate Franco and Tom.

The crocodile escaped from the zoo. He ran as fast as a cheetah. And he went to the lake.

“The Undiscovered Forest” By Pablo J.

Once upon a time, there were two friends called Billy and George. George had blue eyes, his skin was as black as coal and he had braces. Billy had white skin, black hair and a diamond necklace . They loved investigating places. They were at Billy's house and Billy's father said that “The Forest of Knife” was the most dangerous forest, and he sang.

“The Forest of Knife The Forest of Knife All go in But all come back dead”

The forest of knife was beautiful, colourful and full of vegetables. George had and idea, He wanted to go in with Billy but Billy didn't want. George said, ”Stay outside.

I am going in”. Billy waited for two hours and he thought that George had died and he went in…………

There, it was the Rhino Muncher! The Rhino Muncher had a knife in his head and it was very hairy on his feet. George had been eaten by the Muncher. Billy remembered that his father taught him to control animals, but the Muncher grabbed Billy, and Billy stabbed him in the eye and said, ”Patas Búfalos”. The Muncher didn’t eat Billy. Billy had been surprised because he never did that and it worked. He said to the Muncher, “Give George back and don’t kill anybody else” and the boys killed the Rhino Muncher. On Saturday, the forest was full of persons, they swam in the lake, they fished and the life was happier. George had a shower because of all the saliva of the Muncher he had on his face.

“The Crocodile and the Friendly Giant” By Thomas F.

One day, the Enormous Crocodile went to eat some YEAR FOUR students and went running to the center of the jungle, where the school is.

The Enormous Crocodile, which is an evil and hungry crocodile, got the swimming pool teachers costume and got prepared to eat same students. The Enormous Crocodile told the students “go and swim as fast as a cheetah” and when the children got tired, he would bite them and would eat them.

When the students were tired, the Enormous Crocodile got a student and PUMM !!! the Big Friendly Giant, which is a good giant that wants to help persons, destroyed the ceiling. He saved the students and hung the Enormous Crocodile until he died. The students were running and shouting “ AAAAAAHHHHH “ and the Enormous Crocodile died.

“The Luckiest Family Ever” By Felipe L.

This story is about a very rich family which I’m going to introduce. They lived in an underground mansion about 250 years ago. Dan was Sonia’s husband. They had three sons. Danny was the eldest brother. He was 9 years old. The next brother was called Benji. He was 7 years old. The youngest brother was called Alex. He was 3 years old. That family believed that far away from this planet, there existed a very rare planet. It was a very strange planet called Legoland. There, everything was made of lego and everyone was kind. Well, almost everyone.

One day, something very peculiar happened. When Danny was at school he saw an E.T. trying to chase him. He ran as fast as wind trying to dodge the E.T. attacks, as the whole school was watching him run in the playground. The E.T. seemed to be invincible. Danny was asking for help desperately but no one dared to help him. They

were all afraid of the fearsome creature. “Run home” said Benji in a frightened voice “okay” said Danny to himself. Suddenly, more and more E.T.s were chasing him. He ran as fast as a rocket towards his mansion, so fast that he forgot about everything. When he reached the mansion, he remembered everything. He said “oh no my family my friends”. I must rescue them.

When he arrived at school, he couldn't believe what he saw. There was a whole invasion of horrible creatures invading the school and other buildings. He could only hear screams. Danny searched for his family. When he found them, they all ran home and were relaxed. They went to sleep.

When they woke up, they watched T.V. It said: The entire U.S.A. invaded by millions of aliens. The whole family did not dare to get out of the mansion for many months. Months later, Dan decided to have a look at the city to see if everything was okay. When he opened the door, he saw dead people, exploded houses and craters. It was completely uninhabitable, so they decided to go to live on the moon.

They got their rocket and marched towards the moon. Days later, Danny saw a little point in the horizon. “The moon!” “The moon!” he screamed with happiness. Then Sonia Dan and Benji went with Danny to see if it was true. It was true. Then, they realized it was late so they went to sleep. Dan was the first one to wake up and saw that that little dot wasn't the moon. It was Lego City! He screamed so loud that woke everyone up. Everyone saw the same. Hours later, they arrived in Lego City.

They went to explore, they built a hut and found a very poor man, it was called Mr. Nappy, they took him to their hut and told him about what had happened on earth. Mr. Nappy told them about Mrs. Demon and Mrs. Peach. Mrs. Demon and Mrs. Peach did not know anything about them and Dan and company did not know nothing about Mrs. Demon and Mrs. peach . Mr. Nappy said they were both very naughty people.

One day, they met Mrs. Demon in the street and she “invited” them to have tea but didn't invite Mr. Nappy. When they finished having tea, Dan said we'll have to go. “Not so fast” said Mrs. Peach and locked the door. You will never escape. You're now imprisoned and you will be cut in pieces in a week and with you the whole world.

But Mr. Nappy was in the hut investigating Mrs. Demon and Mrs. Peach plans, he had investigated all in five days. So he had a plan. He knew that Mrs. Demon and Mrs. Peach thought nothing was going to stop them. In a day he knew all Mrs. Demon plans. So he would get into their house and escape with Danny, Benji, Alex, Sonia and Dan. And that was what happened.

Mr.Nappy went to his house and escaped with all of them behind him. But they knew that the world was also going to explode. Mr. Nappy knew that there was an entrance to the paradise from that world.

They told everyone that there was an entrance to the paradise and they all started looking for the entrance. Baby Alex found it. He told everyone to enter and when the last person entered, the Legoland exploted the explosion was so big that Mrs. Demon and Mrs. Peach died.

And in the paradise Danny and Benji met their friends. And they all sang:

Together, together, Together again, with all my friends and All my pets were all Together again. Here in the paradise no one will be bothered out, Together together again.

“The Magic Medicine” By Juan P. F.

A few years ago, there was a nine year old girl named Lucía that was as funny as a clown, who lived in San Miguel de Tucuman, a lovely place to visit that is in Argentina. She lived with her grandma Tronchatoro, who was as old as a very old oak tree.

One day, Lucía invited her cousin named John to her house. John was as good as his mom. Two days later, John went to Tucuman. In their first day in Tucuman, they made fake medicines and while they made them they sang:

“The magic medicine, the magic medicine

Beware of the magic medicine, Magic medicine, magic medicine Beware that you can die”.

Then, they went with Tronchatoro, their grandma, and they told her, “Can you drink this medicine for a game... please?” “No, ugh kids and their stupid games”, grandma said, and the kids said “Please” “Okay” grandma said and she drank it... but 5 minutes later, grandma fainted!!

One day later, at a beautiful but poor hospital, grandma woke up and wondered “Where am I ?, What happened?, Where are my grandchildren?” and the doctor told her “You are at the Red Cross Hospital, you fainted and now you have ears and a pig nose. Your grandchildren are over there”, “Ahh okay...wait, what!! Ears and a pig nose!!, Who made it?!”, grandma said. John answered “We made it”, “Oh you stupid and naughty kids!!”. At that moment, they started to fight, BANG, BANG, BANG, until grandma said,

“No please, don't kick me again, please” and Lucia

answered “Okay, but only if you aren't such a terrible person with us” “Okay thanks, thanks” grandma said but then...Fui, SIN, PUM,!! and John said “Grandma got back to normal!” Grandma reflected “Moral: be good to others because you

wouldn't like others to make that to you”.

“Danger at the Airport” By Jazmín C.

Some weeks or days ago, three girls and one dog went to the airport. One of the girls was called Mili and the other one was called Sis. Mili had a sister called Caty and a dog called Rufus. She loved spending time with her best friend Sis. They always went to the countryside and rode horses and had picnics.

When they arrived to the airport, something terrible happened. Sis had to go to Africa for 2 years, the girls were crying and hugging. Suddenly, someone called Mili

and Caty. They turned to see who it was. When they looked at Sis, it was too late. Sis was gone, the bags were open, Rufus was barking and Caty started crying. Sis had been kidnapped. The police came and it was a mess. All the people were wondering what happened. Mili went crazy and shouted “SILENCE!!! I know what happened“and all the people left.

Mili did not know what happened so she ran to the upper floor and at the boarding gate a man dressed as black as a coal with black sun glasses, was pushing everybody to be first. So Mili started running to catch the man and then she stopped for a minute and she saw blonde long hair. It was Sis´s hair. The man fell and Sis got up and between both of them they got the man and sent him to jail . After that, Sis promised that she would never ever go to a place without Mili.

“Matilda and the Witch” By Cata.L

Once in the “Forest of Waffles” lived the Minpins and Matilda. Five miles away, lived the Grand High Witch.

One day, a Minpin appeared on Matilda’s tree-house and said “Matilda, the Grand High Witch got Domini, the ruler of the Minpins, and hid Domini in her cave.“ Matilda answered “Let’s go to rescue Domini!“ “No it is very dangerous”, the minpin said, but Matilda went all the same.

Matilda heard the Grand High Witch talking with Domini and she said “You, my little Doi” And Domini madly said “I’m Domini!’ So the witch answered “Whatever, where was I? A yes, that Matilda, she will never knew where I live” But Matilda was inside, under a table. When the witch went to the kitchen and she forgot Domini on the stairs, Matilda stood up and the Grand High Witch saw her and turned her into a mouse. Domini got Matilda and ran until he got on the tree-house, he was as fast as a cheetah.

Domini was doing a medicine to turn Matilda back to a normal person, he needed a banana to taste delicious, three bonsais, five tree nuts, and he had to sing...

“Dibadda,dabadda,dabadda BOO, turn into a normal person on this room, with my magic broom’’

She drank it and she turned into a normal person, and all the Minpins and Matilda lived happily ever after except for the Grand High Witch because she stayed alone and looking for revenge to the Minpins and Matilda.

“Horror in the Mining Trip” By Lucas B. A long time the 1980’s November 5’th in California, U.S.A, there was a boy called Little Johnny. He was as brave as a tiger, and he had the hair color of a panther. He had a dog called Dan that had the fangs of a lion and he had the color

of dark chocolate. Little Johnny and Dan lived in a place called “Pioneer Town”. It was small, with a Town hall, a supermarket, a bank, a hardware shop, a blacksmith where all day came sounds like bang-bang-bang,or a loud CLANG, a mail station and 20 houses.

Little Johnny and Dan heard about an old legend that had been going around lately all over the town. The legend was about a dead miner that revived as a zombie and was living in the abandoned mine beside the river. Little Johnny didn’t believe it so he said to Dan “Let’s go to the abandoned mine to see for ourselves if the legend was true”. They headed out to the mine with a lot of supplies such as food, water,

lanterns, guns, and mining tools. When they got to the mine, It looked deep, dark, and and so scary, but they went in. When they were at about the middle of the abandoned mine, they heard grumbling noises through the wall.

They saw a hand creeping out from behind the wall. The hand was as dark green as a cactus. Then an arm followed, then they knew who it was “the miner”, the zombie from the legend!!! They tried to fight “The Miner” with their strongest weapons AK-47’s, but they couldn’t kill him since he was already dead. He couldn’t die again unless he was set on fire and burned to ashes. He couldn’t do any harm to any soul. Then, Little Johnny and Dan were trapped in a closed room .“The Miner” had seen Little Johnny and Dan and was heading towards them!!! Then, a mountain climber that was very small for his age and came from Mars accidentally stumbled upon the abandoned mine, fell ,and dropped his torch on “The Miner” and he burned to ashes .

Little Johnny and Dan escaped with the mountain climber away from the abandoned mine to Pioneer Town and lived with glory and fame. Everybody was clapping from that moment on including Timmy, Tommy, and Donny the triplets strlunking, annoying creatures that ever lived.

“The Great Machine and the Horrible Wizard” By Joaco C.

Many years ago, there were two brothers called Jack and George. They were 9 years old they live alone, George had brown hair and freckles Jack his brother had red hair and he had white skin. They lived in a house with a huge garden outside. They went to a private school in their country that was England, Jack and George knew lots of people.

One day, Jack and George were talking in class about a new machine that Jack had dreamt of the day before. But Mary, a girl of their class, Mary’s best friend was Julie, Mary had black hair and freckles like George and Julie had a very light hair. Mary and Julie were sitting next to Jack and George they, listened to their conversation, the boys were saying, “George, do you want to make a new machine with me?” said Jack. George said anxiously “yes“and they agreed together that

after school they were going to start making the machine. The teacher said, “atencion please” and there was Bang! And Bang! on the whiteboard , the whiteboard was as white as snow, and the teacher said to Jack “ Jack!! are you listening or are you talking? ,“ and Jack said ,” I’ m talking Mrs. Sonia”.

The following day, when Jack and George came to school, they found all the class talking about the machine. All the class was laughing about the machine that could turn the world smaller and bigger. Three minutes later, a new child entered to the class, so Mrs. Sonia introduced a new child. Mrs. Sonia said, “Welcome the new child, his name is Peter “ In one second, as quick as wind, all the children in the class told Peter the thing that Jack and George were thinking about.

Peter, at the end of the school day, told his father, the wizard Paul that Jack and George invented a machine that could turn the world smaller and bigger. Paul was a human so when he said that he wanted to get the machine to make the world smaller and bigger when he wanted to. Nobody knew that Peter‘s father was a wizard and had many clones of himself. The days passed by and the vacations were coming and all the students were asking where they were going. Peter asked Jack, “where are you going?” and Jack answered “I’m going to the volcano Arenal in Costa Rica.” When Peter said to his father, “Jack and his brother are going to Costa Rica to the volcano Arenal.”, Peter’s father bought the tickets to go in the airplane.

The school finished so Peter and Jack and George went to the volcano Arenal ,but they didn’t meet. They stayed in a hotel. There were lots of pools in that hotel. They had lots of fun. It was so funny for Jack and George. The wizard Paul, Peter’s father, started to plan to steal Jack and George’s machine. The clones and the wizard Paul planned with his clones and his servants, his helpers, and his architects. The clones and Paul were in a secret place below the volcano. It was very difficult to take the machine out from Jack and it was more difficult to go because George was as strong as an ox but the wizard Paul was training his clones to try to come through all the hotel without making any noise just as quiet as a mouse. They trained all day, all night below that volcano erupting. Every day, they were hotter and hotter.

One the other day, some clones fainted because of the heat, they had to go to the hospital. The days passed by and meanwhile the clones were training. Jack and George did not know anything about that.They were planning to take out the machine so they enjoyed their vacations. That same day, but at night , all the men and girls in the hotel were sleeping so the wizard Paul and his one hundred clones came in but they did not know that the hotel had an alarm. In the same second they entered, they said “harey” but in that “harey” the alarm started to sound, all the clones in that room said ”We are in trouble” and in more trouble was the wizard Paul. One clone said, “Our boss is escaping. He will ,die he wants the machine for his own, we are going to kill him” and all the clones said “yes!!!” so loudly that they woke up the whole hotel so the wizard Paul was without any opportunity, the police got him and put him in jail.

The policemen put the clones in jail but the clones were clever and they escaped. The policemen killed the clone in the street so Jack and George enjoyed their vacations.

“The Unknown Magician� By Jero L. One day in 187o6 in an Irish dark pub there was a band singing:

Fat Tony, Fat Tony, Fat Tony the great bad killer !!! tu ru tu tu tu tu ru ru ru

How long could we allow this beast to everything he wanted to shoot at it . , there was a mafioso called FatTony. He was extremely fat. He had black hair and a big mustache. Everybody was afraid of him, he killed everybody that bothered him. He had six helpers. One of the helpers was a police in disguise called Richard. Richard was not a real helper, he was a policeman chasing Fat Tony.

A real helper shot Richard but luckily an unknown magician sprayed the bullets and the helper shot and shot boom,boom,boom. The magician sprayed all the bullets. As

he did that he said the magic words abracadabra hitipi puribi purri tabra and vanished. Richard shot the helper and escaped to his office. Then, Fat Tony got to know that a helper was shot and Richard escaped. Then Fat Tony got back to his mansion in Miami, Florida (key Biscayne).

One day Fat Tony went to a five star hotel and the magician saw him and he hid till it was nobody there. He shot Tony and the police gave him a price.

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