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How to Get a Free Car Check Getting a free car check is such a simple step that there is no reason that anyone should forgo it when purchasing a used car. A car that looks to be a good deal can become a problem car quickly if there are major issues that you don’t know the car has. Check vehicle sites are a dime a dozen, although Carfax has cornered the market on providing high-quality, reliable checks. Here are just a few of the problems that can result from not getting a car check done before purchasing a used car: 1. 2.

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A bad hose or gasket can lead to leaking transmission fluid, which could signify a problem with the car’s transmission. The car could have been involved in an accident that caused permanent damage. Many people who sell used cars “reclaim” cars from a salvage lot and repair them, but some of that damage cannot be repaired fully. Buying a rebuilt car may work for you, but it’s important that you know what you’re getting before you buy. A leak in the engine can be covered with a few simple repairs, but it could mean the engine will seize up within a few hundred miles of buying the car. Problems with the car’s registration will be revealed if you get a free car check. You also can see if the car has been bought and sold repeatedly, which may give you pause.

The process of getting a car check on a used car that you are considering buying is simple. You will need to know the VIN number of the car. Doing a quick visual check vehicle identification number should be visible on the windshield. Then you simply need to pull a report from a company that allows people to check to see if they are looking at a problem car. The report will come back with basic information about registration history and accident history for the car, and some companies also allow for the purchase of additional information about the car’s history. This check is simple, quick, and free, and there’s no reason not to have it done!

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If you want to invest in a used car, you may want to perform a free car check. This may very well spare you from taking home a problem car....

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