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UnionPay online payment promotes the healthy development of online payment Together to create a "United Commercial Bank of China UnionPay, UnionPay online (microblogging) to pay," ushered in the first anniversary of the on-line. Just one year, "UnionPay online payment has become one of the online payment industry in the forefront, opening more than 180 banks, access to merchant over 3000, nearly ten million of the development of the user. In online shopping, the convenience fee, booking business travel, charitable contributions, transfer payments and other areas, for CUP cardholders to provide security, and efficient payment services, and promote the healthy development of China's online payment industry. Suning, Chairman of China UnionPay, China UnionPay has been committed to the parties to the joint commercial banks and industry to promote the field of bank card payments innovation, attention to the deepening and expansion of field of use of bank cards. "UnionPay online payment online CUP as China UnionPay layout focused on innovative business and will continue to provide more convenient, safe and efficient payment experience for the majority of CUP card holders, the joint industry parties to jointly promote China's electronic payment industry Continuing the upgrading and development. With the CUP growing products and service system, coupled with "UnionPay online payment itself supports various types of CUP cards without online banking to pay the advantage," UnionPay online payment on-line to attract all national banks and a number of regional banks, widespread access, and integration of all resources, and gradually build online network, and unity, build and share online transactions transfer clearing platform for the bank online merchant acquiring business . Only one year, more than 3,000 access the platform at home and abroad merchants, already covered mall department store, traffic travel, digital electronics, financial payments, life services, hotels and tourism, public charity, book publishing, computer software, sports, brand clothing, game cards and other e-commerce fields. Including more than 500 central and western electric providers, reflects the social responsibility of UnionPay online payment ". Experts have pointed out, online shopping, online games, represented by the traditional online marketplace is gradually mature, look for the Blue Ocean will become the online payment companies must, future financial planning, life and services close to the personal life of the People First service will be the market mainstream. To this end, "UnionPay online payment gradually builds itself into a comprehensive convenience services platform. Travel UnionPay online payment covering the railway, online booking services for three major areas of aviation highway. Spring Festival travel season, "UnionPay online payment is to become the cardholder snapped train the" weapon ".

Recently, UnionPay online payment also launched a mobile phone prepaid recharge function. Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom users both online charging calls, send text messages recharge are no online banking. In addition, UnionPay online payment to solve the problem of "medical treatment" to make a power. Network in Guangzhou and Nanjing appointment system is connected to the platform, cardholders registered online in the future, no online banking to pay to the designated clinic for medical treatment, an identification card will be able to. Earnings outside the UnionPay online payment is the same value to the consumer experience. In addition to the paid tickets can be used to network for credit card payments and mobile phone recharge, the platform has recently also preparing to launch online shopping movie tickets, water, electricity payment and other payment services. The bankers pointed out that "UnionPay online payment integration and orderly flow of capital and information flow, promote the rapid development of e-commerce industry chain, and enhance the operational efficiency of the society as a whole. The platform resource integration "has positioned itself and a strong sense of service, that is committed to promoting economic restructuring, services, green innovation economy, improve people's livelihood. China UnionPay President Xu Luode UnionPay online payment online payment platform open, and by building mutually beneficial and win-win business model to meet the CUP cardholders a wide range of innovative electronic online payment gateway payment needs. China UnionPay will actively promote and deepen the cooperation with all parties, to further improve the non-card payment transaction processing platform to create a non-card payment products and services system to bring more convenient payment services for users. China UnionPay will continue with an open mind and welcome the industry parties actively involved in cooperation and jointly promote the industrial development of electronic payment and shared growth, cooperation and win-win.

UnionPay online payment promotes the healthy development of online payment  
UnionPay online payment promotes the healthy development of online payment  

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