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Third-party payment crack cross-border retail market May 8, 2012, Alipay announced joint BOC Credit Card (International) Limited ("BOC Credit Card Company") was first introduced in China, Hong Kong and Macao for Hong Kong and Macao users quick payment services to help Hong Kong, Macao users more easily be completed in the territory of Taobao and Lynx shopping payment. Relying on sophisticated user base of BOC Credit Card in Hong Kong and Macao, this service will provide millions of Hong Kong and Macao credit card users in cross-border online shopping convenience. Coincidentally, at the end of April, Paypal has just announced that entered into a collaboration with the eight non-native airline Dragonair, Portugal Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines etc.. The picture started slowly in 2012, cross-border business is becoming the new Aspect of the leading enterprises of third-party payment. For leading third-party payment companies, and gradually expand overseas markets, especially overseas user market, seems to have a matter of course. Alipay registered users as of the end of last year, data show that over 650 million daily turnover over 4.5 billion yuan, and the peak daily transaction amount of 33.69 million. Registered users, number of transactions, trading volume and other important indicators, Paypal has become the previously large global payment platform. "With the growth of the domestic Internet companies, internationalization is inevitable expectations of the leader." The president is looking Consulting Lubbe said. In fact, the Alipay international exploration had already begun in the previous few years. From August 2007 to pay Bao United Bank of introduction of overseas shopping business, began to help domestic consumers shopping on an overseas website, Alipay about 600 overseas business has covered 34 countries and regions around the world can support, including ÂŁ U.S. dollars, Swiss francs, euros, including a dozen or more foreign currency settlement. However, this pioneering exploration of offshore business, and one end is still based on the domestic users. Attract more overseas users, individual users coverage extends to overseas undoubtedly more difficult. Compared to the full flowering of cooperation with overseas businessmen to open up overseas individual users, China Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan region has been Alipay a bridgehead. 2008, Alipay gradually introduced in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions VISA and MasterCard payment services to help the opening of the VISA / MasterCard 3D-certified credit card users can complete the payment through Paypal in order to achieve the Taobao online shopping in the territory. The Alipay introduced this payment has been gradually support the worldwide VISA and MasterCard users.

In China, Hong Kong, Macao, China to launch cross-border fast payment service, Alipay is clearly a step further in the internationalization of the product layout. Quick payment is to pay Bao 2011, large-scale launch of an innovative product, due to the excellent safety and convenience, more than the online banking service was launched just one year, the territory of the mainstream methods of payment. It is reported that the payment by VISA / MasterCard 3D validation of the traditional wild card, the user needs prior to opening of the online payment feature, according to the survey, users around the world has opened this service for less than 15% success rate of the process is relatively complex to pay only about 40%. Through the cooperation of pay Bao and the BOC Credit Card, BOC Credit Card in Hong Kong and Macao user payment process will be exactly the same and domestic users. Without prior opening of any formality, quick to pay the new cross-border success rate can reach above 96%. Alone, can significantly reduce the rate of loss of foreign consumers. "Alipay side said. With the territory of scouring the sea "family is similar to the Chinese Mainland bargains outside the user also has very attractive. The data show that every day tens of millions of people from abroad to visit Taobao and Lynx, the annual potential trading opportunities for tens of billions of yuan. Even in the shopping paradise of Hong Kong, the last two years to log Taobao and Lynx users every year to maintain a nearly 2-fold increase. Is looking Consulting CEO Lubbe hope that open up to foreign consumers cross-border payments bottleneck will not only help the development of cross-border retail market and expand the network to "external demand", and also provided an opportunity to pay to the territory of the long-awaited internationalization. Overseas territory mature innovative solutions to promote the development of cross-border quick payment mark Alipay's international expansion credit card processing gateway has been to fill the gap to the second phase of development of the Plough. "Lubbe believes that the payment platform completely cross-border network to share the outbreak has brought the boost effect, "like Alipay 2003 for the promotion of the territory of online shopping."

Third-party payment crack cross-border retail market  

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