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1. Students demonstrate the depth and breadth of their research by intext referencing and having a reference list at the end of their work. 2. Students demonstrate their understandings by using their own words. N.B. Skills involved in note taking will give students practice in skills used in naplan testing e.g. identifying the main idea. Plagiarism is a serious academic offence Do a pre test Plagiarism information. Test 1. . Paraphrasing and Summarizing Test 2 Post test your knowledge.

Penalties apply - lower marks if these 2 conditions (Bibliography and using your own words) are not met. All teachers must model the policy.Everything they use or produce for lessons esp. if they come from the Web must contain a Bibliography. Students need simple boundaries that are positive. These are the 2 things you have to do. Much easier to remember and do instead of a series of don'ts. They then take responsibility for their work. Teachers are not responsible for spending time checking for plagiarism. Programs like “Turn it in� are time consuming and costly.

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Students use Britannica online. Access also from home. This gives a high standard of information at three levels. Bibliographies are supplied The school elibrary also buys books on curriculum topics. These books are accessible from home and also contain a bibliography. Teachers know the information contained in these resources and will know when students copy and paste their information without understanding or putting them into their own words. RESEARCHING


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Britannica supplies the bibliography. They copy and paste it into their research document. Then put all references in alphabetical order when finished.

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Students could access a variety of presentation ideas through the library moodle page. This is the last step of their research. Find your information using the note taking document; decide how you want it presented.

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Dear Colleagues, We can have a free trial for a month. User name is trial Password adam Creating a bibliography across the curriculum and year levels would be consistent if this was on the student portal. Anne and Nicky

Step One – Select the level and resource appropriate Middle school

Senior school

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Step Two – Fill in the requested information

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Step Three – Create citation! Enter the user name and password then Copy and paste into your research document. Bernieres, L 2011, Red Dog, Vintatge Books, Sydney.

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Creative writing – When doing something creative students should be demonstrating their thinking ie how they reached the final product.

The student who can't produce drafts to do this probably hasn't created anything but rather copied.

Across curriculum and year levels teachers expect “ 1. Students to present information in a note taking document. It should be handed in and is part of the assessment task. Teachers planning curriculum tasks would work with the Teacher Librarian to produce these documents 2. A bibliography for every source of information. Harvard online bibliography is on the student portal.

Students could access this information from home – Britannica, SFX elibrary (with its and the Harvard online Bibliography through the library moodle pages and their note taking documents through their curriculum moodle pages.

Plagiarism,bibliographies and research  

Plagiarism will be a thing of the past when students 1. cite their references in a Bibliography 2. use their own words

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