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FRAME is an independent science charity dedicated to the development of new and valid methods that will replace the need for laboratory animals in medical and scientific research, education, and testing.

Every year millions of procedures are carried out on live animals in UK laboratories and the number is growing. Although there are strict controls on the way research is carried out, these procedures can cause considerable suffering and stress to the animals involved. FRAME believes that the current scale of animal experimentation is unacceptable, but recognises that laboratory animal use cannot be ended immediately. Essential research must continue, so that effective treatments for diseases in humans and animals can be found. New products, such as medicines and vaccines, or industrial and agricultural chemicals, must be tested to prevent potential damage to health and the environment. But a growing number of alternatives to animal use are available and FRAME is dedicated to the development of new and valid nonanimal methods in medical and scientific research, education, and testing.

Animal Experiments...

FRAME’s ultimate aim is the elimination of the need to use laboratory animals in any kind of medical or scientific procedures. Where the use of animals is currently necessary, FRAME supports the reduction of numbers involved to an unavoidable minimum and refinement of the experimental procedures to minimise any suffering caused.



Education & training

FRAME publishes a renowned scientific journal called ATLA (Alternatives to Laboratory Animals) which is distributed worldwide. It also produces regular issues of FRAME News for its supporters and other interested parties. In addition it has a website that helps disseminate the latest news in alternatives research.

Politics There is a UK parliamentary group dedicated to promotion of the Three Rs, which FRAME supports with practical help and advice. The charity also consults with European legislators and advises on regulations governing laboratory animal welfare across the EU.

FRAME supports an alternatives laboratory at the University of Nottingham where replacement (non-animal) methods are developed. It also carries out desk-based research on all the Three Rs.

As well as issuing educational leaflets and CDs, FRAME supports school projects and takes part in education events. It also runs regular training schools for laboratory staff and researchers to demonstrate how careful design and planning can reduce the number of animals needed for experiments.

There are alternatives

Will you help? FRAME relies entirely on grants and donations to carry out its vital work promoting the development of new and valid methods that will replace the need for laboratory animals in medical and scientific research, education, and testing. It receives no financial support from local or central government so any gifts from supporters are always gladly received.


As an independent charity, FRAME welcomes any donation, however small, either from individuals or companies.

Registered charity number 259464

Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments

What are the alternatives?

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The Three Rs Alternatives to the conventional use of animals in laboratory-based research.

Replacement: Replacement alternatives are methods, strategies and techniques that do not require live animals. Reduction: Any means of lowering the number of animals used to an unavoidable minimum.

Refinement: Refinement techniques reduce the amount of pain and distress suffered by laboratory animals to an absolute minimum.

Cell and tissue culture It is possible to carry out some tests on cells or tissues that have been cultured in the laboratory. Although animals might supply the original cells, from blood samples for example, the experiments are not carried out on live animals.

Use of human cells

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Sometimes scientists use donated human tissue. Not all animals react the same way to the same substance, so using donated cells removes the problems that arise from species differences. Results are more directly relevant to the eventual use of the drug or substance under test.



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Computer databases Repetition of experiments that have already taken place can be avoided by sharing results and consulting databases before experiments are begun. So animals’ lives are not wasted in producing results that are already known.


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Ethical human volunteer studies


Computer models By using computers, scientists can predict possible outcomes of tests, based on experiments carried out in the past. This means that many test compounds can be eliminated from drug studies or safety investigations before animal tests begin, reducing the number of animals used.

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The development of new non-invasive methods is making it possible to carry out direct measurements of various kinds on human patients and volunteers, without any risk to them.

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Animal Experiments ... there are alternatives  

Short leaflet describing what FRAME does and how people support it.

Animal Experiments ... there are alternatives  

Short leaflet describing what FRAME does and how people support it.

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