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Press RELEASE WinteR 2010 / 2011 THE ISPO EVENT : 6th to 9th february 2011

Since the reorganisation of the brand in 2009...

Strategic projects have been undertaken for the brand, thereby demonstrating its high level of dynamism. « Annecy cosmetics now has a new look for its beauty products and sun protection : natural and effective ingredients, an innovative and ecological design and products designed for the well-being of sportspeople ». Mathilde Breithaupt, sales manager.

New products for the outdoor market...


n November 2009, Annecy Cosmetics launched a new range of high protection sun creams onto the market. It had been designed to be effective in extreme conditions - in winter and in summer - and particularly in the mountains.


ince the launch of the brand, Annecy Cosmetics has continually worked on new formulations, always with the aim of doing its upmost to answer the needs of sportspeople and travellers in the fields of hygiene, protection and well-being.

certified organic and especially for sports and travelling, with the QUALITE FRANCE and COSMEBIO labels, showing the dynamism of the brand. A technical range, grouping together two products that are indispensible for sportspeople during physical effort : a sports gel to be applied before sport, and a calming, relaxing gel for after the effort. A range of beauty care products bringing comfort during your travels, designed to answer the most basic needs when you are travelling : protecting yourself from viruses, washing and moisturising.

Two ranges of certified organic products will be launched at ISPO. « We very quickly decided to develop our range of products to answer other needs relevant to sports and travel, where formulations in phase with the specifications of COSMEBIO and QUALITE FRANCE were possible and effective ; unlike for sun products, where it is difficult to obtain natural, organic formulations». Armony Mathieu, Brand Manager.


herefore, at the beginning of 2011, Annecy Cosmetics will inaugurate two new ranges of products at the International ISPO Munich Outdoor Trade Fair from 6th to 9th February,

« There is nothing non-essential with Annecy Cosmetics : we design products to improve the comfort of sportspeople and travellers, and adhere to specifications that are responsible from an environmental and ethical point of view ». François Salomon, Company Manager.

A brand with a strong identity...

With its history, its graphic charter, not to mention its commitments Annecy Cosmetics differentiates itself.


or its new products, Annecy Cosmetics has, once more, preferred natural and organic formulations, with ingredients from the mountains and simple packaging that is easy to transport etc ..., responsible choices in phase with the brands’ commitments, which give it a strong identity.

A little history...

In 1997, François Salomon, son and grandson of the founders of the brand SALOMON, set up a partnership with two designers who had a passion for the luxury and cosmetics markets and created DJ-PACK which was located at that time, on the banks of Lake Annecy. Very rapidly, the company became the alpine specialist in packaging for luxury cosmetics, but it was still very attached to the mountains

and the world of sport. It therefore decided to start a new adventure: developing its own range of cosmetic products.

Innovative designs with a new look.


he new ‘comfort and ‘technical ranges are truly a continuation of the products launched in 2009, with refined graphics which set it apart from its competitors and original formulations using new ingredients from the mountains. ISPO Munich 2011 will also be the opportunity for the recent brand to inaugurate its new look.

New products in February 2011 The launch is planned at the ISPO trade fair in Munich

Technical products

Comfort products

Care products created for the well being

Hygiene and comfort care products formu-

and the health of sportpeople during and

lated for a day to day use, in all situations.

after the exercice. Natural and organic

Natural and organic certified formulations.

certified formulations.


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