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Preparing to Study in a Virtual World called JokaydiaGRID Booklet 1 – Getting Started

Presented by: Anne Catherine Smith Avatar Name: Annemaree Michigan

Booklet Overview Introduction

How to Get Started

Benefits of Learning in a Virtual World

JG Help Videos:

About JokaydiaGRID Your Campus Aerial View Side View of a Campus Area Learning Areas (Ground Level) Sample Areas: • Classroom Building • Learning Areas

• Community Centre

• YouTube Settings for Viewing • An Introduction to JokaydiaGRID • Avatar Account Creation

• JokaydiaGRID Web Instructions for Set-up • Imprudence Viewer Download

• First Login Walkthrough

Introduction You will have a number of family, work and life responsibilities. But now that you are undertaking study, you have the dilemma of balancing your study time with these other responsibilities. The challenge is to consider ways in maintaining quality for all, whilst also maintaining your sense of well being.

Once upon a time it was believed that face-to-face learning was the best way to learn. It certainly helped pace students, provided a network of study partners, allowed for real time consultation with the teachers, and gave the student access to a range of other learning resources on the campus. But for many modern day students they cannot attend classes due to other time commitments and distances. This raises the question on how students could access many of the benefits of face-to-face learning, but with the flexibly of meeting their other commitments. Learning in a virtual world offers one possibility in addressing this.

Benefits of Learning in a Virtual World Learning in a virtual world will allow you a choice of activities to suit your learning needs and schedules. In particular the virtual campus: • Is open 24 hours 7 days a week, so you can go into it at any time. • Has some nice areas to explore, similar to real campus areas. • Has activities for you to do individually in your own time. • Will allow you the opportunity to attend optional classes in-world, where your schedule allows for this. • Has a lot of areas for you to use as meeting places to socialise with your fellow students . • Has a range of informal and formal areas for you to meet your fellow students for a study groups.

About JokaydiaGRID The grid which hosts your virtual campus is called JokaydiaGRID. JokaydiaGRID is owned by a woman by the name of Joanne Kay (Jokay) and the grid name is a play on her name. Jokay is an Australian, which is nice to have someone who understands the Australian educational world. The JokaydiaGRID has been set up for education and the arts.

Sims (island areas) are leased and created by educators and artists from all around the world. So it involves an international community. It is a PG grid which welcomes primary, secondary and tertiary learners and artists.

Your Campus Aerial View Your campus involves two sim areas. This view is from the east

Side View of a Campus Area This displays one of the sims, viewing from the north

Learning Areas (Ground Level) This is a map of the learning areas on the ground, but there are many buildings floating in the sky as well.


There are also many hidden areas for you to explore and use, if and as desired (e.g. Study groups).

Sample Area: Classroom Building

Sample Area: Learning Areas

Sample Area: Community Centre Reception Area

How to Get Started If you feel comfortable, you can refer to Jokay’s web site to get yourself set up and in-world, ready to explore your campus. However, If you feel a bit shy about this there are a number of videos you can view which will walk you through the steps. Take your time to explore the website, to get a feel for it: When ready: • Look for the e-link (bottom right of the home page) called “How to Access JokaydiaGRID”. This will walk you through setting up your avatar account and downloading the viewer software so that you can see and interact with the virtual world. • Please note that: – The preferred viewer to select is Imprudence – You can use your real name or a made up name for your avatar. Just remember, if made up, that it needs to be PG and you need to let your teacher know who you are.

The following pages will describe the videos created to assist you in this process, if needed.

JG Help Videos YouTube Settings for Viewing This video demonstrates how you can ensure that the YouTube videos have as much detail as possible. This will become important for printed items on the videos. Video Title:

JG Help Videos - 0 YouTube Settings for Viewing


1 Minute 7 Seconds


JG Help Videos An Introduction to JokaydiaGRID This video introduces you to the JokaydiaGRID website, highlighting its important parts. It also introduces you to a teacher’s avatar and walks you through a small segment of your campus. Video Title:

JG Help Videos - 1 An Introduction


8 Minutes 28 Seconds


JG Help Videos Avatar Account Creation This video takes your through the steps to setup an avatar account with JokaydiaGRID. Video Title:

JG Help Videos - 2 Account Creation


2 Minutes 43 Seconds


JG Help Videos JokaydiaGRID Web Instructions for Set-up This video takes you through the set up information provided by This covers everything required to get you ready and logged into JokaydiaGRID. But there are other following videos available which will help you through these steps, if preferred. Video Title:

JG Help Videos - 3 Web Instructions 4 Setup


6 Minutes 32 Seconds


JG Help Videos Imprudence Viewer Download This video takes you through the process of downloading the Imprudence Viewer, so that you can view and interact with the JodaydiaGRID virtual world. Video Title:

JG Help Videos - 4 Viewer Download


7 Minutes 46 Seconds


JG Help Videos Imprudence Viewer Configuration This video demonstrates how to configure the Imprudence Viewer for JokaydiaGRID. Video Title:

JG Help Videos - 5 Live Viewer Configuration


6 Minutes 41 Seconds


JG Help Videos First Login Walkthrough This video explains the functions of the login page and takes you through the steps of logging into JokaydiaGRID for the first time. Video Title:

JG Help Videos - 6 First Login Walkthrough


6 Minutes 23 Seconds


Conclusion Keep an eye out for: Booklet 2: In-World Orientation

Preparing to Study in a Virtual World Called JokaydiaGRID - Booklet 1 Getting Started