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How to Tell If Your Furniture Is Made From Solid Wood It’s no secret that the days of all furniture being made from solid wood are over. Today, wood veneer is quite common, as are various types of plastic that resemble wood. Of course, traditionalists prefer to have the real thing in their homes, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. There are no shortage of companies and ‘suppliers’ that are more than happy to sell you something you think is solid wood, even though it isn’t. To keep it all straight in your head, and make sure you get what you pay for, here are some ways to tell if your furniture is made from solid wood. Ask the Supplier No one wants to look like the proverbial uninformed consumer, but there’s really nothing wrong with asking the supplier if you aren’t sure. Besides, if they are purposely selling you something that isn’t solid wood, they’ll have to lie to your face to keep the charade going. In all likelihood, any supplier will be happy to explain their pieces to you. Don’t worry about offending a craftsman or anything else. Just think of it as giving a furniture supplier the opportunity to show how well their product are made. If they have good business sense, they’ll see it as a chance to snag a lifelong customer. Lift it Up You probably can’t tell by weight alone, but generally speaking real wood furniture is heavier than veneer. Move it around a little or lift it up. If it has that solid, dense feel to it, you’re probably on the right track. You can also take a peak at the corners as you lift. Sometimes, a veneer covering will start to fade or chip away at the corners, because it isn’t part of the entire, original piece. Check the Grain Once you get a little experience under your belt, it will be the grain of the wood that lets you determine between real or other. You can actually feel the grain of the wood as a tiny ridge with your fingertips, and it is always visible to the eye. If the furniture has been sealed to prevent drying, you may need a magnifying glass or similar tool to see the grain clearly, but it will be there. If the furniture has carved details as part of the wood is also solid wood. Even the craftiest craftsmen can’t carve details and designs into veneer or laminate. Anne-Quinn Furniture

How To Tell If Your Furniture Is Made From Solid Wood  

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