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Fly Screen for a Fresh and Cool Atmosphere The summer months are usually stuffy and give us different problems with high temperature and the home is all the more warm and uncomfortable for us when we think about the cool comfort of the winter months. The home must feel cool and clean and must be without any insects that are common in the summer. The Fly Screen for our home can be an easy way to keep the flies and insects out from the rooms. The buzzing insects stay out if the screens are set up on each doors and windows. They will never be able to enter and break the peace of the person living in the house. The windows can be kept open at the summer months to get in the natural air and light but the insects remain out and cannot get in through these meshes. The disease that they carry can also be left out while you have these screens around. They often get in when there is food around and can sit on the table or on plates or other utensils and spread the disease and germs to them. This in turn will infect the people who will use those plates and may fall sick. The screens help you in keeping fit in this way. The lights in the room can also be welcome if you use these screens unlike the air-conditioning machines which will not allow you to open the windows for light. The bills for the air-conditioning can be lowered as the air and light will be there in the rooms and you can do away with the machine for some-time. The rooms can also use the air-conditioning and the fans for some-time and then use the windows to let the fresh air and light in, which will make the life bearable and the bills low. The screens for the doors and windows will also allow your room to breath after keeping them closed for a long time. The days when you had been out for a long time, you may feel the freshness of nature without the buzzing of the insects if you use the screens on your room’s windows. The looks of the room also change if you have the Fly Screen up and they can be cleaned regularly to keep the room hygienic and free from dust and insects. Reference Document: 1zQf_s8PFJ0zVCMtMBL7eMaohN2a1DFqGY4Oe0rjuMQs/edit