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Our Services: Educational Institutions Boyer Sudduth Environmental Consultants (BSEC) helps K-12 schools define and achieve their sustainability goals. Schools can best

We work with school leaders, faculty, staff and the extended community to:

achieve sustainability goals when operations, institutional behavior and curriculum are aligned to support a shared vision.

• Co-create a vision to reduce environmental impact, save resources, and achieve specific educational outcomes • Assess current sustainability efforts using best practices and national standards for green schools • Develop a plan that addresses program gaps and specific needs • Guide the team through the details of project implementation

Our process focuses on project management, professional development, communications and engagement.

Project Management

Professional Development

Communications & Engagement

BSEC provides hands-on project

Professional development is a

BSEC accelerates and deepens the

management to guide every aspect

key ingredient to the success of

impact of sustainability projects by

of a client’s project. Whether a

the programs we lead. Our high-

engaging the whole school

school’s goal is to achieve green

energy presentations and

community. We work with teachers

certification, incorporate

interactive training sessions for

to connect sustainability projects to

sustainability into the curriculum, or

faculty and staff promote

school curriculum. We work with the

obtain a grant, we use a step-by-

enthusiasm, create a

marketing team to increase visibility

step process. We gather data,

collaborative team, and develop

through feature articles and

create and implement an action

a shared sense of purpose that

conference presentations that

plan, evaluate results, and

yields results. In addition, we

celebrate successful school

celebrate success through

train your team to use a process

sustainability projects. And, we

communications and community

that can be replicated for any

partner with development


environmentally sustainability

departments to provide guidance

projects the school undertakes.

on grant opportunities.

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Boyer Sudduth Environmental Consultants (BSEC) helps K-12 schools define and achieve their sustainability goals. Our process focuses on proj...

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