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Great Aunt Nellie

Great Aunt Nellie I will always remember great Aunt Nellie as having tiny wrists with a mass of beautiful, jangling bangles! She also smelt great and was always elegantly dressed. She lived in Kings Cross, Sydney, Australia. I recall when I was around 13 years of age, giving her a framed charcoal artwork I had done at art school. She very much appreciated the portrait at the time, so now it gives me the greatest of pleasure to dedicate this sculpture to great Aunt Nellie. In my sculpture, I have used a jewellery box that my father gave to my mother when they first got married for the dummies finial. It ended up in the garage with nails in it, so I have restored the box then lined it in purple satin and hand beaded the interior of the box. I have used an old chandelier for the top of the box and hand beaded the wire to give it prominence. I hand built the chest of great Aunt Nellie as a jewellery box. Both the front and the back of the box open up to store either jewellery or perfume. The inlaid pieces on the four doors are reminiscent of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s “Ladderback” and “Willow”chairs. I handmade all the tiny door handles in wood and painted them in metallic silver and gold.

An old table forms the hips of the dummy and I have built the legs as a shelf to store perfumes. Old painted lace forms the skirt and I have crocheted fine metallic thread and wire all over the work to give the effect of clothing on great Aunt Nellie. The base is built of wood covered in old painted lace and old perfume bottles that I asked friends and relatives to give me as a memento. Special mention must be given to my friend Glynn’s generous contribution of all those miniature bottles of scent. This work is another in my “Aunt Series� that I will be producing throughout my entire life as a dedication to those strong, eccentric women who had amazing personalities and lived life to the full!

Medium: Wood, jewellery box, table, chandelier part, fabric, lace, beads, perfume bottles, crocheted metallic thread and wire, paint Size: 1770 x 830 x 430 Year: 2012

Geometric Series Geometric Series Geometric Series Geometric Series

Geometric Series

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New Works 2012  

Collection of new artworks - published June 2012.

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