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responsible products/social relevance/sustainability awareness


Light reflector The aim of this set of three objects is to maximizing the use and distribution of natural light in the house. The Light reflected on the white shiny surfaces can be redirected on different scales according to the activities taking place in the room. Making better use of natural light can be an alternative to electrical light.

Lets mooove The idea is to bring individuals to a different experience when they exercise. And to have people gain from it. For many people going to the fitness club is more a kind of chore than an enjoyable moment. They get their motivation by focusing on the end result, their future ideal body, rather than the present, which consists in pain and sweat. This set of tools is inspired by the Greek myth of Sisiphus.The story is that the Gods have condemned Sisyphus to ceaselessly rolling a rock to the top of a mountain, whence the rock would fall back of its own weight. This punishment might be seen has a hopeless labour, but if you don’t look at the big picture, Sisiphus can also be considered as a happy man. He finds his pleasure by achieving his daily task and by small details that composes it. My tools have the same function. please click on the image to view the film

The first tool is what helps you get out of bed in the morning, like an animal would do. The idea is to stretch all parts of your body directly from your bed. The cloth is extensible, so it allows extreme size variation. A yellow and orange gradiance enhances the change between the stretch and the loose state.

The second object is a box that echoes the slight move you do and the breath you take when practising yoga. Pieces tap on each other and resonate inside the hollow box. This deep resonance helps concentrate on your own body movements.

Coquetier This eggcup was inspired by a childhood memorie of eating boiled eggs. I dipped a thin slice of bread named “gendarme” in the egg yoalk. The thin layer of porcelain supports the fragile egg and gives room for the “gendarmes”.

Shape it ! This simple piece of clothing is designed by the movements the body makes. Thanks to small magnets placed inside the fabric, each move creates an endless combination of forms. The beauty of those random volumes can also serve as an inspirational tool for the fashion industry.



part 1 :

1. Groote Beek 2. creative maker;


Grote Beek The concept is to offer creative people, such as students, designers, artists... a work place in De Grote Beek, a mental Institute in Eidhoven. In exchange for a lower rent they get involved in the activities of the Institute.

Grote Beek provides a working space

in exchange designers can organize various activities for the clients of the Institute. They take place every week during a couple of hours.






the edible flower garden

part 3:


part 2 :

3. table tennis 4. board games 5. puppet show 6. gardening 7. cooking

6. gardening 7. cooking

the one I have in mind combines food and gardening. It’s an interior garden composed solely of edible plants.

The Institute patients don’t really get the chance to be in contact with “outsiders”. The older they get, relatives become rare so they grow lonelier. The contact they have is limited to professionals working for the Institute, which is something different from daily strangers. As a result the clients get more and more isolated from the “real” world. Cut off from the rest of the world, the risk is to be seen different and feel permanently stigmatized.

Goals 1. integrate active outsiders inside the Grote Beek, by having them participating in the life of the Institute 2. lessen isolation and stigmatization / outsiders won’t fear what is part of their environment 3. make double use of the great location

Maurice I’m building a house for a visually impaired person on one hand, Maurice, but also for Nathalie (maurice’s wife) who can see. DDA hardware is usually an architectural afterthought. What I want to do here is to rethink his house implementing the tactile circulation from the very first step of the construction. I would like to have both his wife and him benefiting from it. This are some example of how I want to integrate the tactility in the house. please click on the image to view the film





larger surface to grab the door handle


a growing hand rail giving a tactile sense of direction and stop


a slight bump to help anticipating the stairs

Lucy Mc Rae workshop This video is the outcome of two days workshop with Body architect Lucy Mc Rae. The idea is to use the body as a tool to produce images. Individuality disappears and the group becomes a machine. please click on the image to view the film


bioplastic various vegetables (beets, carrots...) glycerol, agaragar, tapioca

Installation potato starch, glue flakes, bio-degradable plastic tarp this installation aimed at revealing a specific abandonned location, before its destruction.

Aging Carpet vegetables, fruits, flowers waste This waste gathered at the end of an open air market is woven together. The result is a carpet, revealing colors and mold that soon goes back to the soil

Curriculum vitae Personal Anne Couillaud born on 19.09.1985 in Aurillac, France half american, half french +31 681037956

Education 2009-2012 Design Academy. Eindhoven 2008-2009 Product design for Sustainable futures UCA Farnham 2005-2008 Ecole des Beaux-arts, lyon

Interests Sustainability

Strong concern towards environmental issues present at a Lecture given by Gunter Pauli (Blue Economy) Michael Braungart (Cradle to Cradle)


Family passion broaden by international experiences (lived in Africa and many European countries)

Social involvment

Internship at T-huis_Eindhoven Active member of DAE’s Student Council Collaborated in creating a video for InsightShare_ London Internship at Reversible, eco accesories retailer_ Lyon


second portfolio with additional works


second portfolio with additional works