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Le Hatch Eyeball Dome

The “Le Hatch” is a 600TVL Nextchip 2010 Eyeball Dome which features a second video output and onscreen joystick control which is ideal for single person installs. The Le Hatch is a Wide Dynamic Camera with 4-9MM Korean Varifocal Lens and is available in Gun Metal Grey, Black or White.

F-Series Thermal Security Camera

New from Northwood Technology & FLIR is the F-Series thermal security camera which lets you see intruders and other threats to your facility clearly in total darkness and in bad weather. Fully enabled for control and operation over digital and analog networks, F-Series thermal imaging cameras are available in 160 x 120, 320 x 240, and high-resolution 640 x 480 formats, providing up to sixteen times the image clarity and longer threat detection range performance than lower resolution cameras.

Trim-Tronic electronic handle

The Trim-Tronic electronic handle has been available for a number of years, but can still be considered as a “new product” to many people Access control is required on numerous fire escape / emergency exit doors. To date it has been common practice to install magnets on these types of doors. However, magnets have not been tested in such applications and do not comply with either EN179 or EN1125, which are the relevant European standards.

Using Trim-Tronic in conjunction with ISEO panic escape hardware enables quality and professional access control to be achieved whilst fully complying with the standards. The product is being exhibited by Lock-iT Security & Hardware Ltd. at ISEC 2011 on stand D4 Contact Vincent Lockett on 087 1273805

GSD Releases Grade 2 Wirefree PA Button

Wireless security specialist GSD has launched a panic button for its Grade 2 Wirefree Intruder Alarm system. This allows the installer to provide the customer with full personal security in locations inaccessible to standard wired PA buttons. Staff at cash-tills located on islands in supermarkets, in payment kiosks in petrol station forecourts, for example, are now no longer vulnerable to personal attack. The device requires both buttons to be pressed simultaneously, in the same way as wired PA’s, and it self-restores without the need for a reset key. The PA can also be fitted in any orientation, allowing it to be installed discreetly.

IP CCTV made easy by Panasonic from REW

The WJ-NV200 delivers leading edge technology within an adaptive PC-less setup incorporating simple mouse operation. The effortless, ‘analogue-like’ 4-stage set up and intuitive operation makes the WJ-NV200 versatile for a range of public locations and ensures ease of use. The built-in decoder eliminates the need for a PC; reducing the total cost of ownership and removing time and complication from operation. The WJ-NV200 also has a strong capability to support security professionals with suspect identification as it supports HDMI for up to Full-HD image resolution with around four times the picture clarity of standard definition images. It is also possible to record to SD card for easy and fast transfer of larger Full-HD footage as well as being a failsafe in case of network issues.


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Risk Manager Magazine Spring 2011  

risk manager magazine spring 2011

Risk Manager Magazine Spring 2011  

risk manager magazine spring 2011

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