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First Fully PoE Door Entry Lock Controller

The Netgenium AP302 Lock Controller is the second generation of this award winning technology – a first in the access control industry. The controller connects directly to a Network and utilises 802.3af PoE (Power over Ethernet) to power itself, any industry standard locking mechanism and up to two Wiegand style card readers (max load 800mA @ 12Vdc). The controller will power a Mini Mag up to 350KG holding force and a Standard Mag up to 600KG holding force. The lock controller can be easily deployed via a Category 5e or Category 6 data outlet providing both power and data to the unit with a single cable. This is an ideal product to minimise installation time and decrease initial labour costs and ongoing energy costs. GVD | making IP easy

New Integrated Video Management Solution

New from Northwood Technology & TeleEye, sureSIGHT Integrated Video Management Solution is an integrated video management platform for IP cameras and video recording servers. Its modular design allows customers to scale up easily and add functional modules to suit specific requirements.

Comelit New ICOM Panels National Automation Ltd. is proud to introduce the new range of Entrance Panels from Comelit.

Icom is a brand-new panel with a new design and a versatile technology. Smooth and attractive lines, the modularity of the system allows greater simplicity, composition, style and reliability. Icom is equipped with a 128 x 64 dot graphite LCD with blue backlighting that allows a better OSD view. Comelit provides 2 different kinds of keypad - Analogue or Sensitive touch. Keypads and nameplates backlight with Blue or White LED’s. A wide angle lens covers a 180 degree angle range (Day/Night) with an amazing colour definition. Visit us on Stand No. A18 at ISEC and view the working range.

Samsung Launch People Counting Network Dome

C-Allview IP

An integration of an excellent ruggedised PTZ camera and world class H.264 compression delivers a milestone in the evolution of IP video. The very successful GANZ range of C-AllView cameras have gone IP. The IP C-AllView is conceived and designed to be used with GANZ’s end to end IP video and alarm management solution VSoIP.

The IP C-AllView boasts onboard video analytics including Intelligent PTZ tracking, electronic image stabilisation, camera tamper/hooded detection, intrusion detection, directional filters, left/theft object, loitering, lane and parking violations and many such advanced algorithms.

Although developed in response to demand from retailers who require a reliable tool for monitoring footfall for marketing, merchandising and security purposes, the SND-3080C network dome is likely to be of interest to a wide range of other market sectors including transportation, libraries, museums, car parks, sporting venues and leisure facilities.

The people counting feature of the SND-3080C is part of the dome’s video analytics capability and it works by simply drawing a virtual line or box area in a certain part of the scene. The dome then counts the number of people that cross the line or enter the box and the data can then be transmitted in XML or CSV formats at selected intervals to a predetermined location.

The IP range will extend to cover integrated IR C-AllViews, Thermal C-AllViews and normal C-AllViews This adds value to an installer in designing wireless installations using ruggedised cameras in remote locations.


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Risk Manager Magazine Spring 2011  

risk manager magazine spring 2011

Risk Manager Magazine Spring 2011  

risk manager magazine spring 2011

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