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CBC’s ground-breaking customer service Risk Manager talks to Michael Grufferty, the face of CBC (Europe) in Ireland, about his vision of providing on-the-ground customer service and support that makes a true difference. As a customer, what exactly are you looking for from a surveillance systems manufacturer – in terms of equipment, service and technical back-up? And given your wish list, wouldn’t it be refreshing to find a supplier that really delivered on those needs? Michael Grufferty, Sales Manager for CBC (Europe) in Ireland, believes that one of the key differences he can provide is the practical, comprehensive and reliable support he and his team offer to end-users, system integrators, consultants and other customers. That might sound like the kind of answer any manufacturer would give, but Michael really means business. “One of the most important parts of my job is getting out of the office, to be onsite helping a client with commissioning, or talking through a customer’s needs and demonstrating the potential solutions to their specific requirements,” he explains. “That includes liaising with consultants and managing project timeframes to ensure that product deliveries arrive on time.”

confusing or even daunting at first glance. Reassuringly, analogue-based answers remain a staple part of CBC’s equipment range, but the company has also adopted a range of 21st century solutions including HD technology and megapixel cameras, IP monitoring, recording and transmission systems. “We recognise the need for innovation, but also appreciate the need to ensure our customers are comfortable with their choices. That’s why CBC puts so much effort into providing support on the ground. We’re not here to force anyone to make a particular specification or installation choice, but equally we realise that some of these technologies are quite new and it’s our job to explain how and why they would work at the particular site involved. “One way in which the latest technology can offer tangible benefits is in the easy installation and scalability of IP-based solutions. For instance, in providing costeffective siting of high definition (HD) or analogue cameras at a remote site and transmitting the images back through a local or wide area network, fibre-optic cabling, or a wireless mobile connection.”

CBC’s Computar & Ganz brands

The all-round support Michael provides to customers in Ireland is backed up by CBC’s comprehensive surveillance systems range. This comprises two brands – Ganz electronic surveillance equipment and highquality Computar lenses. The Ganz range covers all types of products required to provide effective CCTV coverage, from fixed, PTZ, optical and thermal cameras, through to DVR and network recording systems, flat-screen monitors, and a whole host of supporting equipment such as infrared and white-light illumination, camera housings, keyboards and power supplies.

“We’re here to help customers design a system and provide a solution that best meets their needs, on time and on budget.” Michael’s track record in CCTV includes nearly 20 years’ experience in a variety of roles including manufacturing, distribution and installation, providing him with solid background knowledge that he’s been put to good use in helping CBC’s customers since 2005. He adds that the operational options offered by modern surveillance technology are increasingly sophisticated, and may appear

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Meanwhile, CBC’s complementary Computar lenses are designed to maximise the performance of Ganz optical, infrared and thermal cameras. The Computar range includes high-resolution lenses optimised for megapixel cameras, as well as aspherical varifocal lenses produced specifically for day/ night cameras and low light applications. The

Computar range helps cameras such as the Ganz C-AllView camera, for instance, to offer up to 36x optical zoom and provide up to 520TVL colour image performance down to 1.4 lux, or 0.01 in mono, at F1.6. The C-AllView range is also a good example of the way CBC’s Ganz equipment can successfully interface with other systems in the range to provide 24/7 site-wide protection. For instance, CBC’s Radar Vision intruder detection solution combines 360° radar detection up to 800m-radius per unit with any C-AllView surveillance camera, providing unrivalled site-wide perimeter protection. Coupled with a C-AllView Dual optical/thermal CCTV camera, Radar Vision can detect/track intruders (persons or vehicles) in all weather or lighting conditions, without the need for artificial lighting. Deploying multiple, integrated technologies in this way provides effective security for sites such as private residences, as well as depots, ports, refineries, airports and power stations. This type of holistic CBC security solution also allows control room staff to work more efficiently, saves money on unnecessary site patrols, and eliminates false alarms. In addition to the Ganz and Computar brands, CBC’s VSII range of analogue and network CCTV products has been developed using the knowledge, expertise and technical know-how of some of the world’s leading surveillance manufacturers. VSII equipment includes analogue cameras, network CCTV systems, H.264 recorders and LCD monitors.

In conclusion…

Ultimately, whatever solution is specified and installed, Michael Grufferty believes the same principles apply in terms of the customer service and support his CBC team provides: “We’re here to help customers design a system and provide a solution that best meets their needs, on time and on budget.”

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Risk Manager Magazine Spring 2011  

risk manager magazine spring 2011

Risk Manager Magazine Spring 2011  

risk manager magazine spring 2011

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